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By Mike Fisher, Zenergy Corporation

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 2, June 1997, Special Edition, p. 11.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.

Chandler, Arizona, April 15, 1997 - To further the quest towards a fuel-less and pollution-free power source, Zenergy Corporation announces a challenge to all scientists and inventors developing advanced energy machines. Zenergy offers to pay US $100,000 to any individual or corporation who can demonstrate a working "free energy" machine.

Zenergy believes the momentum in this field is increasing and several breakthroughs are imminent. Zenergy was founded with the vision to help facilitate these breakthroughs, thereby providing mankind with clean, inexpensive, and abundant energy sources. Now is the time for a fuel-less energy machine to power our homes, cars, and portable computers. The founders of Zenergy are willing to risk their money in order to find a machine which can then become the power source of a new generation.

To qualify for the Challenge, the machine must produce a minimum of 100 watts of net power output, and the output power must exceed the input power by 150% or operate in a self-running condition. The machine may draw energy from an external power source, but may not draw power from heat, radiation, induction, a transducer or any other traditional storage device within or external to the device unless agreed to before the Challenge. Conventional technology such as the following will not be considered: internal combustion engines, fuel cells, solar cells, nuclear fission, wind generators and hydroelectric sources. Certain types of batteries which exhibit extraordinary characteristics may be considered.

Further details and conditions of the Challenge can be obtained at the Zenergy Internet Site located at, or by contacting Zenergy Corporation at 602-814-7865.

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May 25, 1997.