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From: NEN, Vol. 6, No. 11, September 1999, pp. 2-3.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1999 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.

Courtesy of Thomas Valone, Integrity Research Institute

The Proceedings of the First International Conference On Future Energy, April 29- May 1, 1999, Bethesda, MD is now available. Topics include: charge clusters, radiant energy, cold fusion, gravity model, zero point energy, releasing chemical bond energy, betavoltaic batteries, photoremediation of radioactive waste, flywheels, and more. Approximately 200 pages, hardcover book. Price $40 plus $2 S&H U.S. Contact: ;
Webpage:; Fax 301-513-5728; or 800-295-7674.

COFE Program and Plenary Speakers

Opening Remarks: Thomas Valone President, Integrity Research Institute

Ken Shoulders, "Charge Clusters in Action." (Somerset Power Corp.) Micron-sized clusters of electrons perform a low-energy phase transformation when interacting with solid material, propelling the electrons to high velocity without conventional heating. Fractional electron charge conversion seems to be responsible for the new energetics described.

Dr. Paul Brown, "Betavoltaic Batteries." (Nuclear Solutions, LLC) Nuclear battery that converts energy from a beta (electron) emitting radioactive source, such as tritium, into electrical power. The application of tritiated amorphous silicon as an intrinsic energy conversion semiconductor for betavoltaic devices is presented.

Kent Robertson, "The Coming Energy Revolution from Wind." (American Wind Energy Association) The wind energy industry has demonstrated extraordinary growth in the past year. Who is getting most of this power? Will wind energy displace fossil fuel generated electricity?

David Wallman, "Carbon-Arc Gasification of Biomass Solutions." Forced, rapid oxidation via carbon-arc gasification of biomass solutions, releasing a unique hydrogen-based gas, COH?, with properties of a stable, versatile, clean fuel. Demonstration.

Paul Pantone, "Plasma Fuel Processor." (Global Environmental Energy Tech.) Removing over 90% of the emissions from a variety of fuels by transferring the exhaust heat to the incoming fuel within a vacuum, the speed of molecular breakdown is greatly magnified.

Dr. Peter Graneau, "Release of Chemical Bond Energy." (Northeastern University Center For EM Research) Process using electrodynamic Ampere forces to trigger the release of chemical bond energy (latent heat of evaporation) from water, causing a cold fog explosion at 150% efficiency. It may be possible that fossil fuel burning could be replaced with a water arc process.

Thomas Valone, MA, PE, "Understanding Zero Point Energy." (Integrity Research Institute) Science in 1997 called it the "ultimate quantum free lunch." Now the experiments and theory are starting to reveal the vast potential energy which ZPE stores in its particle fluctuations. Here is a slide presentation with the basic physics, details of the first ZPE patent, headline articles, and the experiments that have made ZPE something even the DOE and NASA are reconsidering.

David Hamilton, "Overview of DOE's Power Electronics and Electric Machines Program." (Office of Advanced Automotive Transportation)

Bruce Perrault, "Radiant Energy Generator." Active Perrault valves, similar to Moray valves, utilize a pumping effect to siphon electrons from earth ground to be stored in high voltage capacitors. A second stage converts the HV charge to usable power at any frequency.

Dr. Steven Greer, "Evidence of Free Energy Suppression." There are some subjects that Stanford University has studied, endorsed and encouraged further study by the public. The evidence of suppression and the magnitude of the technological advancement in certain sectors is very compelling.

Les Adam, "Magnet Power and Non-Combustive Helicopters." (AZ Industdes) Magnetic fields improve fuel mileage by affecting hydrocarbon bond strength. Electric Pulse Drive Vehicles offer a new automobile design. Non-combustive helicopters utilize energetic decomposition of peroxide. AZ-sponsored "Ener-run? Alternate Energy Rallie" test alternately powered vehicles.

Dr. Edmund Storms, "New Method for Initiating Nuclear Reactions." (Los Alamos Labs) New method to initiate nuclear reactions within solid materials, so-called chemically assisted nuclear reactions, to generate energy without significant radiation. Presentation of groundbreaking field merging chemistry and nuclear physics.

David Goodwin, "Summary of the Breakthrough Physics Conference." (USDOE Office of High Energy and Nuclear Physics) Chairperson for the Space Science Technology and Applications International Forum (STAIF) Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Conference, topics will include zero point energy.

Dr. Tom Van Flandern, "Complete Gravity Model and Free Energy." (Meta Research) Propagation of gravity (Phys. Lett. A #1,1, 99) has been experimentally shown to exceed speed of light. The LeSage interpretation of particle-gravity is clearly favored by new findings, suggesting that propulsion and gravitational shielding is possible.

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Sept., 1999.