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By Bert Schreiber

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 12, November 1999.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1999 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


I am offering a reward of $2,000.00 (US) to the first person, excluding 5., who can prove any of the following or their existence. Disapprove 5. and any of the proofs offered as the case may be Items 1. - 6., 10. with original equations and mathematical proof 7. and 8. are in verbiage format 7. from a legitimate morphological format acceptable 8. Any proof out of Einstein's papers or bonifides 9. from any experiment. No other verbiage, absurdities, or speculations permitted.

1. Push Gravity (more than two masses involved) and Push (force comes from way out in space) Inertia, i.e., shielding effect causality a.k.a. Mach's Principle.

A. Explain tides. The force effect varies as the inverse square of the length apart (rule) gn varies from the center of the Earth to the center of the mass/body near the surface. Tides upset same (experimental proof), yet shielding effect remains constant.

2. Whole numbers in Base 10 (duodecimal or what is now commonly used) answer(s) to Last Theorem.

A. Impossible. His theorem is actually: Excluding 0, 1, 2, what two whole numbers and multiplied would result in a prime number.

B. The formula (new mathematical discovery) for multiplying is: a``=`` { b SUP 2``c } OVER { b``+``c } ``+`` { b``c SUP 2 } OVER { b``+``c }

3. Zero-point energy in the cgs system. Can only be shown in mks system as it requires the usage of the permittivity and permeability of vacuum.

4. Gravity waves and their propagation speed in cgs or mks system.

A. As to both 3. and 4.: In 3. the p and p of vacuum is/are a constant of proportional try; just a number. As to 4. That requires the gravitational constant, G, which is likewise a constant of proportionality; just a number. A number is dimensionless and cannot have dimension(s) added on to same to create (nonexistent) entities.

B. Constant(s) of proportionality are required due to a system change (e.g., cgs to mks) to make the answers to the equations identical when converted between each other.

C. In both cases, it is possible to dispense with any constant of proportionality (the b) in any equation they appear in. Ergo, no G, no gravity waves, etc. Formula (new): a``=``c SQRT b``````x``````d SQRT b

Under current beliefs there are three masses: Energy, gravitational, and inertial. 1. eliminates inertial mass as a separate entity. There are two systems which operate (in) the universe: The mass energy and the mass gravity (effect). The "m" in all current equations is the mass energy (if to or in actuality, E = mc2) mass. They are two separate systems and cannot be unified. They can be converted between same, but conversion is not unification. Therefore, there can be no Grand Unified Theory or TOE. Simply, going from grams-dynes to kilograms-Newtons cannot create anything, especially gravity waves or gravitational "energy".

5. The actual pull gravity effect equation is: M = r2 x k, where k is a constant. Its numerical value depends on whether M is in the mass energy or the mass gravity system. G is required in the mass energy system, but is eliminated/dispensed with in the mass gravity system. That is due to 4.C and/or from mass energy to mass gravity system change. G just drops out and not needed in mass gravity system, but must be arbitrarily inserted to go from mass gravity to the mass energy system. And, in any case, can likewise be dispensed with anyway when it does appear k in current SI cgs system values energy mass is 1.980355 x 10.

A. Briefly, what the new equation says is: Due to Planck's Constant which is the limit, to action/effect and only occurs in one or more whole numbers of itself, there is a limit to action by one mass on another, or, there is a range effect limit.

B. It says that no mass can move (or change its speed) until its inertia is overcome and therefore Newton's Third Law of Motion can be (and is) violated. Second end to inertial mass.

C. This equation, when appropriately modified, applies to the force effect of charges or magnets.

D. It explains why the feather-apple paradox (equivalence principle) and destroys the strong equivalence principle.

6. What are called "Maxwell's equations for light" (in current textbooks and references, not biographical) are his original ones and he proved the speed of light, c (1/sec).

A. Maxwell failed. The current equations are Oliver Heaviside's, in essence, and those have been updated besides. Neither one proved that the ratio of the e.m.u. to the e.s.u. (a ratio and just a number) was the speed of light. It is inverted besides. t/l not l/t. In Minkowski "space-tme" it is just a number, a ratio. I show same.

B. Current equations are in the mks system, not the cgs which both used. 4.B covers.

7. More than three forces with fields which permit action at a length: Gravity, electric, and magnetic.

A. From the morphological process, no others can exist.

B. Proof that the strong (nuclear) force is gravity. Another result from 5.

8. That Einstein ever spoke or wrote that: Mass increases with velocity/speed.

A. He said, wrote, or implied it is/was: The apparent measured mass increases with velocity.

B. Velocity is a vector whose magnitude (resultant) is given a name, speed, which is scalar. Velocity is a vector which is a mathematical concept (relativistic) and is not reality. Can be 0 to 2c.

9. Thermofusion (bulk, same temperature) exists.

A. There is no proof of thermofusion whatsoever. The H-bomb was a thermofusion on failure. All attempts to prove thermofusion by experiments have resulted in total failure. No helium to account for any "excess" energy detected nor sufficient quantities thereof if and when detected.

B. It is Cold Fusion (particle to particle, temperature differential) which exists.

10. The nuclear reaction which releases the energy from the Sun occurs at its core.

A. The core is too cold to permit any reactions. The reactions (zones) occur away from the core and the current "hydrogen" cycle is probably only about 20% below the surface or maybe even less. Another result from 5.

Send a separate self-addressed and stamped envelope for each challenge or my proofs of the ones if you wish to see same first. 8.and 9. excluded.

For information purposes: The original ad in NEN was published three times in early 1998. As of the date of this insertion, with changes (about 18 months later), there has not been one single response to disapprove or even question same or I am wrong.

The full proofs are in my book: QUANTUM - QUANTA THEORY * * * THE THEORY OF THE UNIVERSE (two volumes, 81/2 x 11, over 600 pages of text and profusely illustrated. No calculus nor extended equations are in same, just simple mathematics) is available for $55.00 in USA and USA $58.00 in Canada, via air mail. If returned in re-salable condition within 90 days of receipt, $47.00 will be cheerfully refunded. Quantities limited.

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