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By Bob Smith, Senator from New Hampshire

From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 11, September 1999, p. 13.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1999 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.


To: Dr. Eugene Mallove
Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine
P.O. Box 2816
Concord, NH 03302-2816

Dear Dr. Mallove:

Enclosed is a copy of the letter Senator Smith sent to the Department of Energy regarding the grant we discussed. If the DOE gets enough inquiries on this matter, perhaps they will reconsider and do the right thing.

With best regards,

Mark F. Aldrich, State Director.

To: Mr. John C. Angell
Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs
U.S. Department of Energy
Forrestal Building, Room 7B 138
1000 Independence Avenue. SW
Washington, DC 20585-0800

Dear Assistant Secretary Angell:

My office was recently contacted by Dr. Eugene Mallove, Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine and Director of New Energy Research Laboratory located in Bow, New Hampshire. He is extremely concerned about an article in the July issue of Science Magazine which states that the Department of Energy is taking extraordinary measures to review a grant made to George Miley, a nuclear engineer at the University of Illinois.

It is my understanding that George Miley's academic credentials are well regarded and that his proposal was already subjected to peer review. What seems to have precipitated this unprecedented additional review is that his proposal is similar to work being done by scientists who are investigating "cold fusion." I am aware that there are some experts who view "cold fusion" as pseudo science and that DOE is concerned that its Nuclear Energy Research Initiative dollars are spent wisely. But to not investigate a potential method of transforming radioactive waste into harmless byproducts, seems extremely short-sighted and perhaps the outcome of inherent bias at DOE toward conventional fusion technology.

I would encourage DOE to reconsider its placing of additional impediments in the way of this research project. Miley's research might be of great benefit to the problem of nuclear waste disposal. or it might prove that results seen in similar experiments were merely from accidental contamination. Either way, the research he proposes could be valuable. This grant represents an opportunity for DOE to show it is not closed to new ideas and approaches.

Please keep me apprised of your agency's decision on this matter. I have directed my Projects Director, Mark Aldrich, to be the point of contact. He can be reached in my Manchester office at 603-634-5000.


New Hampshire
Washington, DC 20510-2903
July 28. 1999

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Sept., 1999.