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"RE: Becocraft"

International Journal on Fundamental Physics

23 October 1992

Stefan Marinov
East-West Publishers
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Bank: Creditanstalt, Graz,

To a subscriber of DEUTSCHE PHYSIK

Dear Subscriber!

In No. 7 of DEUTSCHE PHYSIK I published my letter to the President of the German Federal Republic. Read it attentively. If you would like to promote the scientific truth and the more quick appearance of the free energy sources on the market, please, sign the enclosed letter (without tearing it off) and send it to Mr. Weizsacker.

Sincerely yours,


Stefan Marinov

To the President of the German Federal Republic

Mr. President!

I beg you to do your best so that a trial against Mr. Sievers and the Company BECOCRAFT should be made before the 20 November 1992, where Stefan Marinov should act as his advocate.

Signature and address:

Translation from German.

The original is published in DEUTSCHE PHYSIK, No. 7.

International Journal on Fundamental Physics

10 October 1992

Stefan Marinov
East-West Publishers
Morellenfeldgasse 16
A-8010 Graz, Austria
Telefon 0316/377093
Telefax 0316/835015
Bank: Creditanstalt, Graz,

To Mr. Richard von Weizsacker
President of the German Federal Republic

Honorable Mr. President!

On the 19 May 1992, at 8 AM, six armed policemen burst into the home of the Director and the General Deputy of the Company BECOCRAFT, Gerda and Jurgen Sievers. After a many-hour investigation, at which even the beds were ransacked. All papers of the Company were confiscated. A month later, on the 15 June, Mr. Sievers was arrested on the street when, as in a stupid detective story, a police car blocked his way. From that day Mr. Sievers is imprisoned on remand in Koln-Ossendorf.

The criminal charge against Mr. Sievers brought by the Police President of Cologne (V 3120 92-12877 of the 16.XII.91) is: Investment fraud. All current accounts of the Company were immediately blocked. However, after a four-month detention an accusation act is not presented.

The denunciation against the Company BECOCRAFT was issued by the Stadtwerke Koln (Cologne's Utility Company): with a letter of the 16.XII.91 (500 - 18/91 Di) to the Public Prosecutor's Office - Cologne, which was signed by Mr. Beer and Mr. Didrich.

The Company BECOCRAFT supports the research in the domain of the alternative energetics and its aim is to bring alternative energetic sources to the market. It is one of the few in Germany which invests money in the construction and development of machines for delivery of free energy.

The agrarian pump of the inventor Arthur Becker was the more important project in the one year time of existence of the company. The Company supports also the development of my perpetuum mobile VENETIN COLIU.

The information has come to the ears of the gentlemen from the Utility Company Cologne (or to the ears of other gentlemen!) that if such machines will appear on the market, people would cut their wires leading to the electric stations and their cars would no more stop at the petrol stations. (Unfortunately it's true!) And which was the reaction of all these gentlemen: Any research and development of such machines must be nipped in the bud.

The Company BECOCRAFT, as the most important in the domain of free energy production, was to be ruined (at) the first. How? - With a fraud accusation. The plaintiffs grasped, as motivation of the accusation, both fact that according the laws taught in all universities of the world the construction of such machines is impossible.

The Company works with the money which its sleeping partners (about 30 men) have invested. The logic of the plaintiffs is thus very simple: The Company collects money to build machines which can be never built. Thus the Company is a defrauder.

Mr. President! The energy conservation law is valid for many physical systems. But not for all! One can go round this law and produce energy from nothing. We call such an energy FREE ENERGY. It must be clear to any child that if one can construct such machines, then all those companies which trade today with coal, oil, water and atom resources and win milliards will be blown from the world scene as by a wind. Thus not the Misters Beer and Didrich stay behind this miserable action. A MUCH STRONGER POWER stays behind!

On the 3 October Mrs. Sievers called a meeting of all partners to decide what to do in the new situation. It was unanimously settled to continue further with the research in the domain of free energy and to realize the objectives of BECOCRAFT bringing such energy sources to the market.

It is to be noted that BECOCRAFT is accused for investment fraud but until the present day none of the partners has issued a denunciation, although the Public Prosecutor sent letters to all of them. Thus the only plaintiff which remains is the Utility Company Cologne with which BECOCRAFT has absolutely nothing in common.

About an hour after the meeting, Mr. Fleschenberg (Ackerstr. 16, DW-5068 Odenthal),whom we have elected as speaker of all partners, phoned me to discuss some technical details concerning my machine VENETIN COLIU. When he spoke about 15 minutes with Mrs. Sievers about the future management of the company. However, when, after another hour, Mrs. Sievers called him again, she could not recognize the voice of Mr. Fleschenberg. To the question of Mrs. Sievers: "Has something happened?", the answer was: "An old acquaintance of me, with whom I had something in common 10 years ago, phoned me shortly after our talk and said to me: I give you a friendly advice give it up." Mrs. Sievers wished to learn something more, but Mr. Fleschenberg said her: "Don't ask me more. I am not allowed to speak. But I have the suspicion which I do not dare to pronounce - there is a big power behind." And he dismissed with the words: "I wish you much happiness."

Mr. President! When one wishes to suffocate the perpetuum mobile research, one does not go to the Police President, but buys killers. So the cause will be sure. If one addresses the Public Prosecutor, one will become ridiculous. But if one goes to the Police President and in parallel intercepts phone calls and blackmails people, this is a crime.

The energy conservation law is not generally valid. I show this with many of my experiments: the ball-bearing motor (l), about which any physicist says that it cannot rotate at all, the machines ADAM (2), MAMIN COLIU (3), VENETIN COLIU (4).

The invalidity of the angular momentum conservation law can be demonstrated by any child with a couple of hours of work (angular momentum, momentum and energy are the space-space, space-time and time-time components of a common quantity which we call the energy-momentum 4-tensor). On the picture are the college students S. Homann, M. Pruss, A. Wahmann and G. Vogt of the Friedensschule in Munster, who have repeated my rotating Ampere bridge and demonstrated the invalidity of the angular momentum conservation law by a childishly simple EXPERIMENT. I published the scientific report of the children in my journal DEUTSCHE PHYSIK (5). Where we are, Mr. President?! Children do experiments demonstrating the invalidity of laws which "are taught in any university of the world".

These children are the same who three years ago won the first prize in the competition "Students Research" with my ball-bearing motor. Now the research of the children is concentrated on the perpetuum mobile VENETIN COLIU.

Why am I working with children, would you ask. Because even the heads of the university students, filled with the false dogmas which "are taught in any university of the world", are lost for us.

Paul Baumann (photograph on p. 8), a simple Swiss peasant, who today is the spiritual head of the Christian Community METHERNITHA in the village Linden, near Bern, was sentenced for 7 years by a false accusation. In the prison, in the year 1978, he constructed the first functioning perpetuum mobile on our planet, the machine TESTATIKA (photograph on p. 9). Of this machine dozens of prototypes are built. I give in DEUTSCHE PHYSIK, No. 4, the picture of the machine with diameter of the disk 2 m, which will continuously deliver 30 kW electrical power (the machine on p. 9 has only one disk with diameter 20 cm and delivers some 200 W).

I am member of the community. In March 1989 I tested two machines TESTATIKA. It is besides any doubt that TESTATIKA is a perpetuum mobile, which moreover delivers a great quantity (in comparison with its size and weight) of free energy. I dedicated to this machine the fifth volume of my series THE THORNY WAY OF TRUTH. A half an hour video was registered which everybody can receive.

The Community however defends the opinion that humanity is not ripe for such an energy source and does not go with it to the public. The machine, of course, will not be patented (the Community is against all patent offices, banks, prisons, etc.). It will be granted to these villages, towns and countries where the people as true Christians live in harmony with the animals, the plants and with each other.

In my opinion, we must now give the machine TESTATIKA to humanity, otherwise our Earth will suffocate. I called forth a meeting of the active of the Community for discussing this question. Unfortunately of the 23 participants I was the only who voted "for", all other voted "against".

During the big spiritual renaissance in the Soviet Union, the Community supported my proposal to show the machine to my friend, Academician Sakharov, and then to show it with his speech in the Moscow television. However Sakharov died during the organization of this action (the respective documentation can be found in volumes VI, VII, and VIII of the series THE THORNY WAY OF TRUTH). Then also the spiritual renaissance the East was turned away into a blind alley.

Mr. Becker, as Paul Baumann, did and constructed his discovery in the prison in Frankfort. Mr. Sievers, the Beco-partner Mr. Rung and me are photographed in front of his pump in March this year. Mr. Becker is afraid, as perpetuum mobile constructor, to be transferred from the prison to the psychiatric clinic, where he will not have the possibility to work further on his machine. For this reason he does not call it perpetuum mobile and does not leave it rotate alone. In this way he could patent his machine (patent disclosures DE 4037631 A1 and P 41 11662 3-15), as the perpetuum mobile submissions are automatically rejected by all patent offices of the world.

The machine of Mr. Becker consists of two parts: A big water wheel where the free energy, according to Mr. Becker, is produced, and a water pump where it flows as useful energy. I observed and tested the machine. I could not measure an over unity effect, i.e., an efficiency higher than 100%. My hydrostatic calculations show also that neither a theoretical over unity effect might be expected. The dynamic calculations are so complex that they cannot be carried out on the best computer. The inventor is convinced that his machine has an over unity effect. The decision can be given only by a very well constructed experiment. As now Mr. Becker has no possibility to work further, the Beco-partner Klaus Tolkmit builds it in a slightly changed form with his own money. He builds only the wheel, without the pump, and hopes to have soon a self-propelling wheel.

I work further with own money on my machine VENETIN COLIU (4). The sixth variation of this machine is shown in the photograph on p. 11. The free energy which VENETIN COLIU produces is caused by the anti-Lenz effect which I have discovered. I hope soon (less money more time, more money less time) to have a self-rotating machine.

In this situation I am addressing you, Mr. President, with the following ultimatum: If until the 20 November Mr. Sievers and the current accounts of the company will not be liberated and an indemnity of 100,000 DM will be not paid, or if until the 20 November 1992, a process against Mr. Sievers will not take place where I should appears as his advocate, I shall commit myself to the flames on the steps of the Public Prosecutors Office in Cologne.

If Mr. Sievers and the current accounts will be liberated but the 100,000 DM indemnity will be not paid, the claim for damages will be enhanced to 10 millions DM.

If the process will be made and Mr. Sievers will be acquitted we shall claim 10 millions DM damages.

On the process I shall not only defend the thesis that people who build perpetua mobilia are not defrauders. I shall accuse today's science of fraud.

1. Today's physics asserts that the energy conservation law has a general validity. This is a fraud. See above the arguments.

2. Today's physics asserts that the angular momentum conservation law has a general validity. This is a fraud. See above the arguments.

3. Today's physics asserts that the second law of thermodynamics has a general validity (i.e., that it is impossible to construct a perpetuum mobile of second kind). This is a fraud. The Russian Albert Serogodsky (6) constructed a thermal machine with one hot container and without cold container. In November 1991, I invited Serogodsky to Berlin, where he made contacts with Mr. Sievers and with my friend Bernhard Schaeffer concerning the marketing of his machine. Mr. Sievers could not pay the requested sum (1,000,000 DM) and the contract was settled with Schaeffer.

4. Today's physics (the special theory of relativity) asserts that the absolute velocity of a laboratory cannot me measured. This is a fraud. I measured this velocity with three optical (7,8,9) and one electromagnetic (10) experiment. My "coupled shutters" experiment gave the value V = 360 +/- 40 km/sec with equatorial coordinates of the apex alpha = 12.5h +/- 1h, delta = 24 +/- 7. My friend Christian Monstein (11) obtained for alpha and delta the same numbers with ten-year measurements of the anisotropy of the general (not relict) cosmic background radiation.

5. Today's physics (the general theory of relativity) asserts that it is impossible to make an experimental distinction between a gravitational and a kinematic acceleration. This is a fraud. I established experimentally (l2) such a distinction.

6. Today's physics asserts that the fundamental equation in electromagnetism is the Lorentz equation. This is a fraud. I showed (13) theoretically and experimentally that the fundamental equation in electromagnetism is the Newton-Lorentz equation (as called by me):

m mu0 = - q grad(Phi) - (q/c)DA/Dt + (q/c)v x rot(A) - (q/c) v div(A)

where Phi and A are the electric and magnetic potentials of an electromagnetic system at a point crossed by a particle with mass m, electric charge q and velocity v (mu0, A, and v are all vectors).(D/Dt is the partial derivative with respect to time). The acceleration of the charge is mu0 and c is the velocity of light. The LAST TERM IS MISSING in the Lorentz equation. And exactly this term is responsible for the rotation of the rotating Ampere bridge.

7. Today's physics asserts that the displacement current acts with ponderomotive forces on other electric currents and other electric currents act on the displacement current with ponderomotive forces. This is not only a fraud, this is an idiotism. The displacement current "flows" in vacuum. Thus today's physics ascribes acceleration to vacuum!

8. Today's physics (principle of relativity) asserts that when one has in one's hand a magnet and in the other hand a wire, then at the motion of the wire as well as at the motion of the magnet the same electric intensity

Emot = (v/c) x rot(A)

acts on the charges in the wire. This is a fraud. The above motional electric intensity acts only at the motion of the wire. At motion of the magnet the motional-transformer electric intensity discovered by me

Emot-tr = (l/c) (v grad)A

acts on the charges in the wire. I demonstrated this by many experiments, the most eloquent of which is the quasi-Kennard experiment (10). When wire and magnet move together, then, according to today's physics, no electric intensity has to act in the wire. As a matter of fact the sum of the above two intensities acts and this can be observed on the famous Faraday disk. This effect was observed by Faraday in 1831, but until today physics cannot explain it.

9. Today's physics asserts that the electromagnetic effects are determined by the electric and magnetic intensities, E, B. This is a fraud. They are determined by the electric and magnetic potentials, Phi, A. Thus the gauge invariance is a fraud. According to today's physics, if there are two very long coaxial coils and an alternating current flows in the internal coil, there will be no current in the external coil, as there the magnetic intensity is all the time zero. As a matter of fact, current flows in the external coil, as the magnetic potential there is changing (see the second term on the right in the first equation on the preceding page). This effect can be observed in any transformer.

10. Today's physics asserts there is a "propagation of interaction" and it even calculates its velocity. This is a fraud. Our world is built of three (and only of three!) undeniable quantities: space (length), time, and energy. (N.B. Energy and mass is the same undeniable physical quantity and the "famous" formula of the Austrian physicist Fritz Hasenohrl (1904)

E = m c c (m times c squared)

says nothing more than the identical equation 1 m = 100 cm.) Thus the only "thing" which can move in space is called energy. And if somebody begins to babble about "propagation of interaction", I say to him: "Express this your quantity in meters, seconds and joules." Then the mouth of the babbler closes.

This is enough for you, Mr. President. About the other frauds of today's physics I shall narrate on occasion to your brother.

With this fraudulent science, the companies, research institutes and universities suck milliards of marks from the pockets of the German tax-payers, without at all to ask them whether they agree. On the process I shall accuse all those gigantic defrauders asking for them the highest punishments for their crimes, as with their energy sources they ruin the whole world.

And these defrauders have thrown Mr. Sievers in the prison, because with the money which some people voluntarily invested he intended to save our world.

I am looking for your speedy answer, Mr. President, as I wish to know whether Mr. Sievers will be liberated, or I have to prepare myself for the process. I exclude the possibility that you will do nothing and you will let me die as a burning torch.

With my and of the other German hope,


Stefan Marinov

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