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Ordering Information


Ordering Information

Now Available !

The Fusion Information Center is pleased to announce its appointment as an authorized distributor for the Cincinnati Group's Low-Energy Nuclear Transmutation Kit.

Being heralded as "The scientific discovery that will change the world!" the production and marketing of the RADIOACTIVE REMEDIATION KIT - 1 (LENT-1) ushers in the scientific paradigm shift that has been forecast by many new-energy experts.

The purchase and use of this kit is the first important step for your company to become a leader in transmutation energy in the New-Energy Age.

Here is what you get with the LENT-1 KIT:

  1. Specially machined, Closed-cell, Zirconium Electrolyte Chamber.

  2. The Trenergy Power Supply.

  3. Complete Instructional Manual.

  4. Access to experienced transmutation personnel for technical assistance.

  5. Full year's subscription to Infinite Energy, New Energy News, and Journal of New Energy., These publications will be the leading source of additional information about the latest new developments in this exciting science.

  6. A money-back guarantee if this equipment cannot transmute selected elements under proper operation.

You can attain a new profession for less than the cost of a used car or a week's special technical seminar. Your company can become a new-energy leader.

Each person and each company has three choices for this new technology:


The complete cost of the LENT-1 Kit is $3,000.00.

For additional information and delivery information about the LENT-1 KIT write, FAX, or email to:

Transmutation Kit
P.O. 201
Los Altos, CA 94023-0201

Fax: 415-949-4864.


[From: NEW ENERGY NEWS, Vol. 5, Issue 5, p. 23, September 1997.]

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Sept. 10, 1997.