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US Patents 5,632,870 and 5,653,800

From: NEN, Vol. 5, No. 10, Jan. 1998, pp. 8-9.


By ENECO: US Patents 5,632,870 and 5,653,800

US Patent #5,632,870, "Energy Generation Apparatus," Yan R. Kurcherov (Salt Lake City, UT), 27 May 1997; Appl., 27 Apr. 1995, 30 claims, 9 drawings.


Electrolytic cell apparatus and methods for generating a useful energy product from a plurality of energy sources. In a preferred embodiment, hydrogen gas is produced at a cathode by transmission of electrons through a low voltage potential barrier to electron flow achieved by careful control of electrolyte constituent concentrations and surface materials on the cathodes. A portion of the energy captured in the hydrogen gas is provided by heat transmitting activity of ions dissociated from water at an anode which catalytically dissociates the water and thereby transfers thermal energy from the anode to the ions and other constituents of the cell electrolyte. Thermal energy is replaced in the anode by absorption of heat from the surrounding environment.

US Patent #5,653,800, "Method for Producing N-Type Semi-Conducting Diamond," Yan R. Kucherov (Salt Lake City, UT), R.Ya. Kucherov (Podlsk, Russian Federation), G.S. Karumidze, Shota Shalvovich Shavelashvili (Tbilist, Russian Federation), Paul S. Evans (Farmington, UT), 5 Aug. 1997; Appl. 3 Aug. 1995, 19 Claims, no drawings.


A method of making n-type semiconducting diamond is disclosed, which is doped with boron 10 at the time of diamond formation and bombardment with neutrons for in-situ conversion of boron-10 to lithium-7, while filtering the neutrons from high energy components during irradiation.

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