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Excerpts from Brian O'Leary's Workshop Presentation at the San Francisco Whole Life Expo, Sunday, 22 October 1995
From Dr. Patrick Bailey

From: NEN, Vol. 3, No. 6, November 1995, pp. 3-4.

New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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I was fortunate to be able to go this Expo and bought a copy of the two audiotapes of Brian's really wonderful workshop presentation. I thought that the INE Members would like to hear some of the things that he had to say in that presentation. Here is a short summary of his talk:

"It takes time to investigate something and to see what the truth really is. The resistance to any new idea is proportional to the square of its importance (Bertrand Russell). Somebody has to be the pioneer and build the bridge! All that we would need is a moderately funded effort! What's going on now? Some 'free-energy' and 'over-unity' experiments have been seen and are repeatable. We have the theoretical underpinning. And right now, the concept of 'free-energy' has a poorer credibility than that of UFOs! America has tripled its oil consumption in the last 20 years. Estimates are that we have 20 to maybe 40 years of oil left! 'Free-energy' is so abundant that it could be used to provide a clean environment for the entire world! It could also be abused, so it needs to be developed properly! Several devices have been seen that produce 'free-energy' effects. No commercial models are available. Why not? We need a moderately funded R&D effort, maybe at about $10 M to $100 M per year: that represents only about 1/100th of 1% of the Federal Budget! My proposal is to start such an R&D ,laboratory and to bring the proper people in, and with a community effort, to develop these new technologies! The US has been historically hostile to the receipt of these new technologies. Several researchers are developing various devices. We need to work together on this!

"I (Brian O'Leary) am a Board Member and one of the founders of the International Association of New Science (IANS). The Institute of New Energy (INE) is a spin-off organization of the IANS. There has been a bit of a rift within the INE that during the past two International conferences the organizers have not allowed 'New Age' concepts, such as the effects of consciousness on mechanical devices, to be included in their meetings. So, the INE has become a new professional technical society devoted to the study of just these mechanical devices and their 'free-energy' effects. That should continue. The IANS will continue to research the effects of other influences within the energy conversion and other fields. New sciences are real and they can be studied by using the old-sciences investigative methods. 'Free-energy' is a very real prospect in the near future! When we work together in bonded dedicated groups, anything is possible."

[Dr. Brian O'Leary, a former astronaut, has recently moved to Hawaii. In his extensive travels, speaking and authoring projects, he has missed many NEN issues. Brian will be pleased that considerable progress is being made toward commercialization. Brian and this editor have a friendly difference of opinion on funding resources. Brian likes Federal dollars and I like private funding. Ed.]

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