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By Jerry Decker

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 2, June 1998, pp. 24-26.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Self-Running Lawnmower Engine

Thanks for that elucidation of the internecine backgrounds of the various organizations. It all is much clearer to me, and if I had to put my money on it, the INE is the one I would back. The meetings are just the most interesting I've ever been to, especially the after hours talks. I take all pains to attend each year and will do so this year with the Salt Lake meeting.

I almost had a guy with a self-running lawnmower engine ready to bring it to show. He has it working and it takes 8 amps to generate continuous hydrogen to keep it running. Connected to a generator, it produces a sustained 15 amps at the same voltage. He has had the thing running on its own for more than a week at a time and sustaining a load at the same time. But he says I'm 'moving too fast', that he's been working on it since 1968 and he's 'not ready'. I hoped everyone would see something unique this year. He says he mixes the hydrogen with outside air and has to adjust the timing of the engine to make it work right. I'll keep you informed, always have my eyes out for anything that can be demonstrated at INE. It would be a great draw for the conference and show everyone that O/U IS possible. Now, I plan to work on my spare lawnmower engine trying to duplicate this.
Free-Energy Books

With regard to the book 'HIGH VOLTAGE AND FREE ENERGY DEVICES' from John Snell $20.00 US. I am sure if you send John a letter with your concerns, he would gladly give you back your money.

I found the book excellent... it has DETAILS (much like George Wisemans books) on how to build high voltage coils and experiments for the intense repulsive effect noted by EV Gray, it has details on the water arc experiments (pioneered by Peter Graneau and Richard Hull). My only reservation is the inclusion of 'free energy devices' in the title... but I've spent much more for a lot less details.

It never ceases to amaze me how people truly expect a working free energy device for 20 or 30 bucks....I hear it and have been suckered in many times...heck, all I want is a proof of the principle, not the whole thing to power your house (though that would be nice too).

Some people when they buy the info and aren't given the world on a silver platter, they become upset....well, Duh.... Anyway, I've learned over the years not to remotely count on actually getting plans in this fashion that work...however a few are interesting. The only way we'll see it, is if it freely released, even with a shareware option, where you can prove it for yourself.

The material in the Snell/Moonghie book I had not seen described or detailed anywhere else so in my opinion (and I've been at this for about 30 years with not one flipping bit of proof, still), the book is worth the price and worth keeping in MY library.

I don't know if you've seen the video of the one cylinder lawnmower engine using this high voltage coil discharge method, but it is enough to run the engine. The video is from Creative Science it they show an improved version with four coils mounted on arms on a central axis....of course, they claim it is overunity.

Bottomline, I paid nearly $20 for the book and was very pleased with the content. As much as I was tempted to lift some of the construction details to HTML files, I have resisted out of respect for the authors and their providing of the info in the book form. So, if I could get this kind of detail in the majority of the books and magazines Ispend money on, I'll gladly do it.

Unfortunately, of all that I've bought, perhaps 3% to 20% of any book or magazine has useful information. Its just the way it is. --

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Jun. 19, 1998.