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By John Hutchinson

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 1, May 1998, pp. 25-26.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


In reference to your letter of March 24 regarding test results with the rebuilding of my lab, can I submit a brief summary of my progress?

10 years have passed since my very large scale demonstrations for the USA Army Intelligence, Canadian National News, McDonnel Douglas, Canadian Government, other news media and scientists - 750 demonstrations from 1970 to 1989. My efforts and lab were destroyed in the later part of 1989 by Canadian officials who did not want the lab going to Germany. The only help came from Europe and Japan as my former friends did nothing in Canada to help me.

On my 1991 return to Canada from Europe, finding only support from my lady friend, film maker Yin Gazda, and from Japan, I slowly built up my lab. The Japanese would invite me for lecture tours and pay me. Also, they would purchase my 2 ZPE cells as demonstrated in Japan 1995 at Hiroshima City, the 50th anniversary, and as documented by Tuasahi and Japanese scientists.

Finding moral support from USA scientists, a European Prince and my lady friend Yin, I proceeded to again harness natures power. With my own money and working for equipment off of three Canadian destroyers (a gold mine of physics equipment), I am assembling the equipment I need.

The moral support from the USA, Europe, and Japan gave me the inspiration to rebuild. Unfortunately, no outside investors.

I proceeded to get small results with an electrostatic bubble and 21 to 26 cm bands R.F., 455 kilohertz broad band and pulsing D.C., 20 Kv arranged in a geometric configuration, RF bands used sweep generators linked to RF simplifiers, small Tesla coil systems also used to produce off set waves, complex waves formed dual-tone generator outputs, using external modulation of signal generators, a complex array. Yet these signals can be put on a 42 input tape recorder, taken into D.C. amps to the RF generators, plus D.C. 20 KV put into a plasma state within a tube modulator. The above information provided in ful, could fill a large book.

The 1997 - 1998 results show slight movement of objects within 6 to 12 feet from the equipment with tiny levitation of common articles. A tennis ball levitated to 2 inches for 3 seconds. No metal has been effected yet. I realize that someday I will need to double the equipment for metal to be effected. But this is promising to say the least. I must point out these demonstrations have not been witnessed by many people, as were the 1980 to 89 tests.

I have 700 pounds of untested metal samples. 50 pounds have been tested in Toronto, Los Alamos, Europe and Japan plus other agencies and they showed fantastic results from the 1980 to 1989 time period.

The "Hutchinson Effect" stands as it is in the brief description above.

I was happy to learn that some great scientists I know, have duplicated some of my effects which gives strength to my case. Yet no investments have ever come my way. It appears funds are diverted to others who feel they can duplicate the effects with government contacts. I am not speaking of my USA, European or Japanese contacts. Until this funding wall is broken down, I can only do my best.

In my files I have many reports, letters, videos and metal samples collecting dust. If indeed there is interest I can release for publication the old files of observations through Vigier of France, Max Planck Labs of Germany and other agencies.

I simply wish to get going again in an proper location so that this scientific data can come out. About the Zero Point cells I am selling to Japan, this is unproven as no tests have been done in the USA. Only Kyoto Institute of Technology has shown unusual things. It is undetermined if ZPE is being tapped here. Cells produce 1/4 volt and a milliamp per cubic inch in good cells. Cells could be combined into cubic foot (using cubic inch cells in series parallel) to give useful power. As time goes by my results should be more impressive.

This small article is to say hello to my friends and ensure them I am still with it.

/s/ John Hutchinson

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Jun. 1, 1998.