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By Jason Dunlap

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 3, July 1998, pp. 25-27.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


Claims of free-energy machines, cold-fusion, and other fantastic technologies have been around for decades. We have heard stories of how government agencies and industry giants have conspired to keep such technology out of the mainstream. Inventors who succeeded at proving such technology were intimidated and threatened if they tried to create a product or have their inventions patented. Some were even killed. The scientific community always consider such stories as nonsense and insisted that such technology was impossible. Well things have changed.

Many of you can remember that, last year, Center of Attention [a newsgroup located in San Jose, CA] financed and sponsored a mission to uncover and report about the reality of free-energy. It was hoped that we could make connections with those inventors that had actual working models, reveal the technology to the world and have an impact on making free-energy machines a part of our daily lives. Frankly, at the time, I felt we had failed to have much of an impact but Drunvalo says otherwise [1].

He claims that efforts made by a small group of people in California to uncover and video working free-energy devices has paid off. He said that the video and all the information was put on the Internet. The information was shared world-wide. Inventors, who were too intimidated in the past, began to try again to have their inventions patented. Drunvalo said that in just the last 3 or 4 months, governments around the world seem to be willing to allow this new technology to come to the surface. Astounding as it may seem, the motivation of the government is that the information should be released for the good of humanity! Apparently, attitudes are, indeed, changing.

In February of this year, Germany allowed a patent on a free energy device based on the relationship of certain carbon atoms. It is a small, thin film that outputs about 400 watts and will run all of our appliances indefinitely. The device is being presented to the world by a Prof. Deiter of Germany. Drunvalo went on to say that there were several other free-energy inventions that will soon be revealed and it will definitely change everything. Whether the transition will be smooth or rocky is a mystery, for now. Drunvalo made it clear that there was much he couldn't tell us at this time, but said he would give more information at the workshop in Oakland.

I would like to point out, that I doubt Drunvalo was referring to Center of Attention's efforts when he said a video about free-energy is what made the difference. I rather think he meant some other group, that did a better job than we did. I find it interesting that even though it probably was not our efforts that made the difference, we nevertheless were following an identical plan. It was as if, in some cosmic way, we were one among others that answered a "call" without even knowing it. It comforts me to know that whatever we try, in regard to working for the good of humanity, is worthwhile and if everything doesn't work out just the way you expect, you can be sure there are others, following through. I will be trying to find out exactly which video he was referring to and let you know how to obtain a copy.

Robert Perala and Tony Stubbs asked pointed questions and got Drunvalo to elaborate, in great detail about these things. This show revealed a lot of detailed and important information, most of which I have told you about. The show was taped, and if you want to purchase the entire tape, it is available for $12.00 plus shipping. There were many details and discussions not mentioned in this report. Call, email or write Barbara, and she will get a copy of the full report sent to you.

The Philosopher's Stone

[1] Dunvaleo Melchizedek is a speaker and lecturer at several conferences, who is interested primarily in the application of the old religion of Egypt, and in the use of Orgone energy. PB.


From Patrick Bailey, President of the INE

The group that you are referring to that has made a big major difference in the "free-energy" field is the Institute for New Energy, established in 1993 to build the bridge between "unorthodox science" and the "scientific establishment". The INE also publishes a large newsletter each month, the New Energy News, with past issues available. The INE has a large website at: with several supportive files, such a Table of Contents for all NEN issues, and including a subject index at:

I have also been personally responsible for bringing the reports and data on these new devices into the mainstream scientific community since 1990, through both the International Association for New Science (the IANS) and the yearly international conference on energy conversion technology, the Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference (the IECEC) which is supported by all of the major US technical societies, including the AIAA, AIChE, ANS, ASME, IEEE, and the SAE. Papers that have been presented in these many conferences are summarized and linked in the INE website.

We have now created a condition where inventors and researchers are no longer afraid or intimidated to share the results of their work, and many are now cooperating on an international basis. While overt suppression may seem to still exist to this day, these cooperative efforts are making it virtually impossible to hide and suppress the technical advances that are being made and reported around the globe.

As a friend of Drunvaleo, I personally invite him, through you, to cooperate with us in contacting the researchers that he is referring to, and to allow the INE to support and report on the findings that are being uncovered today. I do not believe that Drunvaleo has all of the answers, and neither does any one particular organization. However, by sharing and supporting each other, we can overcome any obstacles that would, and have in the past traditionally, stood in the way of our own scientific progress.

We offer support and cooperation to Drunvaleo and any others that would assist us in this quest. I am easily reachable.

Patrick Bailey President, Institute for New Energy

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July 30, 1998.