Mar. 4, 1999

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By Tom Valone

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 13:51:53 -0800
From: Thomas Valone 
Organization: Integrity Research Institute MIME-Version: 1.0
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Subject: Conference on Free Energy

ANNOUNCING: The First International Conference on Free Energy (CoFE) to be 
held at the Department of State, Washington, DC as part of the Secretary of 
State "Open Forum", April 29, 30 with all day workshops on May 1st, 1999.

See website for updates: www.erols.com/iri

Preregistration for security requirements: birthdate and SS# for US 
citizens, passport number for foreign attendees.

[Note:  the SSN requirement has been waived, just show your driver's 
license.  Thanks to Dale Pond!!!]

CALL 800-777-8747 (301-595-7999) for official discounted hotel and travel 
arrangements (only 75 rooms have been set aside which will go fast).

Speaker list is available at the website.

Sponsors are solicited at any level.

All day Video Room and Exhibit Room featured.

Demonstration of Devices include:

Les Adam's peroxide helicopter model;
Perrault's radiant energy device;
Chip Ransford's transmutation demo;
maybe Paul Brown's nuclear battery;
Gravity driven motor;
Griggs pump?; and of course,
Paul Pantone's GEET motors.

Audience will average 3-500 and the auditorium can hold 800.

The State Dept. itself will, by conservative estimates from other similar 
events, supply at least 200 people. DOE and NASA are receiving broadcast 
email messages for the event as well. Two congressmen on the Hill who are 
physicists (Ehlers and Holt) will be invited. We hope to have a press 
conference in the press room.

The day before CoFE (Wed.) is the DOE meeting day with invited speakers 
presenting to them privately. We will have a Proceedings, videos, and a 
simultaneous netcasting on the internet. A lot of non-profit organizations 
and ambassadors will be attending since they are here in DC and they all 
want whatever we have to offer them for third world countries. The 
Washington Post will probably do an article for us since this is the first 
CoFE of its kind in DC. I have received more than one phone call asking for 
a definition of free energy!

This will be a breakthrough educational effort to burst the energy 
conservatism dominating our nation's capital. No admission charge except to 
cover catering costs. Hope everyone who is interested in the facts will be 
able to attend.

See website for updates: www.erols.com/iri

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