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An "Open Letter" from Bruce dePalma
to Space Energy Association Newsletter:


7 September 1992


Bruce DePalma
c/o Unlimited Vision
P.0. Box 248 Mullumbimby, N.S.W.
2482 Australia
FAX # 61 (66) 858-274


Space Energy Association - SEA/US
Alternate Energy Systems
c/o Don Kelly
P.0. Box 11422 Clearwater, FL U.S.A. 34616
FAX # 1 (813) 442-3923

Dear Don,

This an open letter which you may publish in your Space Energy Journal. I very much appreciate all the coverage you have given the N machine in recent issues, and having been out of the United States now for five months and I can look back at America with somewhat clearer vision than I could see things from being in the midst of them while I was there.

I received two letters from you which came from William Hyde and Paul Brown, William Hyde being associated with his electrostatic machine; Paul Brown has done a lot of work in flux transformers and nuclear batteries, but I am not totally acquainted with his present work. At any rate they both have finally wakened to the fact that Free Energy technology is oppressed in the United States. And since I am here in Australia, and can see things more clearly than when I was in the U.S, I thought I had a few things I might add to their observations.

Yes, I have been threatened for my life. The first threat came from Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut who told me that the Government had said there "never was any doubt" that the N machine was the Free Energy machine they were looking for, and if I tried anything on my own in California I would have my head blown off. And the CIA warned me via Mitchell that I should not leave the country because I would be kidnapped. This was back in 1980, when these efforts frightened me out of going to Hanover, Germany for Dr. Neiper's first Gravity Field Energy Conference, which is where P. Tewari brought his N machine from India and got the prize for the most clearly observable Free Energy phenomena to date.

In later years I have had my inventions confiscated by various groups, the first being the Sunburst Community, which helped me build the N machine you wrote about in your last issue, when their leader got dollar signs in his eyes and decided to see what he could do with it without DePalma. Later on other groups tried to manipulate me and control me in the sense that they would get everything out of me technically without any assurances that I would be paid for any more than one year's work. In fact, Mitchell's contract with me was a deal he was trying to set up where he was going to have to raise 150 - 300 million dollars and start a company which would be the size of General Motors in three to five years, and from then on, who knows? Out of this I would get a one year employment contract and $30,000 and the possibility of maybe owning one or two percent of the operation; something I turned down because of my lawyers advice. And Mitchell, of course, blew up.

So then after that I had a deal with a company in Southern California called MicroCoGen, to buy N machines for a congeneration system, which was a pretty highly advanced system of its type. Anyway, Southern California Edison put them out of business because it got a list of their customers through some Law, and renegotiated the power rates lower so that the customers did not need to buy the machines anymore. More recently I have appeared on KPFK in Los Angeles, an independent, non-commercial, subscription supported station, very powerful—120 thousand watts or so—FM. The most powerful FM station west of the Mississippi. And as soon as my name is mentioned one night on one of my shows, which was not even known that it was going to be on, the power went off for three hours. Now this may all be coincidental, and I may be paranoid. In the case of the power going off at the transmitter there was supposed to be some transformer maintenance, but it was scheduled for the following days. This was a Tuesday show, and it was suppose to happen Thursday. And without notice, as soon as Bruce DePalma was announced as the most controversial guest the talk show host Roy Tuckman has had on, then the juice went off and didn't reappear for three hours. We also did a show that night, but nevertheless things like this happen. And of course any kind of deal that I have tried to put together over the years, no matter how carefully researched and no matter how carefully documented and how well thought out and put together by lawyers and technical people, everything has fizzled out at the high end somewhere. So you go through this year in and year out and you wonder what's going on.

And you get no response from the responsible agencies in the government who you think should do something about this. For instances, NASA was finally instructed by a couple of congressmen, after I was on a U.S. wide daily talk show - The Chuck Harder 'For The People' show out of Florida - they requested NASA to do an investigation and they fiddled and piddled and made dates and changed dates, and then it all just went away. Air Force people came to see me and they said they cannot do this except on their free time, and it can't be known that they are associated with this. You have to see that after a while the message comes through to you that you are operating in a very strange kind of environment where most of the people around you believe that the laws of right and wrong and reason, the belief in the Constitution and lawyers and all of this is a kind of philosophy we hold on to, but the real activity going on is a collection of corrupt lawyers in cahoots with corrupt businessmen and politicians who will do anything to maintain their control over fixed resources and then guarantee themselves some sort of income because they are sitting on all of it and we have to have it, and we have to pay for it piece by piece, every gallon, every kiloWatt hour of electricity has to be paid for. And the thought that someone might have an independent source of energy in their own home which could disconnect from this, of course is not to be thought at all. It is too unthinkable! And if there is any cognizance paid to this sort of technology it is immediately classified and applied to military instruments; the most modern of which use enormous quantities of electricity. That is: Laser Death Rays, and Ship Propulsion Systems, Space Battle Station Power Systems, Mars Station Power Systems, and on and on...

So from the perspective of seeing things from Australia, I see America as a place where a lid was put on Science, and it started in the late '50's when "Secrecy" started happening and "Classified" conditions exist. And then there were layers and layers of classification and "need to know" and probably only certain "eyes only" committees, and so on... And it all adds up to the fact that Science, which thrives on the free interchange of ideas, is completely stopped in its tracks when no communication is allowed to exist. If this is not bad enough, we are living on a planet which has a collision in process between the number of people it can feed and sustain and the number of people that live here, and something has to be resolved about that. So any technological answers would be very welcome in a world which is going to starve to death, and maybe fight about it in the same way.

By putting a lid on technology and sequestering all the new information to themselves the only focus of it could be on military instruments and the idea of a people powered society—a non-taxable, uncontrollable, perfectly free group of people who are trying to learn how to live and get along by themselves - this is not a good thing for those planners and economic doctors, lawyers, politician and businessmen, all of whom have it all figured out down to the last stroke, providing the assets are fixed. So the reason I left America is because I think that America has passed the point of no return, as far as its ability to recover itself. Here in Australia the Australians more or less agree that they are thirty yeas behind the American, but what that means is that they still have a chance to recover themselves if they pursue an independent, non-aligned Energy Policy of their own. So basically what I am suggesting is this: It has gone on for too long now. We have global Energy Networks; Information Hot-lines which have copies of all the Free Energy papers circulating around the globe. This global awareness bypasses the Universities and all the fixed monoliths that stand on the way to progress. And if your readership is really interested in understanding the papers and the experiments and so forth, they shouldn't depend on the local professors to give them any help whatsoever because that whole educational dinosaur of a fixed University is obsolete by the global satellite computer interface University where all information is available instantaneously from somewhere, all you need is a computer and a modem. So people can tune into the Free Energy Network, and I do not have the figures at my fingertips right now, so you certainly could tell your readers about that. People in Australia are establishing a Free Energy Network computer access system where all the papers of all the people can be accessed.

This brings me around to the final point that I wanted to make in this letter, and that is my interest in bringing Free Energy into the world at a time when the world needs it, there's no doubt, there is no question that Free Energy does exist and there is also no doubt and there is also no question that the world is in big trouble. Energy being the source of all of our activities, if we can improve our take on the production of Energy, we would be helping this a lot! And I am not just pushing for the N machine - The Rotating Magnet Space Power Generator, because this is only one of a number of different devices and machines which can elicit Free Energy. So what I am basically pushing for over here is a political awareness the Free Energy does exist and that is worthy of a place in the panoply of sciences like everything else, and that a laboratory should be established and open to those interested in this and this exclusively. The object of all this would be to produce power plants for non-polluting, self sustaining future for our planet. So the N machine may not be the "be all and the end all", but it is one of a number of apparatus which has been shown to produce excess electrical output over mechanical input. I think the N machine being as powerful as it is, is more suitable to drive cities, airplanes, ships and locomotives than it is automobiles and homes.

There may be smaller versions of different principles which may be more applicable and makeable in large quantities for that application; but in the meantime I have a suggestion, and that is the Earth could adopt a Hydrogen economy.

A Hydrogen economy based on gas developed out of the electrolysis of water generated out of N machines could produce Hydrogen at a third to a fifth of the cost at which Hydrogen is generally sold and distributed right now. This makes it a practical fuel for the automobile. Anyone could have a Hydrogen generator in their basement. They could have a tank of hydride through which the Hydrogen generated could bubble and charge this thing up, it could also service the stove and the air-conditioner, the heating and refrigeration uses of the home. Many people have thought about the Hydrogen economy and how we could slowly merge the fossil fuel economy into it, and then we could go into the all electric economy after that. But as a intermediate thought, an N machine which does not have to be powerful enough to be self-sustaining is very, very effective in electrolysis of water at low voltages and very high currents. And so such machines could be made cheaply, in fact they could be built by hand and electrolyzers attached to the output voltages and they could be driven by electric motors from the power grid or by gasoline engines or water power, wind power... And these Hydrogen generators could charge Hydride in the fashion of the system developed by a man who was also harassed by the Government, Gerald Schafflander. Dr. Schafflander, as far as I understand, operated back in the seventies, built a Hydrogen car with the idea of producing the Hydrogen from electricity developed by solar cells in a desert environment with no clouds; and Hydrogen thus produced from the solar cells and the water, was then bubbled through a tank of Hydride which was then put in the trunk of the car and a small heating element liberated the Hydrogen which was then put into tubing to a carburetor adjusted for the burning of Hydrogen and the automobile or truck operated perfectly normal. Now this scheme is very applicable to our present society and of course produces no pollution at all, and the amount of Hydrogen which can be developed out of fossil fuels is much greater than you would get from the heat you would get from just burning the fossil fuels themselves. So the gain happens to consist in the electrolyzer N machine combination which seem to fit each other.

With that thought, your readers might consider constructing Hydrogen generator systems based on N machines and electrolytic cells and then digging out Schafflander's patent, or even to see if Schafflander is still in jail - put there by the SEC for the same kind of frivolous reasons they have been hassling Paul Brown and William Hyde. Maybe we could get Schafflander to come out. This system is very practical and will completely stop the burning of fossil fuel, petroleum and stop the production of smog and acid rain. So let's think about that. Thank you for your continuing support of my work.


Computer Scanned from the:

Space Energy Newsletter (Quarterly)
Vol. III, No. III
October -November 1992
Space Energy Association
P.O. Box 11422
Clearwater, FL 34616


The Space Energy Association is dedicated to the pioneering work of several scientists and inventors, including Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, T. Henry Moray, T. T. Brown, Alfred Hubbard, T. J. J. See, Erwin Saxl, Hans Coler, and others.

Subscription rates are $35.00 USD per year.


From the back cover of this SEA issue showing eight working experimental devices and schematics:


"Anyone who now believes that all of the true free energy units or systems shown on this page are fakes or nonsense, must of necessity have a double-digit IQ, and/or should not seek a career in the scientific or engineering fields.

While not many of the F/E units systems shown here are practical for wide usage, they all, in some degree work are proven as O/U/O projects!

The growing body of evidence to support the free energy concept is now overwhelming, although the ugh!, scientific establishment may be underwhelmed about such conclusions!

Either we must have scientific fidelity, in both theory and practice, or we should all move back into the caves whence we all came!!!!"


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