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From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 5, Sept. 1997, pp. 1-3.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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By Stefan Marinov

After having walked so many years on the thorny way of truth, I became tired. My books and papers are my scientific testament.

I hope that soon the absolute (Newtonian) space-time concepts, which I restored by numerous experiments and by a simple mathematical theory, will be accepted by the scientific community as those corresponding to physical reality.

I hope that the perpetual motion machines, of which I constructed many prototypes without closing the energetic circle, will successfully be built by other people.

And if my achievements in space-time physics, in electrodynamics and in the domain of the violation of the laws of conservation will be silenced also after my death, by leaving this world I can only repeat the eternal words: feci quod potui.

Graz, Austria, 15 July 1997
/s/ Stefan Marinov

A STRONG VOICE IS MISSING A tribute to Stefan Marinov

Before Stefan Marinov decided that there were kinder and gentler friends to be met, he left this LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT dated 15 July 1997:

[By Stefan Marinov]

My death is no person's fault. Please notify the following of my death: My son, Maxim Marinov, my wife Elena Kiriakova... in Sofia.

My son is a Substitute Minister of Bulgarian Industry and speaks English. My brother, Nicholas Marinov, is a resident of Sydney but presently on an extended journey through Europe. These three people are my heirs. I wrote a letter in Bulgarian to all three of them. These three letters were left open and may be read. Please kindly fax these letters, written in Bulgarian, to the fax number in Sofia, as well as all other letters left behind.

I leave three savings accounts in the following banks and account numbers: .... I hereby request that the banks transfer these accounts to my son in Bulgaria. All items in my apartment are left for my friend Werner Emig. ...

Please inform the following persons in Graz, Austria of my death: [Stefan listed four names with phone numbers.]

And the following persons in foreign countries: 1. Prof. Panos Pappas 2. Prof. Umberto Bartocci 3. Prof. George Galeczki 4. Hal Fox. Please fax to these four persons my Scientific Testament.

The books and other items left on my bed are to be handed to the persons indicated. My body is to be transferred to the Medical Faculty of the University of Graz, Austria. I thank the Austrian government for its hospitality and for conferring upon me the Austrian citizenship in difficult times when I was a fugitive from Bulgaria. Signed /Stefan Marinov/

Graz, Austria, 12 August 1997,

The tragic and sad story of Stefan Marinov, who was a friend of mine since 8 months, is that he committed suicide on July 15 by jumping from an outside staircase of the library building at the University of Graz. A student, who had seen him, reported that he was standing backwards, leaning back so far until he fell down without a cry. He died on way to the hospital. Stefan left some letters in his flat, some for his local friends and some Cyrillic written for his family in Bulgaria. Although he left names and telephone numbers for the police (!), they did not inform anyone, even his son Marin Marinov who is vice-Minister of Industry in Bulgaria. So I and most of his other friends were informed nearly 2 weeks later by a journalist of a local newspaper, who had gotten an unofficial hint. I informed Professor Pappas in Greece, who had the address of Stefan's son, so he could inform him. Mr. M. Marinov came last week to Graz. He was allowed by the authorities to enter Stefan's lodging, so we got his scientific testament.'

For all his friends, Stefan's decision is absolutely unbelievable. He was a powerful, enthusiastic physicist with a bright smile on his face until the last time I had seen him on July 13. On this occasion he gave me his editions of Deutsche Physik, numbers 3 through 22, about 50 pieces each, to store it in my house, because Stefan gave up his second flat, so he had no room to keep it. But I could not realize his final intention.

There have been 2 disappointments for Stefan, his inertial-force driven vehicle is an artifact, and Ampere's formula seems to be correct, as he realized from some experiments he made with Dr. Pappas in Greece, about 2 weeks before his death. I have gotten to know Stefan on my experiments with PAGD-devices of the Correas', of Canada. As my efforts to replicate their system clearly show, that there is no generation of electric energy. I would ask you, if you have any knowledge of a successful verification. Thank you.

Sincerely, Erwin Schneeberger


By Dr. Robert W. Bass

August 8, 1997 In a letter to George Miley and other CF Editors, Robert W. Bass wrote:

I was appalled by word of Marinov's suicide. For a professed Christian (about which he and I had corresponded) this is like saying, "OK, Lucifer, you win! I give up!"

Marinov, in my opinion, was a real genius in the sense that he well understood all of the classical theoretical physics in great detail (sufficient detail to argue that historically some wrong turnings had been taken, and that Maxwell's Equations as we normally see them can be readily disproved by a large number of table-top Faraday/Ampere type of experiments) and yet Marinov was an exceedingly good experimentalist who invented and had built and tested a large number of VERY complicated electro-mechanical & hydro-electromagnetic devices & systems.

A native of Bulgaria (and former Assistant Prof. of Physics from 1960 to 1974 at Sofia University), on certain occasions in 1966-67, 1974, and 1977 he was forcibly confined to mental hospitals and given psychiatric "treatment" because of political dissent. In 1977 he got a passport and in 1978 lived in Washington, D.C.; later he lived in Italy and Austria. He was fluent in both English, German, Russian and other languages.

He was involved publicly with many quarrels with the Editor of Nature, who refused to print either his papers or his Letters to the Editor. He retaliated by securing the funds to place full-page ads in Nature expressing his frustration with the dogmatic attitude of the Establishment.

He claimed to have seen in operation and learned the secret of the so-called "Swiss ML converter" or TESTATIKA electrical generator [which gets free energy from nowhere], which was discovered by Paul Baumann who is the head of the 500-member Christian religious commune METHERNITHA in Switzerland, which says they generate most of the electricity for hundreds of people via such "perpetuum mobile" generators, which they are unwilling to share with this fallen world. He was supposedly the only member who did not live in the commune. He tried many times, but failed, to persuade them to share their allegedly great discovery with the remainder of mankind.

He wrote a book "Divine Electromagnetism" [available from East West Affiliates in Austria at Morellenfeldgasse 16, 8010 Graz, phone (0316) 37 70 93, for $70 + S&H] giving his take on the flaws in classical EM as now taught and how allegedly "high-school level experiments" can flatly disprove some parts of it in favor of other versions buried in now- forgotten old literature before the present version was settled on and now handed down by the Establishment dogmatically.

He earned his living by being a groom for horses but he was a prolific writer & inventor in German and had a large following who subscribed to his journal Deutsche Physik. His targets were school children not yet brainwashed by the Establishment into accepting false but dogmatically-taught ideas.

He was dead-certain that he had disproved all kinds of dogmatically-taught aspects of conventional electromagnetism, (Lorentz-Ampere Force Law, speed of light, special relativity, aether, Michelson-Morley, etc..

In studying the first edition of his book, I found a mistake in vector calculus and wrote to him, but he sent me the second edition in which another mathematician had already corrected him.

He was 66 years old, but seemed much younger ("45 or 50") and was an extremely vital and extraordinarily magnetic, charismatic, enthusiastic and attractive person. I can understand his being "worn out" by the utterly monolithic refusal of the Establishment to listen to his allegations that he had measured aether drift and found in it the rotation of the earth (i.e. some diurnal variation). Perhaps he had measured a diurnal variation in the speed of light. The one thing I remember is that the blueprints for his numerous devices all looked very professional & convincing and the photos of his devices looked like they had really been built, yet he had evidently also spent many thousands of hours on extremely complicated mathematical calculations in most of which I could find no mistake. (Few theoreticians are sufficiently versatile to be electro-mechanically creative experimenters!)

He published detailed plans for a hydraulic-electro- magnetic perpetuum mobile and showed photos of it in operation, but nobody "important" paid the slightest attention to him.

What a tragedy!

Sincerely, /s/

Dr. Robert W. Bass

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Sept. 10, 1997.