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By A. D. Moore

Electrostatics: Exploring, controlling, and Using Static Electricity, 2nd Edition

A. D. Moore's Electrostatics Classic

Is Back in Print

--- Press Release from Laplacian Press ---

A. D. Moore once again shares his enthusiasm for electrostatic experimentation in the authoritative and enjoyable book, "Electrostatics: Exploring, controlling, and Using Static Electricity, 2nd ed". First published in 1968 as part of MIT's Science Study Series, the second edition includes the never before published Dirod Manual, a handbook for building your own electrostatic generator.

This fascinating classic, written by the pioneer of modern electrostatics, takes the mystery out of electrostatics with clear, concise explanations of the theory behind the spark. It is especially prized for its numerous demonstrations of electrostatic phenomena, some of which have never been explained. It includes: all fundamentals - ions, charge, capacitors, corona; 25 demonstrations; how to build your own generator; industrial applications; atmospheric and other natural effects; plus, an opportunity to learn from the master of the demonstration who has influenced countless inventors and teachers. With no distracting mathematical proofs, it can be enjoyed by anyone from high schooler to industry professional.

Laplacian Press
April 1997.

ISBN: 1-885540-04-3

248 pages, 94 figs, soft cover, $14.95.

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Sept. 10, 1997.