Nov. 13, 2001

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INE/EEMF Conference 2001 Abstracts


From the INE/EEMF 2001 International Conference

October 26-27, 2001 Salt Lake City, Utah

The Complete INE/EEMF 2001 Conference Program is at www.padrak.com/ine/INECONF01.html.

The abstracts are arranged below by the primary author's last name:

A Possibility of Gravity Control in Luminescent Materials

Fran De Aquino
Maranhao State University,
Physics Department,
65058-970 S.Luis/MA, Brazil.


It was demonstrated (gr-qc/9910036) that the gravitational and inertial masses are correlated by an a dimensional factor, which depends on the incident ( or emitted) radiation upon the particle. There is a direct correlation between the radiation absorbed( or radiated) by the particle and its gravitational mass, independently of the inertial mass. Only in the absence of electromagnetic radiation the mentioned factor becomes equal to one. On the other hand, in specific electromagnetic conditions, it can be reduced, nullified or made negative. This means that there is, the possibility of the gravitational masses can be reduced, nullified or made negative by means of electromagnetic radiation. This unexpected theoretical result was confirmed by an' experiment using Extra-Low Frequency(ELF) radiation on ferromagnetic material (gr-qc/0005107). Recently another experiment using UV light on phosphorescent plastic have confirmed the phenomenon. We present a complete explanation for the alterations of the gravitational field in luminescent materials. This work indicates that the alterations of the gravitational field can be sufficiently strong to invert the gravity on luminescent materials.

Dangers In Measuring The Power Of AC Devices With Meters

Patrick Bailey
P.O. Box 201
Los Altos, CA 94023-0201


Simple explanations are given as to why we should not believe the power measured from various alternating current devices when using meters to measure the voltage and the current, and obtaining the power by simply multiplying these values. Simple mathematical analyses confirm that power levels calculated with such "AC meter" measurements can vastly over-predict the real power produced in such devices, and that almost any AC device can be tuned-up and shown to be a "over-unity device" or a "free-energy machine" using such simplistic meter measurements and math. For accurate measurements of both input and output power measurements, a high-bandwidth sweep digital oscilloscope is absolutely necessary to calculate the real power levels. The INE will continue to contact and challenge any such researcher to allow their device to be properly tested, and the results of that challenge and the measurements will continue to be documented in the INE Device Database.

The INE Database: Review and Status of Reported Innovative Energy Conversion Technologies, Contrasted Using A Consistent R&D Ranking Scales

Patrick G. Bailey
P. O. Box 201
Los Altos, CA 94023-0201


A summary review and status is presented of the experiments, motors, generators, devices, and demonstrations that have been reported in the past several years to produce near-unity or over-unity operation. The concepts of free-energy, zero-point energy, and over-unity devices are not new, and many examples of such devices have been built within the last 100 years. The known devices of over 130 researchers and inventors has been catalogued in summary form in the INE Database and is presented on the internet. This database allows a listing of all of the important characteristics for any device or invention of interest to the INE. INE members and the general public can email the data regarding any new or old device of interest to this database. The database and the template file for submitting device data can be found at http://www.padrak.com/ine/DBGUIDE.html. Linked webpages exists for all of the devices sorted by name, and by the inventor's name, and separate webpages exists for each individual device. Two ranking scales have also been developed to contrast and compare all of the devices in this database: one for scientific interest, and one for commercialization interest. The results of both of these rankings are identified and summarized on separate and linked webpages. Additional input is needed for all devices of interest. The database internet files are planned to be made available to only INE members via passwords in the near future. Whether new forms of potential energy can be demonstrated and successfully utilized within the near future for the ultimate benefit of the human race remains to be seen.

Comments On An Interesting Experimental Feature In Electrolysis Loading Experiments

Dan Chicea
University Lucian Blaga, Physics Dept.
Str. Dr. Ion Ratiu nr. 5-7
Sibiu, 2400
phone/fax: 40-69-217802


Results of the analysis performed on a simple electrolytic device are described. The device is a sensitive and inexpensive calorimeter. The power calibration procedure used for the experiments is described in the paper; the data analysis procedure and the error analysis are also presented. Different combinations of cathode and electrolyte were investigated. Excess power results, the power densities and details on the combinations of cathode and electrolyte used are also presented.

The results reveal that a higher excess power volume density was obtained using thin film metal cathodes than thin foil cathodes. That result suggests that a simple way to scale up the device would be to obtain a tight packing ratio of the thin films in the cell volume.

Another interesting result is that the excess power volume density appears to be correlated with the current density along the cathode. Although the data points are in ranges that are different of each other with orders of magnitude for thin foils and for thin films, the slopes of the lines that are fitted on the data points are approximately the same, within the experimental errors. No theoretical explanation is provided or speculated. This suggests another way to upscale the device that might be worth being experimentally investigated.

Shape Power Anti-Gravitation Breakthrough

Dan A. Davidson
P. O. Box 1090
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85636


This paper on Shape Power is a brief summarization of some of the basic discoveries Dan has made in a new science that he terms "Shape Power physics" with a number of areas of interesting research that correlates and extends Dan's ideas. These include; Review of Shape Power Physics; Discovery of Shape Power, a magnetic effect produced with 2 intersecting lines; shape power array effects with attendant multiplication of effects of Shape Power; Implications of Shape Power arrays; The Joe Parr Gravity Discoveries of a gravitational forcefield around the Pyramid Shape leading to and interstellar mode of travel; Natural arrays (crystals, brain fine grain structure); Effects of materials on Shape Power; the gravity craft invented by Viktor S. Grebennikov; Analysis of the Grebennikov material; and Conclusions.

Why Exotic Inventions Don't Make It Into The Public Domain

Dan A. Davidson
P. O. Box 1090
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85636


This paper reviews and explains why exotic inventions such as free energy and antigravity don't seem to make it into the public domain, and answers the questions: " Why aren't the government, industry, and/or private sources funding research into exotic concepts such as free energy, anti-gravity, and electronic medicine? And, Why don't exotic inventions get into public use?"

The paper discusses the following basic human motivations and technological difficulties that thwart exotic inventions including Greed; Power/Control; Resistance To Change; Minimal scientific background; Conmen; Bogus Discoveries; Governments And Large Organizations Are Not Creative Entities; Technologically Difficult; and Inventors Are Their Own Worst Enemy.

Fusion By Sound Waves

Gabriel Ducrey
Calle Colombia, Manzana 14, Solar 13
Shangrila, Depto. De Canelones
South America


It is well known that at present two processes exit by which fusion of Deuterium-tritium is achieved, although neither has proved capable of producing more energy than that consumed. The first and more researched process consists of heating Deuterium-tritium plasma to temperature of millions of degrees. The second process, which is of interest here, involves the use of particle accelerators, which, by means of magnetic or electric fields, accelerate deuterium or tritium ions to K.E. of about 13kev (datum obtained from web pages of PPPL, ITER, JET), the minimum needed to obtain fusion.

New Energy Devices That Will Change The World

Hal Fox
Editor Journal of New Energy
3084 E. 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2154
TEL 801-466-8680
FAX 801-466-8668


After twelve years of searching the world for new-energy devices that have a strong commercial potential, four have been identified. Four new-energy devices will be discussed. These four are: 1) High-density charge cluster technology which was first discovered by Kenneth Shoulders (USA) and later found by three other independent scientists. 2) Dr. Randell Mills discovery of collapsing the hydrogen atom below its ground state. 3) The Koldamasov device from Russia that vibrates a mix of light and heavy water through a special dielectric material to produce more thermal energy than used to power the oscillator. 4) A solid state (magnetic and inductive) device by Tom Bearden, et al., that is reported to produce five times as much energy out as input energy. The source of the excess energy is cited as being from zero-point energy for items I and 4. Item 2 is chemical energy by definition and item 3 is reported to be from benign nuclear reactions.

A Review Of High-Density Charge Clusters

Hal Fox and Vasily Baraboshkin
3084 E. 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2154
TEL 801-466-8680
FAX 801-466-8668


The greatest scientific discovery of the 20th Century is the multiple, independent discovery of high-density electron charge clusters (HDCC) and their uses. The HDCC technology has been independently discovered and advanced by Shoulders and Gleeson in the U.S.; by Alexander Llyanok in Belarus; by Mesyats and Baraboshkin in Ekaterinburg, Russia; and apparently by Oleg V. Gritskevitch in Vladivostok, Russia. Charge clusters are developed in low pressure gases, in the atmosphere, and in liquids under special conditions. The progress of HDCC is reviewed, the sources cited, and the future projected.

Goodbye Einstein: Replacing Einstein's SR and GR: A Unified Classical Theory of Inertia and the Electric, Magnetic and Gravitational Forces

Bruce Harvey
4 Quarry Road Weoley Castle
Birmingham B29 5PB
United Kingdom


The work of Lorentz is corrected and completed to produce a logically consistent relativity based on the existence of a local background though which light travels at a constant speed. Magnetic fields generated by currents are consistent with the individual electric fields of electrons coexisting in space and we propose that the electric fields of all individual elementary charged particles coexist in space forming a background against which the electromagnetic interactions take place. This leads to a real Lorentz contraction of matter and fields producing real slowing of clocks and increase in mass. We see that inertial mass is purely electromagnetic in origin. The coexisting electric fields possess an internal tension which minutely distorts space resulting in energy transfers which generate gravitational forces. This leads directly to predicting the effect of gravitational potential on matter and light. Using the concepts of classical physics we are able to produce a unified theory of action at a distance, inertia, electricity, magnetism and gravity which correctly predicts the effects of near light speed and gravitational potential on clocks rulers. Gravitational redshift and the bending of light by gravity are correctly accounted for. Space is Euclidian and time Newtonian, but matter and fields are affected by gravitational potential such that the Schwarzchild metric applies. The difference between these theories and Einstein's relativities are discussed and determining experiments proposed.

Dirac's Equation: A Relativistic Generalization of the Schrodinger Wave Equation - The Other Half

Don Hotson
P. O. Box 789
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819


Dirac's wave equation is a relativistic generalization of the Schrodinger wave equation. In 1934 this brilliantly successful equation was shorn of half of its solutions by a questionable bit of mathematical slight-of-hand Because it was "politically correct" this bit of juggling became the accepted interpretation. However recent developments have shown the very basis of this mathematical trick to be invalid, in that it would involve massive violations of conservation. A reevaluation is therefore warranted.

Since Dirac's equation is a relativistic generalization of an already generally applicable wave equation, in formulating it Dirac expected that its solutions would describe 'everything that waves' - that it would be a 'unitary theory of everything'. However the discovery of several new particles and peer criticism resulting in the truncation of the equation frustrated this expectation, and it is generally known at present as 'Dirac's equation of the electron'.
Dirac's complete equation describes a quantum spinor field, which has as solutions four different kinds of electron: electrons and positrons of positive energy, and electrons and positrons of negative energy. This equation generalizes an already general wave equation: therefore, as shown herein, the equation directly predicts that 'everything that waves', i. e. the entire physical universe, can be made from these four kinds of electron. This study indicates this to be the case: all matter and all fields and forces seem to be necessary combinations and applications of just these four kinds of electron, fulfilling Dirac's unitary expectation.

As this is obviously a Work in progress, any comments, criticisms, or corrections that you might care to offer are both welcome and solicited.

Vortex Dynamics And Exploiting Energy From The Vacuum

Xing-liu Jiang Jin-zhi Lei Chang-ye Chen Xiong-wei WenXing-liu Jiang Jin-zhi Lei Chang-ye Chen Xiong-wei Wen
Science School
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Beijing 100083
Li-jun HanLi-jun Han
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Beijing 100083


The vacuum contains an enormous background residual energy known as zero-point energy, it has been predicted and verified theoretically and experimentally. All physics is vacuum physics. Anomalous of electrochemistry with excess heat and nuclear transmutation could be explained by vortex dynamics and Casimir effect by tapping the zero-point energy. Experimental results and theoretical analysis have been presented in this report. The vortex filaments is an archetype that appears at all levels of nature from plasma micropinch, turbulence hydrodynamics to quasar spiral structure. The torsion field theory original from spin and angular moment is proposed to use for reveal of the mechanisms of many unexplained phenomena, such as sonolumenescence, creation of turbulence, tornado formation, vortex lattice of superconductors, solitons, and cosmic ray jet with extremely high energy etc. For a plasma, a primary hypothesis is proposed that triggering a vortical self-organization could exhibit a torsion coherence with the zero-point energy especially at the high energy densities that occur as the vortex contracts. Experimental results of axially accelerated electrons by pseudospark discharge device have been presented in the report.

Water Is The Main Power Carrier Of Future Power Engineering

Philipp M. Kanarev
The Kuban State Agrarian University
Department of Theoretical Mechanics
13, Kalinin Street, 350044 Krasnodar

Abstract (Received after the INE/EEMF Conference)

The problems of power engineering are well known. The power carriers, which are used nowadays, are not only exhaustible, but they cause a considerable damage to environment. Nearly 40 years ago it was announced that controlled thermonuclear fusion could be the future inexhaustible energy source. More than 25 milliard dollars have been spent for the investigation of this source, but there is no positive result. This state can be explained by a considerable lag of theoretical investigations from the possibilities of industry to implement any installation in order to check an intuitive idea being formulated. As a result, the main attention has been paid to an experiment, not to a theory.

As there was no acceptable theoretical description of the planned process of thermonuclear fusion control, a positive result could be obtained only by chance. Theoretical prognostication of this result was impossible due to the absence of any notion concerning the models: the electron, the proton, the atom of hydrogen and the ions of chemical elements, which form plasma. Orthodox physics did not even set itself such task.

In the meantime theoretical physics and theoretical chemistry were at a standstill. They were developed by those who managed to overcome a stereotype of the existing theoretical notions. As a result, the models of the photon, the electron, the atom of hydrogen, the atoms of the ions and the molecules of other chemical elements took place. The analysis of them of the behaviour demonstrated the impossibility to control plasma in a current carrying space, which is the main technological element of the well known installations "Takomak". If it was known earlier, the expenses for the above-mentioned investigations could be reduced at least by an order of magnitude.

Twelve years ago Fleischmann and Pons, the American electrochemists, obtained additional energy during electrolysis of heavy water. They announced at once that cold nuclear fusion is the source of this energy. Hundreds of experiments were carried out in various countries in order to check this fact. The positive result was registered, but its reproducibility proved to be low. The reason of appearance of additional energy remained unclear.

In 1995, we began our investigations of the water electrolysis process in order to obtain additional energy. It has been determined that there are such modes of plasma electrolysis of water when up to 100% of additional thermal energy takes place, but a thousandfold increase of energy, which was announced by the Americans, was not confirmed. The calculations have shown that an increase of thermal energy by 100% with the unstable reproducibility of such a result has no prospects for industrial implementation. At least 300% increase of thermal energy is necessary, but such result cannot be obtained still.
But if we take into consideration energy of hydrogen and oxygen, which are released from water together with additional thermal energy, it will be possible to get more than 300% of additional energy.

Modern industrial installations require 4 kWh for production of 1 cubic metre of hydrogen from water. When this hydrogen is burnt, 3.6 kWh of energy is released. If the energy expenses for production of hydrogen from water are reduced by twofold or threefold, it becomes a competitive energy carrier. If it is possible to reduce these expenses of hydrogen tenfold, it will become the cheapest energy carrier. In this case, coal, oil and natural gas fail to compete with it.
Our investigations have shown that there are some plasma electrolytic devices and modes of their operation, which reduce energy expenses for obtaining one cubic metre of hydrogen up to 0.40 kWh. In this case, more than 1000% of additional energy is obtained. A laboratory device with such indices was made one year ago.

Modern fuel elements use potential possibilities of hydrogen by 0.6%. There is every reason to believe that the fuel element will improve this index at least by an order of magnitude if it operates together with the plasma electrolytic reactor. There are great reserves in the discovered direction of the energy problem solution.

The transition from a laboratory installation to the industrial one requires additional investigations with the use of rather expensive spectrometers, gas analysers, electronic sets for simultaneous registration of more than 10 induces of the plasma electrolytic process. As hydrogen is an explosive gas, it is impossible to ignore the investigation stage for making the laboratory installation the industrial one. During the scale operation, dangerous radiations can take place, which accompany the transmutation process of the chemical element nuclei.

Five patents have been received for the investigation results; three positive decisions concerning the issue of the patents and three claims are in the process of consideration. Three editions of the book "Water as a New Source of Energy" are available with the detailed theoretical description of plasma electrolysis of water and the quantitative calculations of the experimental results.

The author of these elaborations was invited to deliver a lecture concerning this problem at the European Congress on "New Hydrogen Technologies and Space Drives", which takes place on June 23-24 in Zurich.

As the author has kept walking along the corridors of the Russian power without success for five years in order to get financing, the last hope remains - to find a foreign investor. The author is busy with this problem as it is clear that a delay in financing is equal to a loss of priority in this topical field of investigations, which solves two global problems of the mankind: the energy problem and the environmental problem.

Ph.M. Kanarev, Doctor of Techn. Sc., Professor Head of Theoretical Mechanics Chair of the Kuban State Agrarian University

Scalar Compression

Moray B. King
P.O. Box 859
Provo, UT 84603


A popular theme for activating zero-point energy is to abruptly impress opposing electric or magnetic fields to produce a "scalar" pulse, so named because the field lines completely cancel leaving a pure, pulsed, scalar potential. Energetic anomalies observed during such activity include sonoluminescence and solar flares. Inventors have used specially wound coils (caduceus and/or bifilar) as well as abruptly bucking magnets to activate excessive energy. The largest effects might be achieved when a symmetric shell of charged plasma abruptly implodes to create a scalar compression pulse. Such a discharge appears in the tube invented by E.V. Gray, U.S. Patent 4,661,747 (1987).

Cold Fusion Phenomenon and Atomic Processes in Transition-Metal Hydrides and Deuterides

H. Kozima*, J. Warner and G. Goddard
Low Energy Nuclear Laboratory, Portland State University
Portland, OR 97207-0751, USA

Key words; nuclear reaction, transition-metal hydrides, neutron energy band


The cold fusion phenomenon (CFP) has shown various events ranging from huge excess energy to various nuclear transmutations in solids containing high density of hydrogen isotopes (both protium and/or deuterium) without any satisfactory explanation until now. CFP has several characteristics which require consistent explanation with modern physics: sporadic occurrence of the events, their qualitative reproducibility, localization of nuclear products in small (\teido \mikuro m) regions at surfaces of samples, occasionally simultaneous occurrence of several events, and so forth. We have tried to explain CFP as a whole consistently using a model (called the TNCF model) with a single adjustable parameter and several premises based on experimental facts. To give physical bases for the premises in the TNCF model, which has shown its ability to give consistent explanation of CFP, we have worked with neutron bands in solids. In this paper, we show a possibility of neutron bands originating in excited states of neutrons in atomic nuclei on lattice points (in lattice nuclei) mediated by band states of protons (deuterons) occluded in the transition-metal hydrides (deuterides). An indirect nuclear interaction between neutrons in lattice nuclei (the super-nuclear interaction) becomes effective in those crystals when the density of hydrogen isotopes is high and the neutrons are in excited states with wide-spread wave functions in lattice nuclei. The super-nuclear interaction, then, results in the formation of neutron bands which give rise to nuclear reactions observed as anomalous nuclear reactions in solids, the so-called cold fusion phenomenon (CFP). A relation between the physics of transition-metal hydrides (deuterides) and CFP is investigated using the trapped neutron catalized fusion (TNCF) model, which has been successful in the systematic explanation of many phases of CFP.

(*)On leave from Cold Fusion Research Laboratory, Yatsu 597-16, Shizuoka, Shizuoka 421-1202, Japan. E-mail: cf-lab.kozima@nifty.ne.jp

"Free Energy Surprize" & "Occult Ether Physics: Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System and the Conspiracy to Conceal It"

William Lyne
Creatopia Productions
General Delivery
Lamy, NM 87540


Since the truth about electropropulsion is based on "ether" (A.K.A. "aether") physics, which has been collected, hidden away, or declared "national security secrets", or intentionally obliterated by false propaganda which is so intense that the general public remains unaware of the facts which are right under their noses, I have dubbed the ether physics ultimately connected to electropropulsion, "Occult Ether Physics". This book is dedicated to the rediscovery of, examination of, and the integration of these secrets into the public knowledge.

The high priests of this occult knowledge are the elite owners of the coercive monopolist corporate banking, industrial, mineral and related interests, who in turn allow the initiation of certain scientists, military and government officials into their secret teachings only insofar as it is necessary, to execute and maintain a conspiracy of giant proportions, so that the technology can be classified as a "state secret" which can be controlled and enforced by means of unconstitutional "national security laws", military and civilian legal authority, and police. These measures are intended to protect the archaic technology and resources controlled by the elite, from the competition of a truly free market society.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with my more complete exposition of the whys, wherefores, whos, and other facts concerning the huge volume of false propaganda designed and disseminated on behalf of the coercive monopolist corporate state, to conceal flying saucer electropropulsion and other advanced and "free energy" technology, you should read my prior book, Space Aliens From the Pentagon.

The flying saucer is a product of Nikola Tesla's life work, his most fundamentally important invention, for which all his other inventions were in pursuit of, though you probably have never heard this fact from anyone else. How do I know? I have documented it in many years of research, tracing Tesla's developments and his own words uttered and published during his lifetime, in scattered, sparse yet sufficient sources, as he placed a crowning achievement on top the work of the world's greatest scientific minds of the nineteenth century, who were Tesla's inspirations.

Since 1919, Nikola Tesla's electropropulsive discoveries have been concealed by government suppression, theft, and ridicule, while "science" has become a pseudo-scientific mathematical shell-game which bears little new fruit, and less resemblance to reality. It is time for the truth.
My published works include: Pentagon Aliens (306 pp), Occult Either Physics (106 pp), and Free Energy Surprise (15 pp). My new book is Occult Science Dictatorship, and will available soon for $15.00.

Tidal Power Rising

Submitted to the INE by Michael Maser
By Martin Burger
President and CEO, September 2001
Blue Energy Canada Inc.
1111 Melville Street, Suite 820
Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V6E 3E6
Phone: 1-604-682-BLUE (2583)
Fax: 1-604-682-8683


Blue Energy Canada Inc. is a Canadian company, incorporated in the Province of Alberta on February 5, 1997 and extra-provincially registered in the Province of British Columbia on May 13, 1997 under the Company Act, R.S.B.C 1996, c.62. Blue Energy has successfully demonstrated their ocean tidal turbines in several tests around the United States, and has almost completed contractual agreements with foreign nations to provide large electrical power production plants. The Blue Energy power system is based on two sizes of turbine: the 250 kW 'Mid-Range' size, for small, off-grid use, and the larger 3-14 MW 'Ocean Class' size. Both classes of turbine can be linked in series to increase power output, thus 'Tidal Fences' comprised of linked turbines can provide energy generation comparable to the largest conventional energy generation technologies (i.e. hundreds of megawatts, as provided by hydroelectric, natural gas, coal or nuclear technologies). Our website is at http://www.bluenergy.com/.

Energy Stored In A Gravitational Field

Mahmoud A. Melehy
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-2157


It is well known that there is energy stored in any space penetrated by an electric, or a magnetic field. This paper, however, shows that there is, likewise, energy stored in any space penetrated by a gravitational field. By a non-relativistic method, we calculate the energy stored, wg, in a planetary gravitational field, per unit volume. Near the surface of Planet Earth, the result shows that wg is approximately 15.9 Megawatt-hour/cubic-meter. How much of this enormous amount of energy can be extracted is a difficult question to answer.

The Motor In The Magnet

Nick Nelson
Independent Inventor and Researcher
1457 Rogue River Hwy.
Gold Hill, OR 97525


Nearly thirty years of my experiments and investigations have led to the possibility of producing continuous motion from magnetic motors. Following US patents, I have built and tested several magnetic motor designs. Working for several years at the well-known magnetic anomaly attraction "The Oregon Vortex" has allowed me to take notice of the effects of several unknown properties of magnetic fields, and their associated vortices. It has been discovered that the magnetic field at each pole of a magnet consists of 3 or 4 separate and distinct magnetic spin zones, depending on the pole, where each zone is defined by its own unique property. Learning the properties of each of these zones and how to align them has resulted in some very interesting and successful magnetic motor designs. Now that the secret of a permanent magnet motor has been found lurking inside the magnet itself, I hope that working models, and ultimately production models will be developed soon that will bring the world closer to free energy, and the United States closer to energy freedom.

Perspectives Of The Torsion's Technologies

V.F. Panov, V.V. Strelkov, V.V. Yushkov, T.A. Yushkova, B.V. Testov, Hal Fox
c/o Hal Fox
3084 E. 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2154
TEL 801-466-8680
FAX 801-466-8668


A review of the torsion fields' possibilities of application for their interactions on vacuum energetic apparati, similar to Shoulders. Discussion of the effect of the torsion fields' interactions on metal's melting point for two purposes - improving the metal's properties and the interaction on the process of the crystallization. Overview of some possibilities of torsion fields' uses for correction of defectives of immune system and disease's treatment.

Universal Laws, Keely's Secrets, and Atlin

Dale Pond
The Message Company
4 Camino Azul
Santa Fe, NM 87505


"The sympathetic vibratory force discovered by Keely will be quite sufficient to make him the greatest discoverer of this age." - H. P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888.

"The science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations." - Rudolph Steiner, 1913.

Delta Spectrum Research is dedicated to publishing and promoting the research and results of John Ernst Worrell Keely. His research that begun in the 1870's has been generally ignored by the orthodox educational schools since then, and many of his secrets remain secret today.

Keely has written and demonstrated many laws, including:
The Law of Force: "Energy manifests itself in three forms: Creative, the vibrating aggregate; Transmissive, being the propagation of isochronous waves through the media in which it is immersed; Attractive, being its action upon other aggregates capable of vibrating in unisons or harmony."
The Law of Sympathetic Vibration: "The driving of a mechanical or acoustical system at its resonant frequency by energy from an adjacent system vibrating at the same frequency."

Once the two objects are in rhythmical motion, caused by sympathy of vibration, they are said to be in resonance or resonating together. In other words, they vibrate as one. From the above we can safely say that resonance is brought about through and by way of sympathy.

Keely said regarding The Basis of a New Science":
"The newly discovered forces, and laws governing all forces, make possible the processes herein described. Scientific investigations no longer consist in a blind groping after facts; an untried chemical combination can now be planned and its results predicted. Synthetical operations covering the entire domain of organic chemistry can be worked according to simple rules and methods deducible from these newly discovered laws and by the aid of these, to us, new forces. With a knowledge of these facts it is possible for man to work a wondrous change in his methods of manipulating matter."

A history of Keely's work and results is documented in the book: "Universal Laws Never Before Revealed: Keely's Secrets". Information from Keely's work and other sources has been used to reconstruct a "dynasphere" or vibratory globe, with very unexpected and unusual results. The history of this work is documented in the another book, including Atlin, titled "I Am".

A New Paradigm for Time - Evidence from Empirical and Esoteric Sources.

Don Reed
c/o Hal Fox
3084 E. 3300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84109-2154
TEL 801-466-8680
FAX 801-466-8668


The following essay seeks to establish awareness, by a far-ranging careful examination of various empirically documented anomalous research results in the field of new energy, the long-suspected evidence presented by associated key legendary secret government project work, maverick new theoretical models in foundational physics for fundamental particles/electromagnetic wave-field structures, as well as remarkably corroborative related information from esoteric (psychically channeled) sources, of the necessity for the development of a new paradigm for mass, energy, and especially time. After having been guided through this process, the reader will hopefully be motivated to acknowledge the importance of this imperative in order to bring about a fresh understanding of the workings of nature, as well as gain new hints for the associated future breakthroughs for the development of viable sustainable energy sources and related technologies.

Twisting & Untwisting Of Spirals Of Ether And Fractal Vortices Connecting Dynamic Ethers

Chiharu Sano
1462 Isshiki, HAYAMA
Miura-gun, Kanagawa-ken
240-0111, Japan
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Based on Newton's original 3rd law of action/reaction (newly rediscovered of its importance by Anatoly P. Smirnov of Russian Academy of Sciences) that modeled screws and jacks according to the words of Newton himself, the author announced two years ago that all elementary particles have spiral structures, and ether is made up of hidden electron-positron pairs, where the electron has outer clockwise wound electromagnetic spiral plus inner anti-clockwise wound mass spiral and the positron has outer anti-clockwise electromagnetic spiral plus inner clockwise wound mass spiral respectively. Actions/reactions are transmitted between actors and reactors by parallel or perpendicular clutching of the rotating chains of electromagnetic spirals of the hidden electrons and positrons of ether, whereas the interacting actor and reactor are tied by the chain of mass spiral of the hidden electron-positron pairs constituting the ether. Generally speaking, a clockwise-wound spiral sends out a clockwise-rotational action in the form of the clockwise rotating chain of the hidden electron-positron pairs of vacuum ether, whereas an anticlockwise-wound spiral sends out an anticlockwise-rotational action in the form of the anticlockwise rotating chain of the hidden electron-positron pairs of vacuum ether. The radius of the outer electromagnetic spiral may change but the gradient of the electromagnetic spirals is always kept in order to allow perpendicular clutching between electric field and magnetic field, whereas the very small radius of the mass spiral is always kept constant and the tied mass spiral twists and untwists, which determines the location where the actor or the reactor is found at a certain moment of time. This modeling of electromagnetic and mass spirals is in conformity with the presence of the variables of both force and velocity in . When we interpret the force and the velocity as the rotational force and the rotational velocity of the acting/reacting spirals, the equation is demonstrated to be precisely correct even for the remote action/reaction via gravitational, electric, and magnetic field, whereas in the case of remote action/reaction, is demonstrated to be right in the longitudinal direction. The reason why the constituents of vacuum ether are electrons and positrons is based on the experimentally observed fact that a real electron and a real positron are born out of the vacuum ether, when a light beam passes quite close to an atomic nucleus, even closer than the orbital electrons, whereas an electron and a positron, when combined, entirely disappear into the vacuum, leaving no mass behind and emitting only electromagnetic wave gamma-ray, which should be a surge caused by thrusting the newly born hidden electron-positron pair into the compact ocean of hidden electron-positron pairs. In my model of screw-structured particles which denies Minkowski's 4-dimensional space-time allowing the time coordinate to have the equal right as the other three space coordinates, the spatial distance does neither get compressed nor stretched, but the physical time can be compressed or stretched in comparison with the absolute mathematical time. When the velocity of rotation (the distance for which the screw of a particle rolls along) equal to or depending respectively on the anticlockwise rotating action emitted by an antiparticle or on clockwise rotating action emitted by a particle, changes, then the radius of the particle/antiparticle changes inversely proportional to the summed up frequency or respectively, which twists or untwists the mass spiral of particles/antiparticles, that is, increases or decreases the mass proportional to or , in such a manner that .
What I propose as a very important source of new energy is the rotational force (rather than longitudinal forces) in time of interaction between particles, because as I demonstrated, rotational forces in time of interaction are incomparably much bigger than longitudinal forces. Energy extraction from rotational forces will be realized by Moebius band circuit that, acting from the perpendicular direction, makes an electron and an electron "pull" each other as close as possible, while the electrons, sending rotational actions to each other, will rotate at an extreme speed with extreme forces. And the direction in which the energy will best be taken out of vacuum ether will be along the snail-like vortices inscribing the fractal series of rectangles having the two sides in golden ratio.

New Sources of Energy from Point of View of Unitary Quantum Theory.

L.G. Sapogin, Yu. A. Ryabov, V.V. Graboshnikov
Dept. of Physics, Technical University (MADI)
Leningradsky pr. 64, A-319, 125829
Moscow, Russia


The Unitary Quantum Theory (UQT) is a new version of the field quantum theory, which has been developed by the principal author of this report for over 25 years. The theory is directly related to the problem of new energy sources, and this report can be of interest for this conference, for it is the UQT (and not the classical Newton mechanics or the modern standard quantum mechanics) that provides a theoretical basis for the development of new sources of energy and for the explanation of the operation principles of the existing and functioning overunity devices.

The fundamental provisions of the UQT and a number of results received on the basis of it have been published in many scientific journals and reported at international conferences. In full, the UQT as expressed by the language of formulas and equations represents a new mathematical model of interaction and movement of elementary particles in the form of a complicated system of non-linear integro-differential equations, an important property of this model being that it principally defines the trajectories and velocities of the particle movement in space (unlike the standard quantum theory, which directly defines only the probabilities of the presence of the particles at a certain point in space). Another, and the most essential (for the problem of new energy sources), property of the UQT is the absence in it of the energy conservation laws and the impulse for single particles. This is why the UQT makes theoretically possible processes of energy generation as if of nothing, if they are regarded from the point of view of the classical mechanics or the standard quantum theory (while the UQT is able to explain the phenomenon), as well as creation of a device with an efficiency above 1. In other words, the UQT provides for a theoretic possibility of making a perpetuum mobile!

In the 1970's, when the UQT started to be developed, there was nearly no data of the observed phenomena, or any experimental results confirming this unusual theory. Today, such data are abundant. For example, such processes can be named as generation of excessive heat energy during cavitation of very small water bubbles; generation of excessive electric energy in an anomalous gas discharge; excess generation of electric energy when electric current passes through proton-conducting ceramics, etc. Besides, and still more important, operating devices have been created that produce much more energy than is necessary for the functioning of these devices: electric current generators "Testatica" (Switzerland); thermal cell CETI (J. Patterson, USA); heat generators (Yu.S. Potapov, Moldavia, J. Griggs, USA); electric current generators (P. Correa, A. Correa, Canada); electric engines on magnetic ceramics (Japan), and others. The said phenomena and operation principles of the above-mentioned devices can be explained with the help of the UQT.

In this report we will also touch upon such an important problem as cold nuclear fusion. The feasibility of this nuclear process, which is categorically denied by the standard quantum theory and nuclear physics specialists, was predicted by the author of the UQT as far back as in 1983. This phenomenon was discovered in 1989 (electrochemical experiments, M. Fleischmann, S. Pons ). Much experimental data were subsequently received confirming the existence of nuclear reactions under very small energies, of nuclear transmutations in plants and biological objects, very little connected with generation of energy. From the point of view of the UQT, which provides an explanation of the cold nuclear fusion mechanism, this process can be applied in practice (after the relevant devices are designed) for generation of energy, for production of isotopes, and for nuclear waste liquidation.

An Introduction To The EV Workshop
A Discussion Of EVs And Audience Participation Workshop

Ken Shoulders
1025 Freestone Ranch Rd.
PO Box 243
Bodega, CA 94922

Abstract (Received after the INE/EEMF Conference)

The discovery of high-density, electron charge clusters (EV for electrum validum or strong electrons), resulted in several patents for applications ranging from high-speed computer components to methods of generating excess thermal and electrical energy believed to come from tapping the vacuum energy of space. Due to the high-velocity nature of the EVs, new developments were necessary to capture images of EVs during their pico-second travel times. A variety of devices were built and tested to demonstrate some of the applications and some of the problems in the generation, control, and use of EVs. Pending applications include flat panel displays, high-speed logical elements, and a novel type of non-polluting energy production.

Permanent Magnet Motors

Thomas Valone, PE
Integrity Research Institute
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In the area of overunity generators, many inventors sooner or later become enthralled with permanent magnet motors. To utilize the total magnetic energy of a ferromagnet, the volume integral of H B for electricity generation, is the free energy inventor's fondest dream. There are some basic observations and rules that can be suggested to help discriminate between fruitless designs and promising ones. This presentation will go through some of the ideas about this area of research, showing several patented inventions, with commentary. The Linear Motor, Toroidal Motor, Switched Reluctance Motor, and Carousel Motor are some of the categories to be reviewed. A demonstration may be included after the talk.

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