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Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on New Energy: 1st ISNE

1st International Symposium on New Energy
Featuring Over 30 Advanced Energy Researchers
Including Several International Researchers

Sponsored by the Institute for New Energy



Was Held: April 16-18, 1993, at the Radisson Hotel, Denver, CO.


To bring together outstanding New Energy Scientists and Researchers, to share and discuss their latest theoretical and research findings, to stimulate new research ideas, to coalesce researchers with industry, and to begin to attract major funding sources.

THE PROCEEDINGS: [534 Pages, Includes a Subject Index]
[8 1/2 by 11 by 1 1/2 inches, Spiral Bound]

Papers Presented by Speakers at the Conference (Tapes Available):
and [Proceedings Pages]:
All of the presentations are available on videotape unless noted!

Harold Aspden -    The World's Energy Future [pp 1-19]
Patrick G. Bailey - A Unique Class of Alternative Catalysts for Fuel Cell
                     Applications That Replace the Need for Precious Metals
                     [pp 21-27]
Frano Barbir and T. Nejat Veziroglu - Hydrogen Energy Technologies: Pathway to
                     Commercialization [pp 29-46]
William Baumgartiner - Energy Extraction from the Vortex [pp 47-58]
T. E. Bearden -    The Final Secret of Free Energy [pp 61-86]
Bob Beutlich -     From Metaphysics to "Physics 2001" [pp 87-106]
Timothy A. Binder - Transmutation of the Elements, A Modern Alchemical Team's
                     Experiments with the Concepts of Walter Russell
                     [pp 107-134] [*** NOT AVALIABLE ON VIDEOTAPE ***]
John Bockris -     Cold Fusion [pp N/A]
Gene Fisher -      Review of Viable Over Unity Systems [pp N/A]
Harold L. Fox -    Impact of Cold Fusion and Other Enhanced Energy Systems 
                     [pp 135-152]
Roy E. Graham, Jr. - New Energy - It's Really Very Very Old [pp 521-524]
Peter Graneau -    Concept of A Capillary Fusion Reactor [pp 153-168]
Toby Grotz -       Working Models of Free Energy and Transmutation Systems
                     [pp 169-188]
George D. Hathaway - Experiments with a Unipolar Dynamo of Novel Construction
                     [pp 321-345]
Jeff A. Hayes -    Tesla's Plan - A Comprehensive Solution [pp 347-366]
J. J. Hurtak -     Hydrogen: The Fuel for Future Transportation [pp 445-457]
Donald Kelly -     The Status of Free Energy [pp 189-199]
Moray B. King -    Fundamentals of A Zero-Point Energy Technology [pp 201-217]
Gerald A. Kolisch - Toward a Universal Theory of Reality [pp 459-468]
R. J. Kovac -      A New Portable Power Pack Used to Test New Energy Ideas and
                     Sources [pp 367-387]
Paul A. LaViolette - The U.S. Antigravity Squadron [pp 469-486]
Ken MacNeill -     The World Control Factor - "Energy" [pp N/A]
Stefan Marinov -   The Generator "VENETIN COLIU" Produces Free Energy
                     [pp 219-237]
Roy E. McAlister - Improved Energy-Conversion Efficiency Will Spark Transition
                     to Hydrogen In Commercial Applications [pp 239-250]
Scott McKie -      PODMOD [pp N/A]
Stanley A. Meyer - Atomic Energy Balance of Water - Using Water as Fuel
                     [pp 389-406]
Andrew Michrowski - Vacuum Energy Developments [pp 407-417]
Henry C. Monteith - Light Action and the Litraonics Microscope [pp 251-268]
Panos T. Pappas and Charles Wallach - Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Field
                     Oscillations in Cancer Therapy [pp 487-496]
Hans J. Petermann - The New Sciences [pp 419-437]
                    [*** NOT AVALIABLE ON VIDEOTAPE ***]
Dale Pond -        A Wholistic Paradigm of the Individuality and Oneness of
                     Nature [pp 269-281]
Harold Puthoff -   Quantum Zero-Point Energy (ZPE), Condensed-Charge
                     Technology (CCT), and Engineering Application [pp N/A]
Donald Reed -      Evidence for the Screw Electromagnetic Field in Macro- and
                     Microscopic Reality [pp 497-510]
Troy Reed -        The Reed Magnetic Motor [pp N/A]
Marcos Rodine -    The Dandelion Puff Principle [pp 439-444]
John C. Stover -   Motional Fields and the Edwards' Effect [pp 283-290]
Paramahamsa Tewari - Generation of Cosmic Energy and Matter from Absolute
                     Space (Vacuum) [pp 291-303]
Thomas F. Valone - Armature Reaction in the Homopolar Generator [pp 511-519]
Charles A. Yost -  Possibilities for Electric Field Propulsion [pp 305-320]

Papers Included in the Proceedings and Not Presented (No Tapes Avail.):

Audio tapes and video tapes of all speakers and all workshops are available from:

Backcountry Productions
831 Alpine Street
Longmont, CO 80501

Audio Tape Prices: $8.00/tape, plus
Postage: $1.50/1st tape, plus $0.50/each additional tape.

Video Tape Prices: $20.00/tape, plus
Postage: $4.00/1st tape, plus $1.00/each additional tape.


The Proceedings is $50.00 plus Shipping and Handling as follows:

[534 Pages, Includes a Subject Index]
[8 1/2 by 11 by 1 1/2 inches, Spiral Bound]

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