October 2, 2001

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Volume 5, Number 4

Spring 2001

ISSN 1086-8259

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COFE: Proceedings of First International Conference on Free Energy



We are pleased to publish a collection of papers that were presented at the COFE (29 April - 1 May, 1999) as organized by Thomas Valone. COFE can stand for Conference on Future Energy or Conference on Free Energy. Your choice. Our view is that nothing is FREE - you have to pay to have anything produced.

There is an increasing interest in new-energy projects. There are a few that this editor believes have a strong commercial potential. With the growing concern among many scientists (and other concerned inhabitants of the third planet from the sun) that we are polluting our atmosphere. This publication, among several others, is dedicated to new-energy devices and systems that will provide clean and inexpensive energy derived from abundant energy sources.

This editor has just returned from an Exotic Research Conference held in Sacramento, California. A few of us, led by David Crockett Williams, visited the office of Governor Davis and also visited with three officials of the California Energy Commission. Each of these persons was presented with copies of papers dealing with potential solutions to California's enormous energy problem. It is just possible that the rolling blackouts of early 2001 in California will help to focus attention on the world's need for new energy sources.

California, if it were a separate nation, would be the fifth largest nation in the world. California can become the world's leader in adopting and using some of the new-energy technologies that have been laboratory developed. The view of this Journal is that we must make a change from the growing use of fossil fuels for energy production or risk unalterable damage to our atmosphere and to much of this planet's animal and plant life. Hopefully, some of the articles presented will help to solve some of the energy problems.

Hal Fox, editor.


Thomas Valone, IRI President

Conference on Free Energy (COFE) Opening Address

We want to acknowledge the sponsors without whom the Conference on Future Energy would not have been possible: Infinite Energy magazine, Coherent Communications, and the Alternative Energy Institute. I suggest that any responsible overview of future energy equates to "free energy," because of the increasing inherent socioeconomic inequalities between the advanced and underdeveloped nations. Let me start with a German book entitled, "Energie im Uberfluss" by my friend Gottfried Hilscher, published in 1981, which traces the free energy movement in Europe and the United States. It is followed by a half dozen texts and conference proceedings, many on display at the COFE bookstore, including the Proceedings from the "Internationaler Kongress fur Freie Energie" held in Einsiedeln, Switzerland in 1989, where I was a speaker. This is a worldwide movement that is happening in many countries throughout the world. However, the United States has never had a Free Energy conference. I tried, gaining the initial cooperation of the State Department, Energy Department, and Commerce Department in turn, but all of them rejected and cancelled the mutually agreed to plans for reasons that are quite vague.

Basically, this has been a one hundred year effort beginning with Nikola Tesla, who built the Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island, to bring free electrical energy to the world. The legacy and politics of the Wardenclyffe project, involving the conflict between James Pierpont Morgan and Nikola Tesla, epitomizes the energy problems of the 20th century. When J. P. Morgan stopped all funding for Tesla because he couldn't be assured of metering the broadcast energy delivered from the Wardenclyffe Tower, we took a left turn into the very expensive present-day electrical grid. Suffice it to say, we have lived under one hundred years of energy oppression, requiring dire payment from each and every one of us, except for the minority who have found ways to disconnect from the utility grid.

Let me boldly assert that our present state of energy mismanagement, which is now as we speak, overheating our planet*, is due to consciousness and not due to any lack of scientific research. Where there is a need and a desire for a solution, the means has always materialized. So it is with free energy. Imagine for a moment, no matter how difficult that may be, a world with abundant energy that you can use. Everyone has access to as much energy as they need. Small compact energy transducers are available so cheaply, that the ideal of free energy, which is "energy without cost," is practically a reality. Imagine what you could do, what you could dream of, what you could put into motion, if energy was free. Just imagine this state of being for I believe this is our future. It has to be. We might even be able to leave the planet. We cannot survive as a species though, if we do not liberate energy from the confines of partisanship, parceling, and profiteering.

How many of you would like free energy? (Affirm: "We want free energy!") If we put a little passion into the desire, maybe it will happen. I feel this is an important exercise in will power because there are so many in our society who do not want free energy to get to market. They actually seem to be opposing the efforts of the noble and brilliant scientists that we have gathered here today. Even our government is behaving as if free energy is some type of threat. This type of behavior shows that a concern for the greater good that can be accomplished for our planet and its people by the free energy movement is apparently not foremost to the vested interests. Furthermore, what we can learn from some of the COFE presentations is that it is very likely free energy devices are already possessed by certain sectors and are not on the market because of the alleged economic impact. That is exactly what Morgan Freeman told Keenu Reeves in the movie "Chain Reaction" (the first movie to openly discuss free energy). He describes the economic impact as if it is a problem. I was very pleased to see the underlying politics of free energy finally exposed in a major movie.

I want to impress upon each and every one of you one message and one message only: we have a social and political problem here, not a scientific one. After participation in twenty years of free energy conferences, I can tell you that free energy is already here at COFE. Ask each of these scientists for their deliverables, demand the marketable product, tell your Congressman to get a disclosure of covert projects. The big question is whether you decide to continue to pollute your mother earth's atmosphere with combustion exhaust or you decide to change and put your support and encouragement behind these amazing scientists to realize the day when energy will be free for everyone. I pray that God will bless our efforts to bring this plan forth into manifestation. Finally, it is time to wake up and smell the COFE!

--------- * Fossil fuels contribute 86% toward the world's primary energy production (DOEEIA, Energy INFOcard, 1997). "Stabilizing atmospheric CO2 concentrations at safe levels will require a 60-80 percent cut in carbon emissions from current levels, according to the best estimates of scientists." (State of the World, Brown, Flavin, and French, Worldwatch Institute, Norton & Co., 1999)

Volume 5, Number 4, Spring 2001

COFE: Proceedings of First International Conference on Free Energy


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  4 Opening Address - Thomas Valone, IRI President

  6 Electric Energy and the Future - Harold Aspden

 14 Planck's Constant from Hubble's Constant - Robert W. Bass, Dean Zes

 22 Effective Radioactive Waste Remediation - Paul M. Brown

 35 BetaVoltaic Batteries - Paul M. Brown

 43 Excess Energy (XS NRGtm) Conversion System Utilizing Autogenous Pulsed
       Abnormal Glow Discharge (PAGD) - Paulo N. Correa, Alexandra N. Correa

 53 Understanding UFO/ET/Free Energy Secrecy - Steven M. Greer 

 60 Solar-Energy Liberation from Water by Electric Arcs - George Hathaway, 
       Peter Graneau, Neal Graneau

 70 Original Electrostatic Energy Resources, Electrostatic Generators, and
       Electrostatic Motors - Oleg D. Jefemenko

 75 Casimir Effect with Vortex Filaments and Quasar Spiral Model -
       Xing-liu Jiang, Jin-zhi Lei, Li-jun Han

 79 Emerging Physics for a Breakthrough Thin-Film Electrolytic Cell Power Unit -
       George H. Miley

 84 Radiant Energy - Bruce A. Perrault

 92 Electric Power Generation from Excess Heat, Enabling the Jump from the Lab
       to the Grid - Chip Ransford

110 Wind Power: Clean Energy Technology for our Environment and Economy -
       Kent Robertson

116 Charge Clusters in Action - Ken Shoulders and Steve Shoulders 

128 A New Method of Initiating Nuclear Reactions - Edmund Storms

135 Inside Zero Point Energy - Tom Valone

144 The Speed of Gravity: What the Experiments Say - Tom Van Flandern

167 Carbon-Arc Gasification of Biomass Solutions (Rapid Oxidation) -
       W. David Wallman

183 International Meeting notices

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