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Letter From Stg. Nieuwe Energie

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 9, May 1999, pp. 21-22.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1999 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Regarding Gravity, the Stevens Device, and Disk-Shaped Magnets

By means of response to the "Stevens" device the following:

I wrote a theory of gravity that is based entirely on a hydraulic view of physics. This means that all phenomena are considered a result of space (aether) currents. Fields are considered mathematical abstractions, in reality space currents exists that flow at right angles to these field-lines. For example: gravity has vertical field lines, but the real space flow is horizontal. So gravity is explained as caused by anti-clockwise, spiral-shaped space currents that come from all directions. Due to the presence of our planet, an excess exists in the horizontal direction (this out-of-balance situation obviously is the cause of gravity).

Before making some remarks about the "Stevens" device, it must be understood that conductivity is primarily caused by the degree the conductor allows the passage of space currents. This is true whether or not electrons are involved and dragged along by these space currents.

When keeping the above in mind, a lot makes sense in the e-mail but a lot is non-sense as well. If the 7.23 Hz is true, all smaller objects around us would shake continuously and we would all soon become mad. The true frequency is 157.3 kHz, the well known earth frequency. At this frequency any coil will resonate on the inductance of the wire and the capacitance caused by the space in between the wires. Once the geometry of the outer coil is fixed, cutting the wiring away in between tests is a good way of tuning this coil, because the inductance changes at a different rate than the capacitance. It is further claimed that when the device is overturned it performs less well. From this may be concluded that the device is wound from inside out in a clockwise direction. This is the best way to receive the pulsating anti-clockwise gravity spiral currents. By the way, nothing is said about this spiral aspect and I consider this just as important as the flatness of the coil. Because of the excess of horizontal spiral gravity flow, the device will perform best when in the horizontal position. When placed at an angle, it will receive spiral flows that have suffered absorption by the near planet. I would not be surprised when the antenna shows much operation when in the vertical position. Because the gravity spiral flows come from the outside, the outer coil shields the inner coil from the gravity energy; this means the only task left is a transformer function. Because a rectifier bridge gives a loss of 1.2 Volts, it is very efficient to step up the voltage to decrease this loss. This also brings down the impractical high frequency to a zero value. This inner coil must be tuned to the same base frequency. A lot of readers wonder about the function of the magnet(s). Magnets show a powerful space current around the north-south axis, when a conductor is placed around this axis this will promote space conduction. This would promote the start-up of the device. Of course, a 157.3 kHz trigger current would do the same job. You have all heard of Coler's 180 kHz fundamental frequency for magnets. This was for the 10 mm. diameter steel magnets of his time. It's possible however to find a magnet that is tuned to the antenna. The frequency of a disc shaped magnet is proportional to its strength and inversely proportional to it's diameter.

Stg. Nieuwe Energie
Halleyweg 189
3318 CG Dordrecht

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June 2, 1999.