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The complete table of contents for the papers published in the Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference in the New Technologies For Energy Utilization Area and the Innovative Concepts sessions from 1991, when it was begun by Dr. Patrick G. Bailey (ANS), through the present.

A Key for all of the IECEC sponsoring organizations listed is given at the bottom of this file.

26th IECEC Proceedings, 1991, Boston, MA (ANS)

Technical Program Chair: Patrick G. Bailey.

Sessions (4) Chair: Patrick Bailey.

Harold Aspden
The Principles Underlying Regenerative Free Energy Technology
Vol. 4, pp 336-340

Thomas Bearden and Walter Rosenthal
On A Testable Unification Of Electromagnetics, General Relativity, And Quantum Mechanics
Vol. 4, pp 487-492

Thomas Bearden and Floyd Sweet
Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics To Tap Vacuum Energy
Vol. 4, pp 370-375

John Bedini
The Bedini Free Energy Generator
Vol. 4, pp 451-456

Charles Berg
Innovation And Energy Use
Vol. 4, pp 382-387

Paul Brown
Current Status and Future Research with Resonant Nuclear Generators, Nucell, Inc., 1991 IECEC, Boston, MA.
Vol. 6, pp 132-134

Toby Grotz
Development Of A Particle Beam Weapons Based On Nikola Tesla's Design Of 1937
Vol. 4, pp 410-415

Toby Grotz
Wireless Transmission Of Power, An Attempt To Verify Nikola Tesla's 1899 Colorado Springs Experiments, Results Of Research and Experimentation
Vol. 4, pp 404-409

George Hathaway
Zero-Point Energy: A New Prime Mover? Engineering Requirements For Energy Production & Propulsion From Vacuum Fluctuations
Vol. 4, pp 376-381

Barbara Hickox
An Electrical Dynamo That Is A New Technology Over The Generation Of Electricity By Induction
Vol. 4, pp 457-460

Shiuji Inomata
New Paradigm And N-Machine
Vol. 4, pp 331-335

Rhetta Jacobson
The Tesla Bladeless Pumps And Turbines
Vol. 4, pp 445-450

Donald Kelly
The Enhanced Tank Circuit As A Free Energy Module
Vol. 4, pp 424-428

Donald Kelly and Patrick Bailey
The Methernitha Free Energy Machine, The Swiss M-L Converter
Vol. 4, pp 467-472

Moray King
Tapping The Zero-Point Energy As An Energy Source
Vol. 4, pp 364-369

Wingate Lambertson
History And Status Of The WIN Process
Vol. 4, pp 461-466

Paul LaViolette
Subquantum Kinetics: Exploring The Crack In The First Law
Vol. 4, pp 352-357

Richard McKie
PODMOD - Power Generation For A Brave New World Order
Vol. 4, pp 479-483

John Moray and Kevin Moray
The Sea Of Energy: A Means For The Preservation Of The Environment By Drawing Kinetic Energy From Space
Vol. 4, pp 347-351

William Muller
Muller Motor / Generator Principles
Vol. 4, pp 388-393B

Oliver Nichelson
Nikola Tesla's Later Energy Generation Designs
Vol. 4, pp 433-438

Bruce dePalma
Magnetism As A Distortion Of A Pre-Existent Primordial Energy Field And The Possibility Of Extraction Of Electrical Energy Directly From Space
Vol. 4, pp 429-432

P. T. Pappas
Energy Creation In Electrical Sparks And Discharges: Theory And Direct Experimental Evidence
Vol. 4, pp 416-423

Troy Reed
The Reed Magnetic Motor: The Motor Of Tomorrow
Vol. 4, pp 484-486

Glen Rein
Utilization Of A Cell Culture Bioassay For Measuring Quantum Potentials Generated From A Modified Caduceus Coil
Vol. 4, pp 400-403

Lynn Surgalla
Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical Physics For 21st Century Technology (A Tutorial For Engineers)
Vol. 4, pp 394-399

Thomas Valone
Non-Conventional Energy And Propulsion Methods
Vol. 4, pp 439-444

Thomas Valone
The One-Piece Faraday Generator: Research Results
Vol. 4, pp 473-478

Kurt VanVoorhies and James Smith
The Promises And Prospects of Worldwide Wireless Power Transfer: An Overview
Vol. 4, pp 341-346

R. J. Walko, et. al.
Tritium-Fueled Betacells
Vol. 6, pp 135-140

Jose Zoleta
Triac Alternator Flywheel Motor (TAF-13): An Alternative Source Of Energy
Vol. 4, pp 358-363

27th IECEC Proceedings, 1992, San Diego, CA (SAE)

Sessions (2) Chair: Patrick Bailey.

Harold Aspden
The Electronic Heat Engine
Vol. 4, pp 4.357-4.363

Thomas E. Bearden
A Redefinition of the Energy Ansatz, Leading to a Fundamentally New Class of Nuclear Interactions
Vol. 4, pp 4.303-4.310

Paul M. Brown
Solid State Isotopic Power Source for Computer Chips
Vol. 4, pp 4.345-4.350

Toby Grotz
The Use of Mirror Image Symmetry in Coil Winding, Applications and Advantages in Magnetic Field Generation
Vol. 4, pp 4.311-4.313

Toby Grotz, Tim Binder, and Ron Kovac
Novel Means of Hydrogen Production Using Dual Polarity Control and Walter Russell's Experiments with Zero Point Energy
Vol. 4, pp 4.339-4.344

Gary L. Johnson
Electrically Induced Explosions in Water
Vol. 4, pp 4.335-4.338

Donald A. Kelly
An Enhanced Quad-Disc Electrostatic Generator
Vol. 4, pp 4.351-4.356

Moray B. King
Progress and Results in Zero-Point Energy Research
Vol. 4, pp 4.297-4.302

Henry Oman
Extracting Earth Power for a Northeast-Southwest Train
Vol. 4, pp 6.171-6.176

F. T. Sparrow and P. S. Schmidt,
Demand-Side Management Implications of Electrically-Based Manufacturing Technologies
Vol. 4, pp 4.289-4.295

28th IECEC Proceedings, 1993, Atlanta, GA (ACS)

Sessions (3) Chair: Patrick Bailey.

Harold Aspden
Radiation Concentration Panels as a Future Energy Option
Vol. 2, pp 2.285-290

Patrick Bailey and Toby Grotz
A Critical Review of the Available Information Regarding Claims of Zero-Point Energy, Free-Energy, and Over-Unity Experiments and Devices [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 2, pp 2.205-2.910

Gary Bennett
The "Pathological Science" Syndrome: A Concern for Energy Science
Vol. 2, pp 2.335-2.340

Anthony Berejka
What Is A Watt Worth? - A Review of the Cost-Effectiveness of Irradiation Processing
Vol. 2, pp 2.899-2.903

Charles Berg
Where Does One Look for New Technology in Energy Use? Part I, Equilibrium Phenomena
Vol. 2, pp 2.359-2.364

Charles Berg
Where Does One Look for New Technology in Energy Use? Part II, Nonequilibrim Phenomena
Vol. 2, pp 2.365-2.369

Timothy Binder
Walter Russell's Innovative Concepts as the Basis for an Alternative View on Radioactivity Induced Oxygen - Ozone Depletion and Food Chain Pollution; and as the Basis for Alternative Fuels, Materials, Energy Production, and Radioactive Waste Cleanup
Vol. 2, pp 2.297-2.302

John H. Bloomer
Earthly Millenium Energy and Interstellar Shuttle Propulsion Potentials of Liquid Space Optics
Vol. 2, pp 2.239-2.334

Hal Fox
Commercialization of Enhanced Energy Systems
Vol. 2, pp 2.321-2.328

Shiuji Inomata and Yoshiyuki Mita
Small Nd Magnet Twin N-Machine
Vol. 2, pp 2.347-2.352

Oliver Nickelson
The Thermodynamics of Tesla's Fuelless Electrical Generator
Vol. 2, pp 2.341-2.346

Henry Ohman
Progress In Beating the Carnot-Cycle Efficiency Limit
Vol. 2, pp 2.353-2.358

Myron Schachter
Protocol for a New Electric Battery
Vol. 2, pp 2.291-2.296

Ed Storms
The Status of "Cold Fusion"
Vol. 2, pp 2.315-2.320

Thomas Valone
Inertial Propulsion: Concept and Experiment, Part I
Vol. 2, pp 2.303-2.308

Carol White
A Summary Review of the 3rd International Conference on Cold Fusion
Vol. 2, pp 2.309-2.314

29th IECEC Proceedings, 1994, Monterey, CA (AIAA)

Sessions (2) Chair: Patrick Bailey.

E. Divers
Betacell: A Microencapsulated Nuclear Battery
Vol. 4, pp 1442-1447

C. Forsberg and J. Conklin
Temperature-Initiated Passive Cooling System (TIPACS) Vol. 4, pp 1448-1456

J. Dahlman, S. Girard, and G. Miller
Nickel-Hydrogen Battery Based Terrestrial Power System
Vol. 4, pp 1457-1461

J. Bloomer
Conversion of Solar Energy Via New Aerospace Technology
Vol. 4, pp 1462-1467

M. Schachter
Abandoned SSC Tunnel of House Largest Nuclear Power Plant
Vol. 4, pp 1468-1473

E. Newman
Force-of-Gravity Conversion System
Vol. 4, pp 1474-1477

S. Crouch-Baker, M. McKubre, A. Hauser, N. Jevtic, S. Smedley, and F. Tanzellav
An Overview of Excess Heat Production in the Deuterated Palladium System (at SRI)
Vol. 4, pp 1478-1483

T. Valone
Inertial Propulsion: Concept and Experiment, Part II
Vol. 4, pp 1484-1489

M. Eskander and H. Khashab
Transient and Stability Analysis of Double Fed Induction Motor with IP Control
Vol. 4, pp 1490-1495

Q. Chen, K. Ma, S. McMicjael, Z. Xia, M. Lamb, R. Cooley, P. Fowler, and W. Chu
Designing and Testing of High Tc Superconducting Magnetic Bearing for Flywheel Energy Storage Applications
Vol. 4, pp 1496-1501

M. Daugherty, F. Prenger, D. Hill, D. Daney, L. Worl, A. Schake, and D. Padilla
Application of High-Temperature Superconductors to High-Gradient Magnetic Separation
Vol. 4, pp 1502-1507

R. Sokolowski and C. Rosner
Industrial Applications of Superconductivity
Vol. 4, pp 1508-1513

R. Hawsey, R. Sokolowski, P. Haldar, and L. Motowidlo
Progress in Development of High Temperature Superconducting Wire for Electric Power Applications
Vol. 4, pp 1514-1519

30th IECEC Proceedings, 1995, Orlando, FL (ASME)

Session (1) Chair: Patrick Bailey.

Keith Lindler and Mark Harper
Combustor Design Tool for a Gas Fired Thermophotovoltaic Energy Converter
Vol. 3, pp 275-280

Hal Fox and Patrick Bailey
A Survey of International "Cold Fusion" Research
Vol. 3, pp 281-286

James Hurtak and Patrick Bailey
A Review of Research in "Cold Fusion" and Its Impact on Energy Conservation
Vol. 3, pp 287-292

R. Newman, Y. Cha, J. Hull, W. Buckles, B. Weber, K. Dixon, and C. Ray
High-Temperature-Superconductor Current Leads for Electric Utility Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Applications
Vol. 3, pp 291-300

Masahide Murakami and Yasuo Katsuki
Study of Onset Condition of Noisy Film Boiling in Superfluid Helium
Vol. 3, pp 301-306

J. Fagan, K. Vuong, C. Shen, J. Williams, E. Tenpas, D. Partis, X. Wang, V. Amarakoon, B. Chen, and R. Snyder
Influence of Excess Platinum and Yttrium Containing Additives on the Microstructural and Phase Formation Kinetics in the YBa2Cu3O7-Delta System
Vol. 3, pp 307-316

31st IECEC Proceedings, 1996, Washington D.C. (IEEE)

No Innovative Sessions or Papers were planned or presented.

32rd IECEC Proceedings, 1997, Honolulu, Hawaii (AIChE)

Innovative Concepts I - New Concepts I: Wednesday, July 30, 1997.

Chaired By: P. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA.

M. G. Gilman, Lowe, Price, LeBlanc, and Becker, Alexandria, VA
Licensing Patents and Technology by the Developer of the Technology (97190)
Vol. 2, pp. 1280-1286.

P. Gibas, F. Greilinger, J-M. Lehner, W. Rusterholz, RQM, Rapperswil, Switzerland
Free Energy by Space Quanta Manipulation (RQM) (97145)
Vol. 2, pp. 1287-1292.

J. J. Hurtak, AFFS Corporation, Los Gatos, CA; P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA
RQM Technologies: Summary and Status (97175)
Vol. 2, pp. 1293-1297.

H. Fox, Fusion Information Center, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT; P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA
High Density Charge Clusters and Energy Conversion Results (97230) [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 3, pp. 1305-1310.

P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA; T. Grotz, Wireless Engineering, Craig, CO; J. J. Hurtak, Academy for Future Science, Los Gatos, CA
Survey and Critical Review of Recent Innovative Energy Conversion Technologies (97215) [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 4, pp. 2283-2288.

P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA; T. Grotz, Wireless Engineering, Craig, CO; J. J. Hurtak, Academy for Future Science, Los Gatos, CA
Review and Status of Reported Innovative Energy Conversion Technologies, Contrasted Using a Consistent R&D Ranking Scale (97212) [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 4, pp. 2277-2282.

Innovative Concepts II - New Concepts II: Thursday, July 31, 1997.

Chaired By: P. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA.

D. E. Reisner, T. D. Xiao, P. R. Strutt, US Nanocorp, Inc., North Haven, CT; A. J. Salkind, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ
Nanostructured Materials for Energy Storage and Energy Conversion Devices (97501)
Vol. 3, pp. 1311-1316.

G. Bisio, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy
Thermodynamics of Magnetic Systems and Some Applications (97001)
Vol. 3, pp. 1298-1304.

P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy; N. Worthington, AUM Foundation, Redwood City, CA
History and Applications of HAARP Technologies: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (97216) [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 3, pp. 1317-1322.

J. J. Hurtak, AFFS Corporation, Los Gatos, CA; P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA
Cold Fusion Research: Models and Potential Benefits (97163) [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 3, pp. 1323-1329.

H. Fox, Fusion Information Center, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT; P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA
Possible New Applications of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (97231) [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 3, pp. 1330-1333.

Innovative Concepts III - Cold Fusion Results: Thursday, July 31, 1997.

Chaired By: P. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA.

P. G. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA; H. Fox, Fusion Information Center, Salt Lake City, UT
A Review of the Patterson Power Cell (97221) [Revised Paper Available]
Vol. 4, pp. 2289-2294.

M. H. Miles, K. B. Johnson, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, China Lake, CA; M. A. Imam, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
Anomalous Heat and Helium Production Using Palladium-Boron Alloys in Heavy Water (97538)
Vol. 3, pp. 1334-1337.

M. Swartz, JET Energy Technology, Inc. Weston, MA
Biphasic Behavior in Thermal Electrolytic Generators Using Nickel Cathodes (97009)
Vol. 3, pp. 1338-1343.

S. J. Szpak, P.A. Boss, NCCOSC, San Diego, CA
Thermal and Nuclear Events Associated with the Pd+D Codeposition (97120)
Vol. 3, pp. 1344-1349.

J. Dash, R. Kopecek, S. Miguet, Portland State University, Portland, OR
Excess Heat and Unexpected Elements from Aqueous Electrolysis with Titanium and Palladium Cathodes (97368)
Vol. 3, pp. 1350-1355.

T. Mizuno, T. Akimoto, K. Kurokawa, M. Kitaichi, K. Inoda, K. Azumi, S. Simokawa, T. Ohmori, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan; M. Enyo, Hakodate National College of Technology, Hakodate, Japan
Changes in Isotopic Distribution of the Elements on Palladium Cathode After Electrolyzed in D2O Solution (97198)
Vol. 3, pp. 1356-1361.

T. Ohmori, T. Mizuno, Hokkaido University, Kitaku Sapporo, Japan; M. Enyo, Hakodate National College of Technology, Tokuracho Hakodate, Japan
Nuclear Transmutation Induced by Light Water Electrolysis With Gold Electrode (97373)
Vol. 3, pp. 1362-1367.

Innovative Concepts IV - Additional Concepts: Friday, Aug. 1, 1997.

Chaired By: P. Bailey, Institute for New Energy, Los Altos, CA.

B. Iverson, Tigard, OR
Foundations of Science (Quantum Arithmetic) (97096)
Vol. 3, pp. 1372-1376.

F. A. Wyczalek, FW Lilly, Inc., Bloomfield Hills, MI
Einstein's Special Relativity - Kinematical Part I - Einstein for Philistines (97544)
Vol. 3, pp. 1368-1371.

F. A. Wyczalek, FW Lilly Inc., Bloomfield Hills, MI
Einstein's Special and General Relativity - Energy Conversion Engineering Applications (97552)
Vol. 3, pp. 1377-1380.

M. V. Bedekar, Maharashtra, India; H. V. Bedekar, Engineering College, Nasik, India
An Intelligent Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural Control System for Applications in Hazardous Environments (97408)
Vol. 3, pp. 1381-1384.

33rd IECEC Proceedings, 1998, Colorado Springs, CO (ANS)

The 1998 IECEC Proceedings is available on a CD only.

Innovative Concepts - I / Thursday, August 6, 1998, 7:30-9:30 AM.

Patrick Bailey, Session Chair.

N. Ghaddar
A Novel MHD Electrical Generator Using Turbulent Hydromagnetic Flow In A Side-Heated Thermosyphonic Loop

M. Goldfarb and L. D. Jones
Mechanical To Electrical Energy Conversion With A Pzt Stack

E. Velasco (Mexico)
Development Of An Efficient And Innovative Sun Engine For Solar To Electrical Energy Conversion

A. T. Sukhodolsky (Russia)
An Introduction To Thermodynamics Of Renewable Cycles For Direct Solar Energy Conversion

Innovative Concepts - II / Thursday, August 6, 1998, 9:45-11:45 AM.

Patrick Bailey, Session Chair.

G. Bisio (Italy)
Two-Step Fuel Oxidation To Improve Efficiency In The Conversion Of Chemical Energy Into Work

B. N. Rao (India) and U. Shet (Germany)
Studies On A Nozzle-Mix Swirl Burner With Combustion Staging

J. W. Di Turo and J. J. Hurtak
Innovative Technique For In Situ Treatment Of Contaminated Surface Waters And Submerged Sediments By Enhanced Aerobic Bioremediation.

Patrick Bailey, Toby Grotz, and James Hurtak
The Need For Accurate Reporting And Archival Of Data For Innovative Energy Conversion Devices: The INE Data Base [Revised Paper Available]

Concepts in Cold Fusion - Transmutation Technologies / Wednesday, August 5, 1998, 7:30-9:30 AM.

David Black, Session Chair and General Chairman of the 1998 IECEC.

G. H. Miley
Flowing Packed-Bed Electrolytic Power Cell Based On Thin-Film Metallic Coatings

T. F. Mcgraw and R.R. Davis
Critical Factors In Transitioning From Fuel Cell To Cold Fusion Technology

V. A. Filimonov and V. A. Kobets (Belarus)
Selforganization Processes Under Metals Loading By Hydrogen Isotopes - Materials Science Basis For Cold Fusion And Transmutation Technologies

T. Mizuno, T. Ohmori, and T. Akimoto (Japan)
Detection of Radiation Emission, Heat Generation, and Elements From A Pt Electrode Induced By Electrolytic Discharge in Alkaline Solutions

M. R. Swartz
Patterns Of Failure In Cold Fusion Experiments


ANS - American Nuclear Society (IECEC 1991, 1998)

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers (IECEC 1992)

ACS - American Chemical Society (IECEC 1993)

AIAA - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (IECEC 1994)

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers (IECEC 1995)

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IECEC 1996)

AIChE - American Institute of Chemical Engineers (IECEC 1997)

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