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By Millennium Twain

Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 08:00:13 -0800
From: "M.Twain" 
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Subject: more sad tidings, confirmed.


This is to confirm the news of the death of free-energy pioneer Bruce Eldridge 
DePalma. His final resting place is the soil of West Auckland, New Zealand. I 
received a confirming telephone call from the DePalma Institute late Friday 
night (California time). It will probably be a few days before a statement can 
be released to the Web. 

Don't know any of the details, but would hazard to guess cancer, ulcers, or some 
related condition. Bruce strongly empathized with my reactivity to the 
conformist consumer world and to the resulting "ulcerated mess" seemingly 
"nurtured within" myself, as he said. He understood my situation of adversity 
and my goals of harmony, and thus concured with New Zealand and the DePalma 
Institute as the solution. 

I haven't had a chance to speak to Chris Tinsley's early death. Would like to 
respond to his post of January 22, 1997 on the subject of 'push' forces and the 
aether. I never got to meet or exchange correspondence with Chris. Furthering 
and extending his quest is all I can offer to do. As he said,

"This post is pure prattle, and I apologise in advance for it. I'm just trying 
to get some kind of a handle on this 'new physics'. And I want very much to 
avoid the clever stuff, just to look at the basics." 

"We know that two ships parked close together in choppy seas will be pushed 
together by the fact that longer waves are excluded from the space between them, 
and the idea seems to be that this kind of action explains all the forces?"

My question to the discussion groups is -- this certainly explains the 
(electromagnetogravitic wave) Casimir phenomenum, but why do planets NOT fall 
into stars? Stars NOT fall into galactic cores? Clearly the stellar and 
galactic-scale standing aether (plasma-group) waves have equal repulsive 
components. And do not equal numbers of examples exist of expanding galactic 
systems, as opposed to contracting? Is not the micro-scale aether just like the 
cosmic-scale aether, in that sense? Does not repulsion exist as often, and in 
balance with attraction? Compression as rarifaction? Unraveling and decay as 
often as superposition, beading, and soliton creation? 

That I believe is the nature of the ubiquitous EMG aenertial vortex wave of 
experience. Of action. Of spin and propagation flux density. Aether waves are 
repulsive from the outside, attractive on the inside? Repulsive from the outside 
slope so-to-speak, attractive to the inside slope?

Goodbye Chris. Goodbye Bruce. We will do all we can to clear up our minds, and 
strengthen our bodies. Whether we are in time to give this planet a chance, I 
largely doubt,


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Oct. 10, 1997.