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By Bert Schreiber

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 10, Jan. 1998, p. 19.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1998 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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I am offering a reward of $1000.00 (US) to the first person, who can provide their original equation(s) and mathematical proof, for each of the items 1 to 5.

6 and 7 are in verbiage format.

6. From a legitimate morphological format acceptable.

7. from any proof out of Einstein's papers or bonifides.

No other verbiage, absurdities or speculations permitted.

1. Push Gravity (more than two masses involved) and Push (force comes from way out in space) Inertia, i.e., shielding effect causality.

A. I have the proofs which says they cannot exist. Explain tides, that the force effect varies as the inverse square root, etc. [gn, varies from the center of the Earth to the center of the body near the surface and tides upset same (experimental proof), yet shielding effect remains constant.]

2. Whole numbers in Base 10 (duodecimal or what is now commonly used), answers to Fermat's Last Theorem.

3. Zero-point Energy in the cgs system.

A. ZPE can only be shown in the mks system as it requires "permeability and permittivity of vacuum"' to be used, which are just a number, a constant of proportionality, due to the system change, i.e., cgs to mks. They can be eliminated and mks changed back to a singular system besides.

4. Gravity waves in cgs or mks system.

A. G can be likewise be eliminated, as it too is a constant of proportionality, in either system. No G, no gravity waves. The mass(es) in Newton's Equation, and all current "m" in equations, is/are energy mass, not gravitational, or "inertia" mass, which can be energy mass or weight. Furthermore, using the second possible system, the gravity mass (effect) system, likewise eliminates the usage of G, as it is not required in same.

B. The actual gravity pull effect equation is M = r2k. k is one numerical value. In the energy mass system it includes G, and in the gravity mass system, excludes G.

5. That what are called "Maxwell's Equations for light" are his original ones.

A. Maxwell failed. The current equations are Oliver Heaviside's and those have been updated besides. Neither one proved that the ratio of the e.m.u. to the e.s.u. was the speed of light, rather than just a number. It is inverted besides. t/l not l/t. In Minkowski "space-time" it is just a number, a ratio.

6. More than three forces, Gravity, Electric and Magnetic.

A. From the morphological process, no others can exist.

B. Proof that the "strong" nuclear force is actually the force of gravity.

7. That A. Einstein ever spoke or wrote that, "Mass increases with speed/velocity."

A. He said, wrote or implied it is/was, "The apparent measured mass increases with velocity." Velocity is a vector, speed is scalar and not relative. Go read Webster's.

Send a separate self addressed and stamped envelope for each challenge or my proof of the ones if you wish to see same first. If you wish to challenge same, the applicable rules and my proof (7. excluded) will be sent automatically.

Bert Schreiber
4519 Holly
St. Bellaire, TX 77401-5802
(713) 661-4608

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Feb. 23, 1998.