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By S. Goldman

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 13, December 1999.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1999 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Re: Controlling Technology

Dear Dr. Bailey,

I am appalled at the lack of insight of the people that are writing about the DOE and the US Government in the New Energy News and in the Infinite Energy magazine, so I thought that I would share some thoughts with you.

Money matters. All else is secondary. Next is control; and third is ownership.

The reason that someone is not given a patent for a working machine by the US Patent Office - or the reason that someone cannot get a DOE research grant - is for the same reason: money, control, and ownership.

I propose that you look at these issues from a different perspective. Note that individuals that work for a while in the US Government Offices, Patent Office, DOE, et. al., do not make a very good salary; and on the other hand they do have and can exert enormous control and power. Why promote a new technology into the public sector with a grant or a patent, when one could just as easily say that the new technology does not work - and then, develop it for yourself somewhere else!

Why waste your time in trying to get the permission to publish or promote some device from the very people that are probably trying to steal it from you?

Just because you do not see some new technology being approved or researched in the US does not mean that the technology does not work. Just as companies compete for business, you might note that other countries and laboratories are also competing for the control and ownership of new technologies. What better way to eliminate competition, than to advertise from a "respected government official or office" that such-and-such new technology does not work.

Maybe you should find out who the real friends of these "officials" are, in what countries they live, and who else in the world is doing the same research as you and your readers.

I trust that this may give a new spin on your old problems.

S. Goldman.

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Dec., 1999.