Sep. 19, 2006

Institute for New Energy Frequently Asked Questions Page

INE FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About the INE and the INE Website

From the Institute for New Energy Web Site at: www.padrak.com/ine/

The INE:

What is the INE?

The INE is a non-profit organization dedicated to researching and reporting on the development of advanced energy conversion devices. Such devices include charge cluster technology, "free-energy" machines and "over-unity" devices, where new or novel "potential energy" sources can be identified as new energy sources. Several such devices have been developed in the past, including the dry-cell battery, fuel cells, dams, nuclear fission reactors, and cold fusion cells.

Who are the Officers and Organizations involved in the INE?

The current INE Officers are:

President: Patrick Bailey (in California);
Past President: Toby Grotz (in Kansas);
Secretary and Treasurer: Patrick Bailey (in California).

The New Energy News (NEN):

What is the NEN?

The New Energy News (NEN) has been the official monthly publication of the INE, and was sent to all of its members each month, in the recent past in email form only. The NEN was discontimued in 2005 due an apparent lack of interest from teh INE members at that time.

Other Publications available:

What is the Journal of New Energy (JNE)?

The JNE is a quarterly journal of the latest scientific papers regarding specific topics of current interest. It is available to the general public as well as INE members. Each issue is costs $45.00, while a yearly subscription costs only $150.00. The complete contents of each JNE issue are described in the various JNE pages.

The Journal of New Energy is published by the Emerging Energy Marketing Firm, Inc. (EEMF) which is an organization that is dedicated identifying and funding viable new energy devices, and is the organization that also publishes the New Energy News.

TRENERGY is a separate private corporation that is offering stock for its own research.

What is the International Symposium on New Energy (ISNE)?

The ISNE is an international conference on New Energy that has been held almost every year since 1993. The conference was sponsored by the International Association for New Science (IANS), and was also supported by the INE. The ISNE Proceedings from all past conferences are all available, and each costs about $45.00. The complete contents of each ISNE Proceedings are described in the various ISNE pages.

What about specific reports and papers of high interest?

Certain reports and papers are made available to researchers through the INE. As most of these have been copyrighted by the authors and/or various organizations, they are provided at a minimal cost for research purposes only. Various reports and papers are available.

What else is available through the INE?

See the INE Products page. Various items available include:

Journals of New Energy;
Proceedings of the International Symposiums on New Energy;
Reports and Papers;

The Best Sources of Information:

Where is the best good reference for information on:

"Free-Energy" and "Over-Unity" Devices;
"Perpetual Motion";
A Working "Perpetual Motion" Machine;
Working "Free-Energy" Devices;
"Cold Fusion";
"Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions";
"The Patterson Power Cell";
"Related Published References";
"Pathological Science";
"Anti-Gravity Newsletter";
"Anti-Gravity Report (1956)";
US Government Suppression of US Patents (Applied For);
Foreign Suppression of Free-Energy Research (Becocraft);
Suppression Stories from Inventors (Brown);
Suppression Stories from Inventors (Hyde).

Any Subject (INE or NEN related).

Any Author (INE or NEN related).

Other Related Organizations.

Upcoming and Past Related Meetings and Conferences.

INE Related People (Names, Addresses, Emails, URLs).

INE Related Organizations (Names, Addresses, Emails, URLs).

Information Sources.

Commercial Sources.

Other Related Advanced Energy Research Websites (LOTS!).

The INE Database:

Where is the INE Database of Devices that are being studied? How are the devices sorted in the database?

Sorted by:  Device Name;
            Inventor Name;
            Interest Criteria;
            Commercialization Criteria.
How is the device information stored in the database? How are all those HTML files generated? Can you get errors into the HTML files?

The INE database is one large spreadsheet. Each separate device is listed in a separate row in that database. The INE Database Guide describes the details of the data format. All of the individual HTML files for each of the many devices, as well as the above four summary files, are all automatically generated from the database. All the data in the INE Database appears exactly "as is" in all of the HTML files posted.

How do I input new devices or device data into the INE database?

Refer to the format for any of the devices in the INE Database; use the Database Template provided, and email us your completed template form. Also refer to the INE Database Guide for additional information regarding the INE Database, its devices, and its various listings, sortings, and files.

How can I volunteer to a Principal Research on an INE Database Device?

Just email us and provide us information on your interest and capabilities. Also refer to the INE Database Guide for additional information.

Corrections and Additions to the NEN:

How do I get corrections into the NEN?

Just email us and provide us with the appropriate data.

How do I submit my article for publication into the NEN?

Just email us and provide us with the information you wish us to publish. We will review your material and will contact you if we have any questions. All requests will be answered.

Corrections and Additions to the INE Website:

How do I get corrections or additions onto the INE website?

Just email us and provide us with the appropriate data. Be sure to note the website page name and the existing text, as well as your corrections. (The website page name and its creation date are always given at the bottom of each website page.)

Is This Worth It?

Is this really worth it? I mean, most of these devices won't work anyway...

ABSOLUTELY! We must keep track of all the reported efforts, the failures, and especially the marketers - as well as the successes that are discovered. We have all seen ads that promote devices that were previously known to not work. We need to keep accurate data on all of the devices that are reported. Let's find the diamonds among the dirt.

Won't these new devices and future technologies just be developed and patented by some inventor anyway?

No! Absolutely Not! The process of inserting new technology into our society has become extremely complex and very interesting. Without getting into political discussions or presenting various cases of overt governmental suppression, the INE is aware of the US Secrecy Order (Title 35, United States Code (1952), Sections 181-188) and several INE researchers that have actually received this order - which basically says that the US Patent Office has found your invention to be in the interests of "National Security" and that you are instructed to turn over all of your research and notes and keep quiet under penalty of current US Federal Law. We want to see new technology appear very soon in the civilian sector - where it is desperately needed! Several inventors are pursuing different development options, such as working in INE research and related groups, and getting a US Patent last! The INE supports these inventors and developers. Be Creative!

Hasn't all of physics been discovered? I have a PhD in Physics (or whatever...), and it's all in the text books!

Oh, please... Open your eyes. Open your mind!

Remember the airplane, electric lightbulb, rocket propulsion, ICBMs, atomic energy AND cold fusion were all devices that "wouldn't work" ...