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U.S. Patent Summary

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 1, May 1997, p. 7.
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US Pat. 5,607,563; System for Electrolysis; James A. Patterson, Dennis Cravens; issued 4 Mar. 1997; appl. 4 Dec.1995; 16 claims, 2 drawing sheets.

Abstract: An electrolytic cell and system for electrolyzing and/or heating a liquid electrolyte containing water having a conductive salt in solution flowing through the cell. The electrolytic cell includes a non-conductive housing having an inlet and an outlet and spaced apart first and second conductive foraminous grids connected within the housing. A plurality of spaced beds of closely packed conductive micro-spheres are positioned end to end within the housing in electrical contact with the first grid adjacent the inlet. The individual microsphere beds are electrically isolated from one another in the absence of the liquid electrolyte. The microspheres are generally uniform in size and density and include a plated layer formed of metallic hydride which is readily combinable with hydrogen or an isotope of hydrogen with hydrazine to form a conductive, preferably flash-coated metal layer. An electric power source in the system is operably connected across the first and second grids whereby electrical current flows between the grids within the liquid electrolyte.

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May 11, 1997.