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By Hal Fox

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 1, May 1997, p. 14.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
COPYING NOT ALLOWED without written permission.

We begin with the assumption that readers of NEN are the best informed readers in the world. Therefore, we ask our readers to respond to the following question: If there is an aether, what are the characteristics of that aether?

Here are some ideas (supported with experiments where we can):

1. The aether is a fluid-like medium in which all matter resides.

2. The aether penetrates the spaces between material particles.

3. The earth spins in the aether but (similar to the fundamental notion of fluid mechanics) there is little relative motion between the earth's surface and the aether. (See Michelson-Morley's experiment for measuring the speed of light).

4. The aether is isotropic (essential the same in all directions), omnipresent, and energetic.

5. "Waves," such as light waves, travel at about 3 x 1010 centimeters per second. However, light of different frequencies travels at different speeds. The speed of light is measured near massive objects. The speed of light in interstellar space may be different.

6. Light photons can interact with electrons and increase or decrease the mass of the electrons. (See Quantum Mass Theory Compatible with Quantum Field Theory, by Petar K. Anastasovski & Trevor M. Benson, c1995, Nova Science Publishers, Inc.).

7. Aether particles (if the word particle can be properly used) have a very low degree of reaction with matter. However, a small fraction of the aether can be captured by matter.

8. The aether is increased by all type of radiated electromagnetic phenomena. The aether is decreased by small but finite interactions with matter (possibly more intense interactions are found in massive bodies such as planets and suns).

9. The aether flow through ferro-magnetic materials is the fundamental cause of magnetism.

10. The aether flow or interaction with charged particles is the fundamental cause of electric fields. As a result, it may be possible to create an aether shield (such as shown by T. Townsend Brown and suggested by A. Zielinski).

[Readers: There you have a start. Please comment and add experimental evidence for proof or disproof of these aetheric concepts. Ed.]

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May 11, 1997.
Spelling error (anisotropic --> isotropic) corrected: Mar. 4, 1998.