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From: NEN, Vol. 4, No. 1, May 1996, p. 13.
New Energy News (NEN) copyright 1996 by Fusion Information Center, Inc.
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Non-polluting Electrical Power from Pulsed Cold Plasmas Delivers More Power Than it Consumes, Prepares for Manufacturing Development, and is Fully Protected by Recently Granted U.S. Patents.

Dr. Paulo Correa, M.Sc., Ph.D., Partner and Director of Research at Labofex-Experimental and Applied Plasma Physics of Concord, Ontario, and Partner Alexandra Correa, (Hon) BA, are today announcing a significant breakthrough in the field of clean power generation. The technical basis for the extraction process has been a carefully guarded secret until full disclosure was secured through the granting of three US patents: US Patent Numbers: 5,416,391, issued May 16, 1995, entitled "Electromechanical Transduction of Plasma Pulses;" 5,449,989, issued September 12, 1995, entitled "Energy Conversion System;" and 5,502,354, issued on March 26, 1996, entitled "Direct Current Energized Pulse Generator Utilizing Autogenous Cyclical Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharges."

The Correa grid-independent Energy Conversion System utilizes an energy reactor whose function is based upon heretofore unknown spontaneous emission properties of certain metals in vacuum and involves an anomalous cathode reaction force conforming to Dr. H. Aspden's Law of Electrodynamics. The associated Motor Drive provides for direct electromechanical transformation of the energy accumulated within the reactor. The reactor may be conceived of as a portable vacuum battery made active only when needed.

The Correa technology employs cold-cathode vacuum discharge plasma reactors to set up self-exciting oscillations, in the form of pulsed abnormal glow discharges triggered by auto-electronic emissions, in order to produce power. The circuit is driven from a direct current source of impedance sufficient to prevent establishment of a sustained vacuum arc discharge. In combination with a special circuit, electrical power in excess of the input power needed for operation can be extracted. The System, therefore, may also be referred to as an over-unity system: where net energy output greatly exceeds net energy input.

Unlike the cold fusion process, which claims to output low grade heat, the Correa technology directly generates electricity at power voltage levels, without any utilization of cold or thermonuclear fusion principles. Another important feature of the apparatus is that it employs no radioactive compounds and generates no nuclear radiation nor radioisotopes. The energy system is entirely pollution-free, self-contained, and composed of readily recyclable materials. Storage of the power produced may be carried out by traditional means, be these mechanical or electrical.

Energy conversion system applications for electric vehicles, stand-alone power supplies and autonomous housing are currently under development. The inventors hope that by making vehicles self-sufficient in terms of energy, this technology will offer the possibility of bypassing massive infrastructure expansions in order to make the electric vehicle a feasible reality while solving the problems of range which currently detracts from its appeal. Other potential applications include: pulsed lasers, inverters, transformer and motor circuits. The inventors are presently engaged in negotiating licensing agreements with a view to development of the applications.

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