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Advanced Energy Research vs. UFOs & Antigravity: Friends of Foes?

By Patrick Bailey

From: NEN, Vol. 8, No. 9, Sep. 2001.
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New Energy News

Special Symposium Issue Part II


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Advanced Energy Research vs. UFOs & Antigravity: Friends of Foes?

By Patrick Bailey, President, INE,

[Minor typo corrections and major updates to Ref. 15 were made on Sept. 20, 2001.]

The INE and the NEN have generally stayed away from the subject of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and so-called "antigravity" research for various reasons. This article summarizes my personal views as to why these subjects should be kept separate from the INE and its research as much as possible.

Many INE members, including myself, are very interested in the subject of UFOs and also in the science of antigravity research. Several articles have recently appeared in the monthly issues New Energy News (NEN) by members of the Institute for New Energy (INE) for informational purposes and to try to provide a possible technical link between the new sciences of new energy conversion devices and the technologies or the sciences of UFOs, assuming that the UFOs are real.

INE members should feel free to submit and publish any articles that they feel would be interesting to other INE members in the NEN. However, I would like the INE to be concerned with solid devices that we can see and touch on the kitchen table or the test bench, and not spend to much time worrying about advanced theoretics, UFO witness accounts, and possibly the ever present fanciful stories. In this article, here is why I feel this way (and - it's absolutely NOT what you think right now!):

Let's look at all of the possibilities:

UFOs are either: 1. Not real or 2. Are real. If they are real, then they are either, 2A: Earth human built and Earth human flown; or 2B: ET built and ET flown (where an ET is defined here as an off-planet ExtraTerrestrial with space faring capabilities - OR some society on earth that we are not normally acquainted with, such as beings from the inner-Earth stories); or, maybe 2C: "We" are working with "Them" with some of "Their" stuff.

I shall examine each of these points in turn below, without accepting or denying any one point-of-view, and state the consequence to the INE of each choice:

Choice 1. UFOs Are NOT Real:

Your local media, the bubble-headed-beach-blond on the news, your national media, all national magazines, your elected officials, and your local, state, and federal governments, constantly publicizes this point. Why should you doubt them? Therefore, why should the INE put itself in any position to look foolish by even bringing the subject up? Any talk of UFOs or antigravity would only allow discredit to the INE and the researchers who support it. Thus: UFOs or antigravity should not be part of the INE.

Choice 2. UFOs ARE Real:

The current nation-wide "Disclosure Project" [1] has been reported to know of a source of advanced "free energy" devices and other secret technologies that may even include antigravity and UFO flight technologies. The basic tenant of this recent grass-roots movement is that non-elected governmental and military personnel are in control of these and other advanced technologies and that they are keeping these facts from the President, the Congress, the Senate, and you - all in direct violation of valid current U.S. Constitutional Law. If there is advanced technology out there that can assist us in solving the energy crisis and possible global warming problems, then perhaps we should en-mass force public access to it and use it! I attended the Disclosure Project meeting in San Francisco recently, and participated as a volunteer, to assist in this project going forward. I personally feel that this Project is very worthwhile, needed, and that you should seriously look at getting involved in it as well.

While the Disclosure Project deals primarily with UFOs (sightings, data, and hard evidence), I am interested for the INE in ONLY the advanced energy conversion device aspects - not in the antigravity aspects.

Now - one could argue against this position, by saying: Well, if you had a device that could produce antigravity, then you could use that to drive one side of a wheel on a generator, so the thing would turn, and you could thus build some great free energy devices! OK - maybe that is true. Maybe the use of an antigravity device (if given) could be used for advanced energy conversion and electrical generation. That is true. In fact, it has already happened! - With the advent of the fossil-fueled jet engine and the jet turbines, from which we can now build high-temperature gas turbines for electricity production. But that is not my point.

My point is that maybe - hopefully - you do not need any UFOs or antigravity technologies to find new devices to utilize new and exciting sources of potential energy!

Hopefully we can develop new advanced energy conversion devices for the production of electricity by advancing our understanding of electricity and magnetism and other natural forces - without the use of UFOs or any antigravity machines. That would be very nice. IMHO (In my humble opinion) - here's why:

UFO and antigravity technology is probably placed within the highest security classifications in existence today - in the US military, the US Navy, the new Russian Military, British Intelligence, NATO, and any other organization that has become involved in the careful study of UFOs. I will not go into the arguments of whether of not UFOs, foo fighters, flying saucers, flying cigars, flying triangles, Hanibu IIs, ETs, or ET crafts exist or not. I could not prove that argument either way - until I meet one in person. So, the next best thing is to see what others have said, and to factor that into our thinking.

We all know what the US military and the US press have said about UFOs and ETs: "They Don't Exist." Period. Fine. Given that, they sure are attracting of attention elsewhere.

The recent book by Bruce Maccabee [2] presents fact after fact from FBI and US Air Force previously classified documents - obtained by the Freedom of Information Act - which document how Project Blue Book, Project Sign, Project Grudge, and many other "UFO projects" were absolute and total dis-information projects to make the UFO problem "go away" from the minds of the American public in the 1940s and 1950s. If you read this book, and read other related books and see the many videotapes by UFO researchers such as Stanton Friedman, Robert Dean, Wendelle Stevens, Michael Heseman, etc., you will probably come the conclusion yourself that UFOs and flying saucers, etc., all definitely do exist. Stanton Friedman has been lecturing for many years now to colleges and conferences all across the US and Canada with the subject topic "Flying Saucers Are Real!" [3]. Robert Dean is a UFO researcher who has now been lecturing for years that he actually read a "Cosmic Top Secret" "Eyes Only" classified NATO report entitled "An Assessment" while he was stationed at NATO HQ near Paris in the early 1960s, in which it was stated that UFOs were real, and various craft sizes and shapes including flying disks were carefully cataloged and drawn in it [4]. A more recent video tape "UFOs - 50 Years of Denial" [5] has an actual videotaped interview with a leader of Project Blue Book who confesses on the tape that they were required by the military to lie about UFOs to explain away every case - that was their job!

Hogwash you say? If you want to learn more about UFOs, etc., I would recommend the International UFO Congress [6], and the Bay Area UFO Expo [7], both held annually near where I live. These conferences offer first-hand witness testimony usually accompanied with lots of pictures and videotape footage. There are also many local and regional MUFON meetings and conferences in the US and internationally [8]. There are probably other conferences with this high caliber of speakers somewhere in your area. There are also now (finally!) politically-incorrect related conferences, such as "Conspiracy Con I" [9], that summarize the various "secret governments" and how your "right-to-know" has been overtly "disallowed".

So, now choosing to discuss the point-of-view that UFOs really do exist, then the next obvious step is to ask the three basic questions (following in the footsteps of Robert Dean):

1. Who Are They?
2. Why Are They Here? and,
3. What Do They Want?

Choice 2A. UFOs Are REAL and Earth Human Built and Earth Human Flown:

If "They" are humans from Earth from the US government or military or some other nation (Russia was suspected in the 1940-1950s), or one of the "secret governments" - then their motives should be very familiar: Money, sex, and power! On the other hand, if "They" are ETs from outside of our normal society on Earth, then what would their motives be? (In either case, you can see why the subject would be classified within the highest levels by the military.)

If "They" are from only within the US government or the US military and the subject is highly classified, then that's where it's at: end of discussion.

Or, perhaps UFOs have been developed by some other "outside" government, company, or special human group that is not well known to the average person in the US. After all, there are lots of useful publicly available information that are actively "suppressed" within the US. Like, the "Federal Reserve Bank" is a private bank located in Europe, and is not legally part of the US Government or the US Treasury - we just borrow paper money from it, and then we have to pay it back with interest. The Fed has never been audited! So: where does all that money go? To what organizations? Also, the US went into a "State of National Emergency" in March 1933, which still legally exists today, giving the President of the US vast Executive Order privileges. [Many of those "Orders" are classified! Why? What do they say?] Did the Germans really have manned flying disk technology in Austria in 1939? Was the Nazi Hanibu II flying saucer program real? Was "Operation Paperclip" really about stealing UFO technology? Were Adamski's visitors from Venus, or from Germany? What are those craft that people say they have seen over Western Canada, or over Area 51 in Nevada? Over Area S4 in Nevada? Or over Pine Gap, in Australia? Or over Mexico, Brazil, and other South American countries? Could these be secret development and operational bases outside of US jurisdiction that we are just not supposed to know about?

If UFOs are real, built and flown by Earth humans, and it is supposed to be kept a vast secret, then the INE will only get itself into more and more trouble and attract a lot of shall-we-say unwanted federal (or worse) attention by associating itself with the subject of UFOs. Thus: UFOs and antigravity should not be part of the INE.

Choice 2B. UFOs Are REAL and ET Built and ET Flown:

If "They" are really ETs, and if "They" have been visiting our normal Earth culture for a very long time (you can see old Renaissance paintings in Europe with flying disks in them, in mostly religious and Christian themes), then what do they want? I have found a real good answer to that question:

They are waiting for us to grow up!

Robert Dean says that the "An Assessment" report he read while on duty in a top-secret NATO vault in the early 1960s said plainly that the NATO military at that time knew for a FACT that UFOs were piloted by at least four ET races: the small greys, small humanoids with orange skin and round eyes, a "Nordic" group of humans, and another group that looked exactly like regular Earth humans. [4] Mr. Dean now states, with reference to his "old boy" network, that there are over 50 different ET groups that have been identified "out there".

After all, we have all heard of the Roswell, New Mexico, UFO crash in 1947, and the various stories to explain it by the US Air Force. Did you know that researchers claim to also have found many other crash sites with? Reported UFO debris, and many other ET bodies? [10] I have personally heard many researchers conclude that the ETs in the Roswell crash (a flying plane with wings that crashed nose first into a cliff) were of the small orange skinned humanoid type with round human-type eyes, while the ETs in the Socorro crash (a flying saucer that crashed up-side-down) were of the small gray type. Oh, and what about that "Alien Autopsy Film"? [11] All I can say is that to my knowledge no one has ever proved that anything in that film was wrong (out-of-date) or faked - and that also does not mean that this film must be true - it just doesn't matter.

So, are ETs good or bad? The good news is that most of the ETs seem to have good intentions; the bad news is that the Earth humans in control do not! In one of my favorite movies [12] (1951!), an ET comes to earth to give Earth's mankind new scientific advances for their use, and gets himself killed for his trouble! Now we are here exactly fifty years later, and fear and greed are probably still the driving force of the military and secret governments today. Of course there are other flying saucer movies where the ETs are made into the bad guys, and thus the military is out to destroy them [13]. (Yes, but in that movie, who fired first? Would you want us to fire first today? Are we shooting first NOW???). On the other hand, if ETs were to give us various advanced technologies, could we here really handle it? I mean, look at what is happening in the world right now today on CNN! - Would faster air ships and better energy weapons really solve what is going on in the middle east and elsewhere? Also, much of the conceit and ego of mankind today reminds me all to much of that of the "Krell", in another famous movie, which taught an important lesson - when the Krell civilization was given this higher technology, they used it only to destroy themselves within one day. [14]

Regardless of these possibilities, Earth humans will still want to advance and learn from any ETs they can and will try to obtain whatever knowledge those humans can get. IMHO, the INE sure would like some! So, if this is possible, what is the real current status of that possibility?

A distinguished reporter from the Los Angles Times, now retired, has recently written two books on ET contact, and describes why he was taken on his visits, what assignments he was given, and the status of his assignments as a "Deputy Envoy", the next level position next to an "Ambassador", to the Verdant (that ET group). He worked for 25 years as a reporter, shared the Pulitzer Prize, and was always very anti-UFO, as all mass media publications in the US are. His latest book (c 2001) is titled "The Challenge of Contact" [15], and (I will quote from the book cover) "reports on a coalition of humans and aliens now engaged in extensive interplanetary diplomacy - with the goal of open contact. Mr. Krapf - ... - shares the daunting challenges this role has forced upon him in this sequel to his controversial 1998 book, "The Contact has Begun"" [16].

In very short summary, his recent book [15] describes how an advanced ET civilization (the Verdant) has been observing Earth humans for several hundred years, and how now they feel that Earth may be ready to join a federation of planets and ETs (the IFSP: Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets), and how the Verdant are enrolling certain Earth humans to be "Ambassadors" and "Deputy Envoys" to figure out the best way to plan for and achieve this goal of open contact. The bombshell bottom line in this more recent book after his second trip to one of their bases is that the ETs are now not so sure that the Earth humans are ready and able to handle "open contact" - not due to the education and willingness of the individuals themselves, but instead - because of the willingness of the people to allow a minority of the population to control the rest of the Earth with evil intent, and to continue to promote war and tribal battles for only greed, and to promote the use of nuclear weapons in space. Basically they are saying - in this book - if you cannot govern yourselves peacefully and responsibly, then you are not ready (and will not be allowed) to meet with other more advanced civilizations off of the Earth, in space. [This also implies that you won't get any advanced education either, for the same reasons.]

Here is some text on this from page 24 of the preface [15]:

"To the best of my knowledge, Earth is under the Verdants' jurisdiction - strictly as an object of observation - since it was a Verdant ship and crew that first discovered it. The Verdants, however, are not the only ones monitoring emerging civilizations. Other species are engaged in this same pursuit, a routine part of the IFSP organizational structure and mission. I do not know if any of these other species are in Earth's neighborhood because this was never discussed with me. In the last decade of the 20th century, the Verdants concluded that humankind, having advanced to the point where It was rapidly developing the technology for entering deep space, was qualified for membership in the federation. There was, however, one primary sticking point. For the crossover to be successful, it was necessary for the 80 per cent of the human population who have tried to lead decent thoughtful, creative lives to gain control over the 20 percent who are largely responsible for the planet's ills because of their greed, lack of ethics, or whatever else makes them a threat to a just and loving world. They didn't provide tactics or strategies on just how to achieve this, asserting instead that our destiny is in our own hands and they have no intention of interfering. Observation thus continued through the end of the '90s to monitor the progress of this expected transformation and plans were laid for contact to take place in the first decade of the 21st century."

So, it seems that whichever choice we make, we get the same result: Get your own act together! And - DO IT YOURSELF!

The INE is here to do just that! We ARE READY to DO THAT!

Choice 2C. UFOs Are REAL and ET/Human Built and ET/Human Flown - i.e. "We" are Working With "Them":

This topic would cover the above choice and the rest of all of the possibilities, and allows for the theories that the US military has ET craft in Area 51, Area S4, Pine Gap, or wherever else, and is learning to use them.

I would only caution the reader on two points here: 1. Robert Dean now says that his research and contacts indicate that there are more than 50 different physical ET groups (races) out there, so I would be very careful as to whom I would buy a used car from; and 2. I myself would not give or sell machine guns or flame throwers to children, or even to adults in any mental institution.

So here we are. Now, back to my position of why "advanced energy conversion devices" and "antigravity" should be treated separately - by the INE and by other organizations. The INE does not need the additional hassle or additional problems! Thus: UFOs and antigravity should not be part of the INE.

If the research and development of advanced energy conversion devices is allowed to go forward, by our real elected government (or any other government or ET council, if necessary), then we should do that. Right Now!

At the same time, if we are not going to be allowed to have access to new propulsion "antigravity devices" by our own "military" or "secret government" (or any other government or ET council, if necessary) then we at the INE should not include that in our plans to achieve our overall goals.

So: In the earlier days of the INE, a decision was made by myself and other INE Officers to keep all of the UFO and antigravity related research separate in other organizations, and outside of the focus and scope of INE. As I said, I feel the INE should be concerned about researching, developing, and demonstrating new and advanced energy conversion devices from new sources of potential energy - to advance science and assist us in solving the many problems we have here now on Earth. We can always reference the work done by other organizations that include UFOs and antigravity research, and obtain any useful data from them.

Therefore, I have chosen to become acquainted with and support "Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology" [17], and other international antigravity organizations, e.g. [18], and I have kept up on all of my antigravity research there - and AWAY FROM the INE.

By doing this, I have covered the two major bases: (1) If Phillip Krapf is telling the Truth about the Verdant ETs and their willingness to share higher energy technology with Earth humans, then I and the INE stand ready to do that RIGHT NOW within the objectives of the INE!!! Or with any other benevolent ET group! Or, (2) if there are no ETs, then the INE stands ready to move forward with our objectives WITHOUT becoming a target of the present day world-wide international drug cartels [19].

In concluding this overview on these impactful subjects, it may be best to focus on and reflect upon the three questions that my friend Robert Dean has finally arrived at after his many years in classified military projects, his NATO cosmic top secret service, and his over 50 years of dedicated UFO research:

1. Who am I?
2. Why am I here?
3. What do I want?

I myself want the objectives of the INE to be successful.

Focus on getting useful information from any source: Share results! Just Do It!

Patrick Bailey, President, INE.


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Submitted by Patrick Bailey

Reference: The New Webster's Library of Practical Information: Quotations, c 1987.

Knowledge is knowing that we cannot know.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowledge is the small part of ignorance that we arrange and classify.
- Ambrose Bierce

All wish to possess knowledge, but few, comparatively speaking, are willing to pay the price.
- Juvenal

The march of invention has clothed mankind with powers of which a century ago the boldest imagination could have dreamt.
- Henry George

A tool is but the extension of a man's hand, and a machine is but a complex tool. And he that invents a machine augments the power of a man and the well-being of mankind.
- Henry Ward Beecher

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