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By Hal Fox

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 1, May 1997, p. 4.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1997 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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If you stay in the theater long enough after enjoying the movie, The Saint, you will see Dr. Eugene Mallove, Science Advisor, in the long list of credits. Gene Mallove is quoted in the Concord Monitor (Friday, 4 April 1997, in article by Sarah Schweitzer, "Passionate About Cold Fusion") as saying: "People don't go to the movies to hear a science story. But they'll say 'I wonder why they're talking about cold fusion? I thought it was dead. Maybe those producers know something I don't know'."

Gene Mallove, "Fusion Confusion Runs Hot and Cold," Wall St. Journal, 31 March 1997, letter to editor.

Summary: Gene Mallove tells the WSJ that they have some errors in a Feb. 28 Marketplace article entitled, "How Do We Know Dolly Isn't a Hoax?" In this letter Mallove sets the record straight and tells WSJ readers that many scientists have replicated the cold fusion work of Pons and Fleischmann, especially McKubre and associates at SRI International and Lonchampt of the French Atomic Energy Agency, who replicated the boiling cell cold fusion experiment of Pons and Fleischmann. Mallove strongly states: "This careless abuse of the facts on so important a matter as our emerging energy future is inexcusable." Hurray for Gene Mallove!

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May 11, 1997.