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R. Nectroux
November 7, 1995

From: NEN, Vol. 3, No. 9, February 1996, p. 3.

New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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An issue of Extraordinary Science, and the April, May, and June 1995 issues of New Energy News gave a large place to so called MRA or Magnetic Resonance Amplifier. The subject has a big interest for the technical part and for the authors dealing with MRA.

I've been working for 15 years in a physics and electronics lab near Paris. I worked piezoelectric and magnetostrictive properties of materials with calculations about tuned circuits and transformers. I also observed distorted signals with spectrum analyses and measured piezo and magnetic resonances.

Several times, I had to face dreamful concepts, finally unfounded. Truly, I'm always sorry to break dreams of good willing people thinking to have found a big discovery useful for mankind. Nikola Tesla was electrical engineer and might test his advanced dreams but many people can't do at this level.

MRA (in NEN, May 1995) is supported by 3 interesting authors. Nevertheless, the technical part must be separated of a lot of esoteric ideas. I noticed the real measurements need to be more carefully conducted.

1 - Sacred Geometry and Science. (Referring to Norman Wootan article) Geometry of crystals is now accepted by official science. Chemistry works now with 3D shape molecules. Nature works with hyperbolic spiral from Fibonacci series and golden number. I discovered another one, much more potential and attractive: radiant number "psi" by Gerard Cordonnier. I have a short paper about that.

I painted about 100 geometrical figures (for esthetic and symbolic) and have written computer programs for printer and HP plotter (size A3 & A4). I've built polyhedrons with cardboard, metal wires and metal rings.

As for free energy devices and over unity results, there are many measuring problems. Free energy devices don't change all properties of all components, even resonances. There, obvious mistakes appeared, hiding to state about real effects.

2 - Original MRA (Referring to Joel McClain article)

Association of 2 resonators (acoustic and electric) is new and worth testing. Resonances modes are many for capacitor and magnetic core (ultrasonic range) with line propagation effects. Interferences appear between the resonators frequencies and working frequency. Instabilities and non coherent spectrum may occur especially with saturation which gives RF by resonances of transfer coils.

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