June 17, 1999

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By The Alternative Energy Institute

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The New Energy Report: AEI Bulletin #1 - COFE Conference - 6/14/99


The Alternative Energy Institute [at www.altenergy.org] just completed an
exclusive review (complete with photographs) of the controversial First
Annual Conference on Future Energy (COFE) held recently in Bethesda,

COFE was hosted by the Integrity Research Institute (IRI) and co-
sponsored by Infinite Energy Magazine and the Alternative Energy 
Institute. Initially embraced by the State Department's prestigious Open 
Forum program, COFE was later rejected when Bob Park of the American 
Physical Society criticized the meeting for its so-called "lack of 
conventional science." The US government's withdrawal of support forced 
IRI to move the meeting location from Washington, D.C. to Maryland.

COFE showcased cutting-edge technologies such as Dr. Edmund Storms' 
chemically assisted nuclear reactions (CANR). Recently retired after 34 
years at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Dr. Storms has taken nuclear 
science to a new level with his CANR research, which generates energy 
without producing dangerous amounts of radiation or radioactive waste.

David Hamilton, from the US Department of Energy, was there to inform the 
COFE crowd about the progress in hydrogen fuel cell technology and the 
D.O.E.'s own program called "Partnership for a New Generation of 
Vehicles." Ford, Chrysler and General Motors are all working on fuel cell 
vehicles and automaker Daimler Benz expects to manufacture 100,000 fuel 
cell cars by 2004.

Engineer W. David Wallman demonstrated his innovative carbon-arc Biomass 
Gasification Process that converts organic waste solutions into a unique 
hydrogen-based gas. The clean-burning gas can then be utilized to 
generate energy.

Visionary businessman Les Adam's products excite the mind and the 
imagination, and best of all are available today! As president of AZ 
Industries, he leads a company that originally produced magnets for 
commercial markets and later diversified into a wide range of practical 
products; such as mobile water purification systems, an innovative non-
combustive personal helicopter, and electric-vehicles. Adam may be best 
known for his sponsorship of the "Ener-Run," which is a rally for 
alternative energy-powered vehicles. Vehicles must run from Arkansas to 
California and back (4,000 miles) without re-fueling. 

Dr. Paul Brown, a leader in advanced nuclear technologies, introduced his 
betavoltaic (nuclear) batteries. Dr. Brown's low-power betavoltaic 
batteries enjoy a full-load operating life of 10 years at constant duty. 
These devices are not cheap, but enjoy long life and boast high energy 
density. Mitsubishi is interested in utilizing the batteries for 
satellites, relay towers, portable computers and other low-power 
applications. His battery innovations may not make him rich, but Brown is 
also commercializing the process to remediate nuclear waste into harmless 
isotopes using photofission. The work is ongoing and patents are 
currently pending. 

Other COFE topics presented included wind power which is the world's 
fastest growing energy field; the enigma of how to tap the sea of zero 
point energy and the decade-old argument over the plausibility of cold 

The world's thirst for cheap petroleum knows no bounds and the public and 
private sectors of society are finally realizing that burning fossil fuel 
is killing the planet and the creatures that inhabit it, including us. It 
will take a medley of energy systems to wean us from the internal 
combustion engine and its associated negative environmental impact.

See for yourself why the US government refused to acknowledge these 
innovative researchers and scientists in their quest for decentralized, 
clean and limitless energy for the 21st century.

This exclusive review is found at www.altenergy.org/News/COFE/cofe.html.

The Integrity Research  Institute is to be commended for their efforts to
publicize future energy  systems that will eliminate carbon emissions once
and for all.

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