September 1, 2000

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Friday and Saturday, September 8 - 9, 2000
Quality Inn - City Center, Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah

An INE Board of Director's Meeting will be held on Sept. 9 in the afternoon.

The Latest Tentative Schedule *
[As of 9/1/00 @ 6:00 PM PDT]

Friday, Sept. 8

 8:00 AM   Register and Exhibits

 9:00 AM   Hal Fox: "Commercialization of New Energy Technologies"
                    with a working exhibit of charge clusters.

10:00 AM   Break and Drinks

10:20 AM   Tom Valone: "Future Energy Technologies"

11:00 AM   Moray King:  "Non-Local Connections: The BIG Paradigm Shift"

12:00 Noon Lunch

 1:30 PM   Patrick Bailey: "Randell Mills:  Blacklight Power (TM Reg.)"

 2:30 PM   Tom Bearden: "Vision 2000: The New Science Now Emerging"

 2:45 PM   Break and Drinks

 3:00 PM   Patrick Bailey & Panel: "Status of the Devices and Experiments"

 4:00 - 6:00 PM   To Be Scheduled (The time WILL be used).

 Then:     Night Life in Downtown Salt Lake City on Friday Night!

Saturday, Sept. 9

 8:30 AM   Wake-Up Film: Win Lambertson's Energy Device

 9:00 AM   Robert Bass: "Theoretical & Experimental Results Regarding LENR/CF"
           (presented by Patrick Bailey, probably)

10:00 AM   Break with Drinks

10:20 AM   Cynthia Kolb Whitney: "Begging the Questions"

11:00 AM   Report on Cold Fusion Conference ICCF_8

12:00 Noon Lunch

 1:30 PM   To Be Announced

 3:00 PM   Panel "Problems and Opportunities with Commercialization"

 5:00 PM   Meeting of the Institute for New Energy Members and Board Members

 6:00 PM   Adjourn to More Relaxed Technical Sessions...

 *  Note:  Several other paper abstracts are still being received
           that may be presented, including a paper from China!


The INE is now still allowing possible papers for the ISNE 2000.

The deadline to submit summaries is NOW!.

It is recommended that all abstracts be sent ASAP by email to BOTH:

Patrick Bailey, President, INE, at ine@padrak.com,

and to

Hal Fox, at the INE Office, at halfox@slkc.uswest.net. The formal paper deadline date is at the conference. Further details, such as format instructions will be sent to the authors.

Authors are expected to use either Word or WordPerfect on a PC based computer and to submit their final paper file in camera-ready format by either mailed disk, or email.

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Description of the ISNE:


The INE/EEMF 2000 Symposium on New Energy will be held at the large Quality Inn - City Center in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday and Saturday, September 8 and 9, 2000. Their address is: 154 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, 801-364-2474. Arrangements have been made to reserve a limited number of rooms for the "Institute for New Energy" Conference (or Symposium) attendees at a very low $44.00 per night room rate for both single and double rooms.

Registration cost is $100 until August 15, and $150 if postmarked after August 15. This payment will include a published copy of the proceedings of the conference. The proceedings will be published in the Journal of New Energy, as was done last year.

Dr. Patrick Bailey, President of the INE, will be the Conference Chairman. Hal Fox, President of the EEMF, will be the co-Chairman.

It is expected that most attendees will be arriving on Thursday afternoon and evening, and transportation is very easy, as the Quality Inn - City Center has vans that go from the airport to the hotel about every 30 minutes. Please be aware that downtown Salt Lake City is always a popular place for travel and business meetings, so make your travel reservations NOW!


Please visit THIS FILE on the INE Website for further information that will be included on this page as the conference agenda becomes updated: This INE Website Page is: www.padrak.com/ine/INECONF00.html.


At the present time, the topics area is nearly closed.

We are always looking for papers with actual test data! Many authors like to present papers with their theory first, then perform an experiment, and then report their data. Many new energy researchers think this is backwards!

To uncover new physics and to make new significant advances, the ordering of such research may better very well be: Experiment, Data, Wonder, Think of a mathematical analog.

The conference topics may be limited as the conference approaches, so get your papers in ASAP!

Here is the latest on the INE/EEMF 2000 Symposium
(as of August 18, 200, 10:20 AM PST):

The conference is being co-sponsored by the Institite for New Energy and Emerging Energy Marketing Firm (EEMF), the publisher of the J. New Energy.

Over 2,000 letters (about 400) and emails have been sent, including a special mailing list of persons interested in alternative energy projects.

Here is essence of the message that has been sent:


Dear Energy Friend,

In the recent GlobeEx 2000 International Energy Conference on Sustainable and Alternative Technologies there was close agreement on the following:

  1. Increased burning of fossil fuels is damaging the atmosphere.

  2. It is necessary to develop and use alternative and sustainable energy technologies (wind, solar, tide, biomass, geothermal, even hydrogen and fuel cells).

  3. The costs of the standard alternative technologies are decreasing and in some cases are becoming competitive with fossil-fuel-produced energy sources.

New-Energy Developments:

Except for one talk (by Tom Valone) and one exhibit (EEMF's Journal of New Energy) there was no mention at GlobeEx 2000 of the several new-energy developments of the last decade.

It is important for any person or any company to thoroughly understand the competition. In the case of alternative energy technologies, one or more of the new-energy technologies is the competition.


You are cordially invited to a two-day New-Energy Symposium presented by the eight-year old Institute of New Energy and Emerging Energy Marketing Firm, Inc.


Here are some of the new-energy topics that will be presented by experts:

  1. The development and control of High-Density Charge Clusters. The first patented technology to tap zero-point energy.

  2. BlackLight Power (t.m.reg) and thermal energy from collapsing the hydrogen atom below its normal ground state.

  3. A review of cold fusion developments (over 600 papers from 30 countries report success). Why no commercial products?

  4. A report from Japan on special plasma developments.

  5. A report from China on special plasma developments.

  6. Other new-energy devices and systems.


Here are the details of the INE/EEMF Symposium:

Cost: $100 if received by August 24, 2000 - thereafter $150 per person.

Place: Quality Inn, City Center, 154 West 600 South, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dates: Friday-Saturday, September 8-9, 2000.

Special Room Prices: Special arrangements have been made with Quality Inn (provided you are registered for the Symposium) for $45 per day single or double occupancy) plus tax.

Call Quality Inn at 801-364-2474 with credit card to book rooms.

Special Benefits: Each speaker and each registered attendee will receive a copy of the next following issue of the Journal of New Energy which will be the proceedings of the conference.

You will meet some of the leading experts on new-energy technologies.

You will get new concepts of how and when the commercialization of new-energy technologies will be achieved.

You will see a working demonstration of the production of electric arcs that vaporize calcium carbide (look up the melting and vaporizing temperatures). In a vacuum, the proper use and control of these "arcs" provides more than ten times the direct electrical energy output as energy input!

Information on New Energy Conversion Processes:

Most Important Concept:

You will learn about the real competition to the traditional alternative and sustainable energy technologies. This information might save you or your company considerable dollars.

The Institute of New Energy is a non-profit membership organization with annual dues of $35 per year. Members receive a monthly email version of New Energy News.

For those who desire more technical information about new-energy technologies, the Journal of New Energy is published quarterly by EEMF. This is a peer-reviewed journal with an annual subscription price of $150. Subscribers receive the email version of New Energy News at no additional cost. You may send subscriptions for either INE or the journal to the address given in this letterhead.

Best Personal Regards, /s/ Hal Fox, President, EEMF and Editor, Journal of New Energy

P.S. If you can't attend, mail a check for $25 drawn on a U.S. bank to EEMF, 3084 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84109, and we will print and mail you a copy of the proceedings (normally $45). Payment must be received in our office by September 15, 2000 for us to order the extra printing.


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