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By Wayne Powell

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 11, Mar. 1998, pp. 17-18.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Dear Hal,

In re to your letter of Nov. 1997, you ask the question: What is the energy source for the time events in my super cold box? First point: Time IS energy (T = dKE). Second point: Kinetic energy is either inertial mass (acceleration or deceleration) or gravitational mass (acceleration or deceleration), thus mv2/2 or mc2 ; or v = at2 in free fall, or deceleration "weight" on the ground. Thus, what you call "time" is actually a rate of mass-change that involves an area. Conversely no-time is momentum, which is a no-change line statement, or mv or mc. MASS is what you experience/measure, and call "time", but you could never experience/measure momentum. Why? How does change occur in a situation where no change can occur?

At first it seems a psychic shock to "lose time" but all you are really losing is a misperception of quantum reality. Planck discovered the quantum in December of 1900. He said it was a q x p area, or momentum by particle velocity. De Broglie discovered matter waves in 1922, experimentally confirmed by Davisson and Germer in 1925. In 1927 Heisenberg defined the uncertainty principle as h = (approx.) dM x dP , or h = (approx.) dM x dW. Starting with Simon De La Place in 1827 everybody got one little thing wrong: momentum is not a determinant of energy-area, it is a RESULT of balanced wave energy = particle energy (wavelength and particle velocity). The true equation is then h = (W .EQ. P) which is momentum; and h = (W .NE. P) which is mass, which you call "time". Wave energy and Particle energy are the 2 great languages of complementarity, when they get out of sync or balance with each other, you get mass. When they are in balance you get momentum. h = 6.625 x 10-34 J-s or newton-meters/sec. Thus, since particle velocity (Pv) and matter wave length (Ws for Wave Shape) compose the h area, Pv = 2.574 x 10-17 m/s and Ws = 2,574 x 10-17 newtons-force. At 2.574 x 10-17 m/s it takes about 38 seconds to cross the diameter of a proton; ie, SLOW.

So, what do you mean by "second"? Clocks, parts of a year, what? You see, the second/minute/hour are convenient scales for classical world scientists, but are meaningless in the quantum world. Again, time is NOTHING MORE than an imbalance in the wave-particle duality of nature. And, it is only unbalanced for a single quantum area, or a new point on the momentum diagonal line is reached. And too, a Pv of 2.574 x 10-17 meters/sec is far, far too small of a velocity change to measure (and with what?). As many have said, over and over, you can never "see" the quantum itself because you mess up what you are trying to see by your own act of observation.

What you are referring to in your question is what is usually called zero-point motion, or the restless, ceaseless, random interchange of Pv/Ws at the quantum level. UP HERE we have momentum balance of Ws = Pv, but underneath is this restless sea of quantum activity, some say the Tao of Physics, some say Aether, some say quantum foam. But by the 1st law of thermodynamics this left over quantum heat is probably no more an energy source than the thermal radiation from the Big Bang at 2.70 K; practically zilch. You are barking up the wrong branch of the tree with zero-point motion, the right branch is this invisible thing called matter waves (fermi matter waves). To put it in perspective: You see, at about 6 x 10-7 m visible wavelengths, a jet plane flying at 500 mph. The matter waves that also energy-describe the jet are lamda = h/mv or, 6.625 x 10-34 / 105 kg x 200 m/s = 3.3 x 10-41 m wavelength; a difference of some 33 orders of magnitude. Things SEEN come from things UNSEEN. So, even though you can't see matter waves you sure the HELL feel them when your jet hits a mountain...and the over-running matter waves splatter your body all over the mountainside. To wit, the mountain has coulomb-stopped the fermion particles but the deceleration energy is over-running MATTER WAVES. So, does the dead pilot say to the dead passengers: well, the good news is that we balanced the momentum energy books... ?

In your issue of Nov. '97, Bruce DePalma, page 7, line 32/33: "The true way of measuring time is in the inertia of objects." He got that right, now the next step is understanding that inertia is just particle (fermion) velocity over-running wave energy, in acceleration, and the wave energy thus lags back, and has to be pulled up to the new, higher balance point on the momentum diagonal line (D line). So, the counter force of inertial drag is wave drag (quantum, not aerodynamic). Deceleration is just the opposite: over running wave energy.

So, could you travel backwards in time? Locally, yes; globally, NO. You can rewind a video, or pause on any frame; because it is a record (as seen thru a small peephole of the camera). But, tell me: how do you record the whole-body earth and universe...for rewind/replay, stop on any frame? Where are those buttons on your remote? So you see, backwards travel in time (which is Pv .NE. Ws) is Hollywood hucksters for P.T. Barnum audiences. But, travel forward in time is variable. You can go at 1000 sec/sec, if you can handle the heat, or jump the next 10,000 years in a frozen momentum state. No, you are not dead in the usual sense, nor alive, just frozen on a single P = W frame... until someone hits your "play" button again. Wanna go? Who would you like to send?

One person that SHOULD be sent on to Judgement Day is Bogus Bill and his cronies who are trying this global warming scare. It probably will go the way of his BTU tax, but it spells O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y for Cold Fusion. The wave of public anger over paying 25% to 50% increase in energy costs means an up-swing in demand for new answers. So, cease talking to academics, start talking to electrical/mechanical engineers, car mechanics, the Popular Science type; they are the ones that make the real world happen. One other point: what is the actual cost in ink/paper/printing/postage costs of getting a share in an investors hands? The Quantum is a small, but finite, energy package; your share-investors will also be quanta, not major financial sharks. There are far more people like William Davis in Emigrant, MT and yours truly, than Bill Gates, who has the whole world coming at him for his money.

In your next issue then, let's see a bit more emphasis on HVAC Cold Fusion and Stirling Engines for CF powered cars; also you might want to give yourself some wiggle/weasel room: away from charge clusters being THE answer to CF and just possibly MATTER WAVES and QM tunneling might have something to do with it. Meanwhile, yours truly is into electroplating thin film nickel onto beads, at a LOT less than $3750 into Reding's pocket. My latest attempt will be a variation of the barrel technique. We tried Ni coat on a brillo pad/KOH/6V flashlight battery = bubbles/chemical reaction, but no CF heat. So, we'll keep trying, because, after all, you can't sell something to a potential investor without a demonstration device. And, how can you demonstrate a time event that is NOT an energy event? So, do you understand now that what you think of as time is nothing more or less than this quantum level wiggle/woggle between wave energy and particle energy?

Wayne Powell
420 2nd Ave East
Kalispell, MT 59901

[Ed.: ".EQ." means "equal"; and ".NE." means "not equal".]

Second letter from Wayne Powell

I'll go for just one more year [NEN subscription]. We still don't see a commercial CF product on the market yet, will we ever? Or, enough theory already, Sir Francis Bacon said if you find a useful fact, use it! So, there is hard investment capital out there, but no one ever got rich investing in something that doesn't work. So, where is that in-your-face CF product?*

Wayne Powell

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Apr. 7, 1998.