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From Tom Valone, September 1997:

Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 13:18:00 -0700
From: Thomas Valone 
Organization: Integrity Research Institute
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Subject: Inclusion of the IRI catalog listing in INE web page

Thanks for offering to include our new catalog.

By the way, I was the technical consultant for the Free Energy video and worked 
on getting the inventors and editing Chris' script. It was a year and a half 
project which I feel was worth the effort, since it took a lot of convincing 
(and $ [snip. PB.]) of Lightworks president to pull it off! - Tom

I N T E G R I T Y    R E S E A R C H    I N S T I T U T E

                     Publications List 1997

The Integrity Research Institute is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to energy 
research, future technologies, and public education to increase awareness. In 
collaboration with Lightworks Audio and Video, we proudly celebrate the release 
of the first free energy video ever made.

- - Thomas Valone, P.E., President 


Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point. For the past year and a half, I have been a 
technical consultant to the long-awaited film documentary on free energy (the 
unusual class of generators that require only a one-time investment for a 
lifetime of electrical power). Up until now, only a few lecture tapes explained 
the information to the public. This is a television quality, 2 hour tour de 
force of the world's most exciting inventors, such as Tesla, Moray, Patterson, 
Reed, Lee, Newman, Pantone, Thornson, and Hutchison, with commentary by Bearden, 
Valone, King, O'Leary, Mallove, Fox, Manning, Inomata, and Tewari. Offering real 
solutions to energy and transportation, with lots of demonstrations, this film 
is sure to become a classic. #100: VHS 110 min. Lightworks Prod. $34  

Introduction to the First Documentary on Free Energy: "The Race to Zero Point". 
A preview of the film, this paper explains zero point energy, some recent 
discoveries and describes each part of the documentary. Also includes "Free 
Energy & Propulsion" report which is an overview of inventors, many of whom are 
interviewed in the video. Both papers presented to the Inter. Symp. on New 
Energy #101 12 pgs. $6

Energy Patents. A valuable collection of energy generator patents including a 
D.O.E. photon torpedo design, the first zero point energy patent and magnetic 
motor patents. #102 approx. 100 pgs. $15

Patterson Power Cell Information Package. The most celebrated cold fusion device 
developed by Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. -- kilowatts of heat plus hydrogen 
and oxygen production many times the input power. Promotional literature, two 
patents, Dr. Cravens' calorimetry report and the Bechtel Corp. report. #103
75 pgs. $10

The Homopolar Handbook: A Definitive Guide to Faraday Disk and N-Machine 
Technologies. The rotating disk dynamo has mystified every scientist since 
Faraday's 1831 discovery. Also called a unipolar generator (or N-Machine by 
Bruce DePalma), its efficiency is often known to above 95% in commercial models. 
Nikola Tesla's "Notes on a Unipolar Dynamo", Tewari's Space Generator, the 
Trombly-Kahn patent and more are included. Can the homopolar generator become a 
self-running free energy machine? The facts are here so the reader can reach an 
informed conclusion. #104: 192 pg. book. $20

AC Electricity Formula Sheet. Designed for Erie Community College (Buffalo, NY) 
students in the Electrical Technology course on AC Electricity. In only four 
sheets it completely summarizes the entire content and formulae of the last half 
of Boylestad's textbook: Introductory Circuit Analysis. Merrill Publishers 
subsequently published them with editions of Boylestad's textbook. #105: 4 
plastic-covered pages. $6

Tesla's History in Western New York. This booklet details the Niagara Falls 
Adams Plant Project of 1895. Nikola Tesla was the Serbian genius who invented 
the AC generators for Niagara Falls, which became the first such generators 
commercially installed anywhere in the world. Complete transcripts of original 
Niagara Falls Gazette interviews with Tesla as well as rare photos of the 
Powerhouse, switches, maps and more. Chosen for a Saturday night International 
Tesla Symposium presentation. #106: 25 pg. book. $6


Earthquake Prediction and Nuclear Test Monitoring E.L.F. Magnetometer. A 
proposal to the Small Business Innovation Research program, this concept has 
since been implemented by Trombly, Rauscher, et al. and correlated to U.S. 
Geological Survey data. The invention is based upon proven piezomagnetic and 
tectomagnetic effects which radiate extremely low frequency (ELF) 
electromagentic fields, in advance of earthquakes. Plans describe a 3-D coil 
probe design and the physics behind its method of operation. Complete journal 
references included for further study. #201: 24 pg. bklt. $6

Magnetoencephalogram (M.E.G.) Amplification with an E.L.F. Magnetometer. An 
answer to expensive and oversized SQUID MEG amplifiers, this design uses 
conventional parts and isolation tables. Engineering intern feasibility study 
and Biomagnetic Tech. report on biomagnetometers included. #202: 35 pgs. $6 


Electromagnetic Fields and Life Processes. This intermediate level booklet 
includes a paper presented at the MFPG Meeting at the National Bureau of 
Standards explaining why humans are subject to extremely low frequency field 
effects. It also includes a reply by Dr. Harold Aspden and his theory of 
electromagnetic field (EMF) interaction with the body. Further details about 
powerline EMFs, shielding methods and other information included. #301: 22 pg. 
bklt. $6 

Electromagnetic Fields Radio Interview: Reviews the health effects of EMF's. 
#302: audio 1hr. only $3

Open Literature Bibliography of Bioelectromagnetics. Alphabetical bibliography 
is the most complete guide to the journal literature dealing with the biological 
effects of electromagnetic fields (bioelectromagnetics). #303: 44 pages. $7

Scalar Potentials, Fields and Waves, Their Scientific Basis. Published in 
Extraordinary Science magazine, the major questions about scalars are answered. 
Scalar and vector potentials , scalar waves and scalar generators, the 
biological significance of scalars. Proposal for designing a scalar detector is 
included. #304: 20 pages. $6


Holistic Physics and Consciousness. A complete transcript of a two-hour 
presentation on a futuristic topic. This lecture was given to four well attended 
audiences and well received. Greek philosophers, Kepler, Aquinas, Galileo, Jung, 
Capra, Einstein, Kriyananda, and Dr. Albert Szent-Georgyi all contribute to this 
investigation into the nature of reality with Eastern and Western philosophy, 
psychology, religion and physics. References and plenty of illustrations are 
included. #401: 24 pg. bklt. $6

The Origin of Life Experiments of Andrija Puharich, M.D., L.L.D. The science 
behind Dr. Puharich's experiments which predate today's cold fusion results with 
evidence of nuclear transmutation following the Kervran-Costa de Beauregard 
rules. Including drawings, photos and diagrams, the water electrolysis 
experiments produced a collection of amino acids from pure distilled water. Dr. 
Puharich's patents are also reproduced. #402: 30 pg. bklt. $6 

Nutritional and Dietary Findings. A collection of articles written for community 
newspapers and magazines, originally entitled, "Vegetarian Update", covering 
topics such as the Calcium Source Debate, Vitamin C and Its Effects, Dietary 
Meat Effects on the Body, Longevity Research, Keeping Cool in Hot Weather, 
Dietary Fat Research Results, Antioxidant Benefits and Sources, Bodybuilding, 
etc. Quoted sources are referenced, mostly scientific journals. Valuable for 
good health. #403: 20 pages. $6

Tantra Yoga For Americans. This workshop companion is
an excellent guide to Tantra sex principles that follow the original Hindu 
Tantra philosophy. A collection of short explanatory chapters and illustrations, 
it also has a contemporary bibliography. An introduction to the subject of sex 
energy management and natural birth control for men and women. Includes Upward 
Draw and Cosmic Orbit techniques described in detail for benefit to men and 
women. #404: 25 pg. bklt. $6 

The Implications of the Backster Effect: An Appeal to the Scientific Community. 
Cleve Backster, featured in The Secret Life of Plants, has discovered that 
individual human cell colonies have an uncanny ability to show extreme 
electrical activity during unrehearsed emotional activity of the host, even at a 
distance. A polygraph expert, his discovery has far-reaching implications for 
biophysics and psychoimmunology. Easy, step-by-step lab details are in this 
report, prepared for the Inter. Forum on New Science Conference. Ten new 
experiments are outlined for followup research. #406: 10 pg. bklt. $6

The Ion Effect by Fred Soyka. The original classic describing all of the 
research done with electrically charged particles in the air called "ions". 
Moods, health, healing, sex, and sense of well-being are all affected by the ion 
content of the air or the lack of it. Good chapter on medical applications of 
ions. #407: 163 page softcover book. $5

The Ozone-Ion Briefing Pack. A collection of informative articles on ozone 
treatment of air, water, and people to deodorize and disinfect. Ozone is 
virucidal and bacteriostatic even in its fresh-air concentration of 25 parts-
per-billion world-wide. Synergistic effects of ozone and ions have been studied 
medically. Reprint of "Health Benefits from Ions and Ozone" article from Explore 
More. Ozone therapy information and ion/ozone generator information included. 
#408: 10 pg. FREE 

Relativity Theory, Jung, and Yoga: A Study of Opposites. A philosphical study of 
consciousness and physical sciences investigating causality, psyche and matter. 
Drawn from work by Einstein, Jung, von Weizacker, Russell, Eccles, Plato, Pauli, 
Sperry, Heisenberg, Feinberg, Yukteswar, and Planck. Analysis of psychokin esis; 
synchronistic experience of the author. Significant opposites are analyzed in 
Plato's writings, Eccles' diagram of the brain, Jung's diagram of the psyche, 
Yukteswar's diagram of the yugas, Sperry's diagram of consciousness, and the 
relativistic light cone. #410: 40 pg. bklt. $6  

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. The classic document of the 
first great master of India to live in America for over thirty years. Explains 
with scientific clarity the subtle but definite laws by which yogis perform 
miracles and attain self-mastery. New York Times calls it "a rare account." 
#411: 608 pg. paperback bk. $5


Non-Conventional Energy & Propulsion Source Database. An annotated bibliography 
of about 100 difficult-to-find references from our private files. Listed 
alphabetically by subject and title, each entry appears twice as a result and is 
easy to find. Also included is the paper, "Novel Forms of Energy Generation and 
Propulsion" by Thomas Valone, from the pages of Magnets magazine. #502: 
24 pages. $5

Tesla Technology Energy Research Report. A composite report on electrogravitics, 
electric propulsion, the therapeutic use of Tesla coils, scalar coils, the Hyde 
energy generator, and electrostatic energy generators. A bonus is "the history 
of kinetic and potential energy" summarized with every major scientist and a 
one-line description of their discovery. An experiment with back-wound toroidal 
coils is detailed with oscilloscope results. Presented to ITS Symposium. #503: 
34 page bklt. $4

The Invention of Hans Coler, Relating to an Alleged New Source of Power by R. 
Hurst. The original 1946 confidential British Intelligence Objectives Sub-
Committee report on Hans Coler. Enlarged to 8.5" x 11", it includes details of 
the Stromerzuger and the Magnetstromapparat, along with measurements, diagrams, 
four reports, and two interrogations. #504: 34 page bklt. $6 


Electrogravitics Systems: Reports on a New Propulsion Methodology (2nd ed.) In 
the 1950's T.T. Brown convinced the military that his invention of using high 
voltage on saucer-shaped craft could revolutionize aviation. This book contains 
the two reports issued by London-based Aviation Studies Ltd. which details of 
this exotic propulsion method. Patent collection and "The U.S. Antigravity 
Squadron" paper by Dr. Paul LaViolette describes the connection to the B-2. 
Foreword by Dr. E. Rauscher. Over 1500 copies already sold. "This book...make(s) 
a case for the reality of electrogravitics." Electric Spacecraft Journal #601: 
120 pg. bk. $15

Inertial Propulsion: Concept & Experiment. A two-part engineering study of B. 
Roy Thornson's energy conversion device which provides 8 lbs. of thrust for 1/16 
hp input. His patented invention was modeled and analyzed over a 1-year period, 
with engineering interns. Contains diagrams, formulas, and calculated results. 
#602: 15 pages. $5

T.T. Brown's Electrogravitics Research in the 1950's. What is electrogravitics 
and why is it believable? These are the basic questions that are answered in 
this report, presented to four conferences. An overview of the Electrogravitics 
Systems book, it explains the broader perspective that related research presents 
for electro-gravity. Searle, Hutchison, Tesla, Saxl, and LaViolette are 
discussed and compared. #603: 15 pg. bklt. $5

Electrogravitics Radio Interview. Just before the April, 1994 T. T. Brown 
Symposium in Philadelphia, 21st Century Radio's Hieronimus & Co. conducted an 
interview with T. Valone about the speakers. Topics covered are energy, 
propulsion, T. T. Brown electrogravitics and current research in the field. 
#604: 1 hr. audiotape $5

SubQuantum Kinetics, The Alchemy of Creation by Dr. Paul LaViolette. The physics 
of the creation of matter, fields and forces, genic energy, and cosmology with a 
whole chapter on electrogravitics. Dr. LaViolette paves new ground in 
theoretical physics basing his work on systems theory. He explains the existence 
of electron-gravitational interaction. Reference companion to Electrogravitics 
#605: 208 pg. softcover bk. $15

Thomas Townsend Brown: Bahnson Lab 1958-1960. This rare find, supplied by Sev 
Bonnie, a personal friend of the Bahnson family, is a documentary recorded 
originally in 8-mm film. Though silent, it is in color and reveals short 
segments of all the the Brown- Bahnson creations in their laboratory. Witness 
specially designed craft levitating with electrogravitic propulsion. #606: 1 
hour VHS videotape. $20

Free Energy and Propulsion Overview. Over the past few decades, there has been a 
considerable production of new and exciting energy and propulsion inventions 
which defy conventional analysis. Several of them have UFO stories associated 
with them. Explanations and tests are described with visual detail. Presented to 
the UFO Congress, Mesquite, NV, with over 100 color slides. #607: 1 hour VHS 
videotape. $25

Inertial Impulse Engine of B. Roy Thornson. Companion report to "Inertial 
Propulsion C & E" (#602) with the same invention. Thornson explains its 
operation with his own notes and diagrams. #608. 26 pg. $5

Inertial Propulsion Patent Collection edited by Jim Cox and T. Valone. The only 
existing collection of 66 ways to achieve inertial propulsion. #609: 120 pg. 
bklt. $15 

UFO's: Secrets of the Black World. Fascinating documentary of the most 
suspicious part of the country: Area 51. Natural sequel to the new book, "Top 
Secret/Majic". See actual footage of unusual flight paths and interviews with 
the filmakers as well as with John Lear and Bob Lazar. Controversial and 
intriguing. #610: VHS 135 min. $39


Mechanical Energy from Gravitational Anisotropy (MEGA): The Complete 
Documentation of the Discovery of Kinetobaric Force by Rudolf G. Zinsser. 
Acclaimed by engineers, this patented EMF force device sustains itself after the 
signal is turned off. Yields 6 N/W, the highest force to power ratio of any 
device in the world. Diagrams, patent and the inventor's own description. #701: 
70 pg. bk. $12

Observations of Periodic Phenomena with a Massive Torsion Pendulum by Erwin Saxl 
and Mildred Allen. Supplemented with the collection of Saxl and Allais journal 
articles, this work shows eclipse measurements and other gravitational 
interactions. Charged pendula demonstrate electrogravity. Very rigorous 
demonstrations. #702: 50 pg. bklt. $10

Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality, The Story of John R. R. Searl by John 
Thomas Jr. Fascinating documentation of the "Searl Effect" craft which is based 
upon electrogravitics. As noted in the Homopolar Handbook (p.160), the roller 
magnets are homopolar generators which charge up the Searl rings much like a Van 
de Graaff generator. High quality photos and diagrams. #703: 124 pg. softcover 
book. $25

Gravitational Control Research by John T. Watson MSEE. Southern Methodist 
University's well-researched 1961 study of gravitational theories. #704: 40 pg. 
bklt. $5



Please indicate the Report # as well as the title to ensure accuracy. Thank you 
for your interest in our research.


Enclose check, money order, or bank draft made out to "Integrity Institute" or 
use VISA/MC, Disc, AmEx. SHIPPING: U.S. add $2, Canada & Mexico add $3, Overseas 
add $5 USD 

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