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International Cold Fusion Forum
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
April 19-24, 1998

With the maturation of the field, ICCF-7 seeks to attract a more diverse audience including additional scientists, research institutes, students, national funding agencies, commercial interests, journalists, and spouses. It is the objective of ICCF-7 to provide a productive international forum for communication and education.


September 1997: Official call for full, one-page abstracts. Final peer review process begins.

December 1997: Final notification to all presenters regarding the format of their presentation.

January 1998: Deadline for final abstracts to be published in ICCF-7 Program Manual and Website.

April 1998: Conference. All presenters must hand in their final papers during the conference for timely inclusion in the publication ICCF-7 Proceedings.

A different topic is planned for each day at ICCF-7. An invited presentation with summary review or global implications for the entire field will begin each day's topic, followed by five oral presentations on the topic. Afternoons will be entirely devoted to enhanced poster sessions, which include a 3-5 minute oral preview and summary.

A "Top Ten" poster presenters will be selected by the attendees, and each will conduct an expanded 15 minute presentation to the full audience on Thursday afternoon.

Three evening workshops will also be held.

Topics include: Heat & Related Products, Nuclear Processes & Products, Materials & Innovative Approaches, and Theory & Nuclear Physics.

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Sept. 10, 1997.