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Dear Fellow American,

Let first introduce myself. I am an independent inventor and engineer working in the field of advanced energy systems. I have been very successful in creating the advanced energy systems that all of us will need if we are to survive and prosper in the coming years. These energy systems use the forces of the electric, magnetic, and gravitational nuclear, etc. Some of my work is contained in US Patent No. 4,897,592: Electrostatic Energy Power Generating Systems.

The United States Department of Energy and various large corporations have and are attempting to suppress this new emerging energy technology. They use vicious harassment, death threats, blackmail, extortion and employ people to file frivolous lawsuits to drain off resources to stop development and manufacture. I have been in court for five years over every conceivable frivolous matter one could think of.

Unless I receive help from the American people, I will not be able to work in this important energy technology area, as the costs of fighting a cabinet level federal bureaucracy and billion dollar corporations is prohibitive. My legal costs over the last five years has been over $35,000. I have lost over 30 foreign patents because of the government action. The politicians wonder why we have no economy, no jobs.

Please help one of America's most talented creative inventors by: calling or writing President Bush and your congressman to stop this outrageous attempt to maintain the "status quo" greedy monopolies that rip you off day after day.

Please send me a short note of your contribution towards this effort with your name and address and I will place you on a mailing list. People on this list will first be offered the stock of the corporation formed to manufacture this now emerging energy technology plus will receive technical updates.

Again, I ask for your help in this important matter. I personally thank all of you in advance for your help. I look forward to hearing from you all.



William Hyde
1685 Whitney
Idaho Falls, ID 83402-1768

Received via FAX on April 28, 1992.

WRITE HIM! I suggest you enclose $1 to defray his mailing costs.

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