Oct. 3, 2001


By Patrick Bailey, President of the INE

The New Energy News (NEN) is the monthly email publication of the Institute for New Energy, and publishes articles of interest to all of the INE members.

All articles within NEN are copyrighted, to keep our newsletter unique to INE.

Authors have the right to publish the same information and text anywhere else they choose, and the INE will absolutely encourage them to do that!

Articles can be as short as a few sentences or a paragraph, and as long as a few pages.

Subjects should be those that are of interest to the INE members. Examples of topics that have been reported on are listed in the SUBJECTS.html file. A review and editing process is used by myself as editor of NEN, to insure that the subject material is well documented and is of interest to the INE membership.

Submissions can be made by a simple three step process:

  1. Write a summary article that you wish to publish in plain text format (this is called "text-only" or "ASCII text" in some word processors), or use Microsoft "Word" on a PC with Windows computer.

  2. Submit it by email to myself for review at nen@padrak.com. (You can copy/paste text into email message boxes, and attach any Word files.)

  3. Rewrite and resubmit any portions as may be requested.

I encourage all researchers and experimenters that have something that they feel is worthy to say and share, to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFER to have the INE publish FREE TO ITS MEMBERS the results and data of your research.

In my opinion, this is how momentum is created, how ideas are shared, how progress occurs, and how companies are formed.

Thank you.