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By Akira Kawasaki

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 12, Apr. 1998, p. 5.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Akira Kawasaki
Thursday, March 19, 1998

There were three oral presentations made today before the Annual American Physical Society meeting held this time in Los Angeles from March 16 - 20, 1998. This is the first time the APS has allotted time for presentations of matters concerning Cold Fusion.

The three making the presentations were:

1. Russ George of E-Quest Technology, "Experimental Evidence of Radiationless Aneutronic Nuclear Fusion in Metal Deuterides. Supported by EPRI and SRI international."
[this report is in reference to his sonofusion effect and results]

2. Talbot Chubb, Scott Chub of Oakton International Corp., "Deuteride-Induced Strong Force Reaction."
[theory of CF reaction in Arata's double structured palladium cathode]

3. Scott Chubb, Talbot Chub of Oakton International Corp., "Theoretical Framework for radiationless Aneutronic Nuclear Reaction in Metal Deuterides."
[further theory combining sonofusion and Arata aneutronic results]

The presentations are now a matter of record of the APS. Let us see if this now turns into an annual event for Cold Fusion.

The APS has a "Bulletin of the American Physical Society" vol. 43, no., 1 March, 1998 (catalog of abstracts) of over a thousand pages (cheap paper stock) listing all of the activities and all of the simultaneous oral presentations being presented during the five days of the meeting. Looks like a telephone book. No way can an individual cover even a fraction of all the events and presentations, much less absorb the posters and exhibits thoroughly. An hectic affair. There were over a dozen lecture halls where oral presentations being made simultaneously, most with twelve minute time allotments for presentations.

The turnout at the hall where the cold fusion presentations were made had at most, forty in attendance which filled up not quite half of the room capacity. Other sessions were not overflowing either. Those in attendance for CF at the presentations were: Akira Kawasaki, Russ George, Talbot Chub, Scott Talbot, and Tom Passel. Tom Passel and I took some pictures. I gathered several copies of the "Bulletin of the American Physical Society," volume 43 no. 1, March 1998, to send along to IE and others for perusal. It should be of historical interest as an event that happened, finally, for cold fusion. Rumors has it that there were intense opposition to the presentations being included and catalogued. And there were stronger prevailing pressures that had it included. Time marches on.

Akira Kawasaki

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May 31, 1998.