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Gorgons, Tornadoes, and Plasmoid Phenomena

Edward Lewis
P. O. Box 13050
Chicago, Illinois 60613

April 28, 1996
revised May 24, 1996

[Received via email to INE, June 1996. Revised Oct. 1996.]
[Reposted Nov. 15, 1996.]

Gorgons, Tornadoes, and Plasmoid Phenomena

Copyright 1995, 1996 by Edward Lewis

A few years ago, I found a wonderful book(1) that was written by Egon Bach about phenomena from volcanoes, vents, and even just the plain flat earth surface that he calls gorgons, after the ancient Greek name for god-monsters from volcanoes. He seems to have worked for many years to collect evidence and formulate his ideas. My plasmoid ideas are not much like his ideas though. Gorgons are a type of plasmoid. By learning about these plasmoids, one can learn about other types such as those produced in apparatus. I want to introduce this book and explain how these phenomena are identical to plasmoids and tornadoes since they behave like other plasmoids and even interconvert to them, and show application to understanding the "cold fusion" phenomena.

Gorgons are similar in many ways to other plasmoids I've identified(2) and convert to them. In fact, I suspect that many ball lightning actually came out of the earth so they are gorgons. They may be of many different colors and give off so much light and electricity that they scorch surrounding vegetation. And they have burned down cities. Like other plasmoids, they may be spherical, toroidal, cylindrical, conic and other shapes, and they sometimes have tails like comets. They may form chains, V-shaped chains, and circular chains (Athena's necklace), and there is an awesome set of pictures in his book (Fig. 12a-e) of a semi-circular chain (like Fig. 7(3)) of large gorgons near a volcanic cloud, and the pictures show that like ball lightning (BL) and K. Shoulder's plasmoids(4) gorgons may shine on and off to be black gorgons like black BL and black EVs(4), and show that the ring didn't rotate. They sometimes may blink. Like BL, some gorgons can travel through materials with no apparent effect, hence people sometimes see them emerging from the flat ground during earthquakes, and they may travel in the sea and in lakes. They also bore leaving tunnels. So in both ways they emerge as plasmoids emerge from electrodes and apparatus. They are often hundreds of meters in diameter and are ejected during eruptions, and such large ones have been seen and tracked on radar to travel distances of hundreds or thousands of miles, even at supersonic speeds.

They leave radioactive residues and new heavy elements like Matsumoto's plasmoids, and weird substances called "Angel's hair" and strange composites, and hollow crystalline spheres, and poisonous fumes that have killed hundreds of people; and they emit intense beams and jets from their axis of rotation like tiny plasmoids(2) and quasars(5) that have destroyed planes and blinded people, and may have lights on the equatorial plane; and make boring holes into the ground or walls (page 70) either by traveling though them or hovering over them, or swirling around in circles making caves as large as ten acres wide (p. 82) while growing bigger; and like tornadoes and Matsumoto's and K. Shoulder's plasmoids they have been seen to make ditches taking the ground into them without leaving residues, suggesting that the ground converted to larger plasmoids, light, or electricity, though like other plasmoids they also have been observed to deposit material at another location, and often upon analysis there is transmutation and radioactivity. When some exploded, due to the high energy, they caused secondary tremors or tsunamis even far away from the point of their origin. And they frequently change colors, sometimes rapidly, and give off "bundled" frequencies of radio or light (beams and etc; or radiation that may also be all of one frequency, like sonoluminescence radiation, or somewhat like lasers, or cycle through an array of frequencies in patterns that may repeat) or other radiation that remind me of the audio tapes and phenomena described by Bill Ramsay(6) that suggests, as I suspect he already knows, that the receptions he gets with his circuits and apparatus are from not only outer space but also the earth. There is a correspondence between the two. This may explain how animals and some people know about earth changes.

Like tornadoes(7), some gorgons have been seen to be cylinders composed of disks stacked upon each other, and people have seen such sheer apart into many flying disks (p. 166). Recently, a video of a "white cylinder" that was a half mile long traveling very fast about 75000 feet over Colorado and that was apparently also photographed in another state a little later was featured on Paranormal Borderlines(8). It was luminous and rapidly exhibited a variety of changing colors and seems to have been layered or somewhat segmented. The object was videotaped very recently, perhaps a month ago. E. Bach reports information about other pictures or studies of similar objects. There actually are many reports of gorgons spouting out tornado-like funnels or funnels joining together with a gorgon. Large gorgons may convert to tornadoes (p. 71).

Just as they blink on and off, gorgons have a wide range of thermal phenomena -- sometimes too anomalously high, like CF, and sometimes anomalously cold. They may bore deep tunnels through ceramics and mountains; and in one instance when a BL phenomena 10 centimeters in diameter landed in a pail containing 10 liters of water and made it boil, the energy output of it was measured to be about 800 calories per cubic centimeter, assuming it was solid, or 800 kilocalories overall, showing to be excess of any possible chemical energy (p. 190). In several cases discussed by ball lightning researchers such as Barry(9) and Roth(10), the manifested energy per size of BL was much higher than any known chemical effect -- up to about 100,000 Joules per cubic centimeter of ball lightning. In comparison, TNT manifests energy at about 2000 Joules per cubic centimeter of material. On the other hand, some people who have felt them report them to be cool or cold which suggests that some are endothermic and thus convert light and electricity to plasmoid phenomena; perhaps just like the devices that people describe that make the environment cold.

So to understand the CF phenomena and other anomalies, people should study plasmoid phenomena, since atoms are plasmoids. Several other people and groups of people(11) early on have written interesting articles comparing electrodes associated with the CF phenomena to the earth's earthquakes and volcanoes. The emission of plasmoids from electrodes is similar to the emission of gorgons from the earth. The two phenomena, the earth and electrodes, are similar in that elemental and isotopic production, "excess energy," and other anomalous phenomena can be explained by the formation and emission of plasmoids and the conversion and mutation of plasmoid atoms.


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