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A paperback book in print by:

David Hatcher Childress

Copyright 1991, 4th Printing 1995

Adventures Unlimited Press
Stelle, Illinois 60946

ISBN 0-932813-12-7

From the back cover:

"Did The Ancients Have the Technology of Flight?"

In this incredible volume on Ancient India, authentic Indian texts and epics such as the "Ramayana" and the "Mahabharata", are used to prove that aircraft were in use more than four thousand years ago.


The entire 4th Century B.C. Manuscript "Vimaanika Shastra" by the ancient author Maharishi Bharadwaaja, translated into English by G. R. Josyer of the International Academy of Sanskrit Research.

The secrets of "Mercury Vortex Propulsion".

The incredible "Rama Empire" of India and the devastating wars that destroyed it.

Secret Libraries and Ancient Science.

"Atlantian" Aircraft and Technology.

Sanskrit Scholars commenting on the "Vimana" texts.

Profusely illustrated with drawings and photographs.

All this and much, much, more!

From page 35:

"... By means of the 'power latent in the mercury' which sets the driving 'whirlwind' in motion, a man sitting inside travel a great distance in a most marvelous manner.

Similarly by using the prescribed process one can build a vimana as large as the temple of the God-in-motion. Four strong mercury containers must be built into the interior structure. When these have been heated by controlled fire from iron containers, the vimana develops thunder-power through the mercury. And at once it becomes a pearl in the sky."

Chapter 6 (pages 249-268): Mercury Vortex Engines

Directional Gyros
The Caduceus
Electromagnetc Lift and Repulsion
Vortex Propulsion
Figures: Applications To Disk-Shaped Craft

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