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If Your Birthday is on August 19: Horoscope, 1997

If August 19 is Your Birthday:

San Jose Mercury News, Horoscope, by Sydney Omarr: -------

You blend showmanship with education:  You are philosopher and original 
thinker.  You also are determined, stubborn, emit aura of sensuality, 
sex appeal.  You adore entertainment, theater, wrap presents in gaudy 
colors.  Romance is your middle name.

LEO:  Remove layer upon layer until you strike gold.  Highlight 
thoroughness, determination to achieve goal.

SAGG:  Practical matters dominate; get priorities in order.  Individual 
you took for granted will be absent without leave.

San Francisco Chronicle, Horoscope, by Christopher Renstrom: -------

LEO:  You may not be looking for a new friend, but someone makes the 
jump from acquaintance to inner circle today.

SAGG:  People can count on your support, but you won't fight their 
battles for them.  You've proved yourself.  Can they?


[PB.  Sun in Leo, Sagg. Rising.]

["I can't help it.  I'm just drawn that way."  Jessica Rabbit...]

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Aug. 19, 1997.