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Finding The Energy Of The Future:
A Book Review of "The Coming Energy Revolution"

By Toby Grotz

Emailed to the INE in November 1997.

Finding The Energy Of The Future:

A book review of "The Coming Energy Revolution" by author Jeane Manning
Avery Publishing Group, Garden City Park, NY 1996 ISBN 0-89529-713-2

"Let Nature reveal her secrets bye and bye...
 When the light that's lost within us reaches the sky."
  - Jackson Brown
   'Before the Deluge'

In The Coming Energy Revolution, author Jeane Manning chronicles the research and development of a new source of energy. The energy that is under investigation by researchers around the world will result in non polluting, resource independent, decentralized, energy systems. The source of this new energy exists through out all space and is known in the standard literature of physics as the zero point energy (ZPE). It turns out that the material world as we know it is a derivative of and would not exist with out the zero point energy. ZPE exists through out all space, between the galaxies, within the space surrounded by your body, and between your eyes and the printed page. It is an extremely high frequency, randomly oriented field. Calculations of the energy density that exits in a cubic centimeter are so vast as to be almost unimaginable. As physicist Hal Puthoff, of the Advanced Institute for Science in Austin, Texas describes it: "there is enough energy in one cubic centimeter of space to evaporate all the oceans on earth." The ZPE is also referred to by researchers as the aether, prana, or the fire of creation, agni.

The search for transducers that take advantage of the existence of ZPE began in the late 1800's and continues to this day. The term space power generators has been widely used recently to describe devices that produce more power than they consume, the so called free energy generators of T. Henry Moray, Lestor Hendershot, the ML Converter of the Christian commune Methernitha in Switzerland, and the Sparky Sweet Vacuum Triode Amplifier, have been shown to produce power in the kilowatt range.

In The Coming Energy Revolution, the achievements of past inventors are reviewed, the physics behind the devices is presented, emerging technologies such as cold fusion and hydrogen are evaluated, and the political and social ramifications are discussed.

We who are actively involved in new energy technology research believe that Space Power Generators are on the way to becoming a reality. Several systems are ready for commercial application and the inventors are in the process of raising funds for manufacturing or are seeking licensing agreements. After a trip around the world visiting new energy inventors, and two trips to Japan, we have not had one report of suppression of research or development. Indeed, the governments of two countries, Japan and India, are funding and supporting Space Power Research. The government of Korea recently sent two scientists on a world wide trip to evaluate the field of new energy. Their visit in April to our laboratory in Colorado is further evidence that established scientists are opening to the possibilities of free energy

This technology is not a bigger better mouse trap or a smaller faster micro circuit. It is an advancement in the way we view the physical universe and that which lies beyond and within simultaneously. It is also a revolution in the way we will do business on Earth and will cause a sociological transformation on a planetary scale. In this country alone the installed power generation base is close to 1,000 gigawatts. The cost of that energy is reflected in the roof over your head to the beans in your bowl. The high cost of a new house, car, or box of cereal is directly related to the amount of energy needed for production. The resources that produce that energy have been fought over in Vietnam, Kuwait, and in Somalia, the Energy Wars of the 20th century. In each case vast quantities of oil were at stake. Space Power Generators will reduce the cost of living, end the need for energy wars, and raise the standard of living world wide.

Free energy is an equalizer. It is becoming obvious that the standard of living in the industrial world must fall in order for the standard of living to be raised in the third world. More than half of the world's soon to be six billion people have little or no access to electricity. They can't turn on the lights when they go home. The western world consumes as much as 70% of the planetary output of natural resources. The rest of the world wants a piece of that pie. We can either redistribute our share of the pie or make the pie larger. Development of Space Power Generators will do that.

Space Power Generators will become a reality. Coal mines, fossil fuel and nuclear power plants will follow the dinosaurs into extinction. When you ask when or how long will it take, consider the following: How long did it take from the invention of the transistor at Bell Labs until they were common place? How long did it take from the time the first computer was built until everybody had one? One might suspect it will take another 20 to 40 years until Space Power Generators are common place, but then how long did it take from the time the first Compact Discs were introduced in record stores before you could no longer find a record to buy in a record store? Five years maybe?

Toby Grotz, Electrical Engineer
President, Institute For New Energy, 1993-1994

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Nov. 3, 1997.