October 3, 2001

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Institite for New Energy Membership Information

Institite for New Energy Membership Advantages

  1. The Institute for New Energy (INE) is a non-profit organization founded for sharing information on world wide new energy events, research, and developments. New energy technology will soon affect your life and the future of businesses worldwide. The INE monthly newsletter New Energy News (NEN) provides members with business and technical insights into the development and commercialization of clean, low cost, new energy systems;

  2. The INE provides unique opportunities to share ideas and concepts in a supportive environment;

  3. All INE members receive an e-mail copy of New Energy News, the monthly INE newsletter reporting on new energy conferences and events (written in English only);

  4. All INE members can submit articles to be published world-wide in the New Energy News. Here's How!.

  5. The INE sponsors annual technical meetings;

  6. The INE provides the latest information on the several new-energy technologies that will change the way the world produces and distributes energy;

  7. The INE provides opportunities to make contact with other researchers, developers, and inventors to explore new and exciting energy business opportunities; and

  8. The INE website (www.padrak.com/ine/) will soon have special webpages that will be available to only INE members.

Institite for New Energy Dues

Membership to the INE is open to all individuals, organizations, and coorporations. Receipt of the monthly newsletter, New Energy News, requires the use of email. (The NEN is no longer being mailed.)

INE Membership is $35.00 per Year.

Checks and money orders in US Dollars (USD) drawn on US banks are accepted.

Please supply the new member's name, mailing address, and email address!

Send payment to:

Institute for New Energy (INE)
3084 East 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2154
Voice (801) 466-8680
FAX   (801) 466-8668
Email: halfox@qwest.net for payment questions or NEN subscription information;
Email: nen@padrak.com for submission of articles to NEN; and
Email: ine@padrak.com for other INE communications.

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