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Courtesy of Gary Vespermann

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 4, Aug. 1998, p. 8.
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Courtesy of Gary Vespermann

DOE staff, "Analysis of the Total System Life Cycle Cost of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System," Introduction and Summary, pp 1-11, September 1995.

This report provides current estimates of the total system life cycle costs (with the acronym TSLCC) of one concept for the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System (CRWMS). [The government loves acronyms. This editor believes it must come from the days when computer memory was a high-cost item.] The stated purpose of the publication is "to provide a cost estimate to aid in financial planning, to provide policy makers information to use in determining the course of the program, and to provide a system cost estimate as one of the inputs for assessing the adequacy of fees being paid by waste generating sources."

The total cost are summarized in the following table:

Summary of TSLCC 1995 (in Millions of 1994 Dollars)

Cost Category                      Total Cost

Repository                         $ 18,764

Waste Acceptance, Storage
   &  Transportation                 10,094

Othere Development & Evaluation       3,513

Payments Equal to Taxes (PETT)          308

Benefits                                417

TOTAL                              $ 33,196
In the case of normal history of events with DOE projects, the above figures will probably be larger when the next estimates are provided later this year. However, $33 billion is a relatively large amount. For example, about enough to fight a World War for several years. However, this budget is for the entire project from 1985 to 2071.

[Editor's Note: This publication believes that there is a better way to handle the high-level radioactive wastes -- by on-site remediation.]

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Sep. 8, 1998.