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As submitted to the INE for posting by Robert Bass.
Letter from Bob Bass to Paul M. Moore, August 22, 2000.

Paul M. Moore
Front Page Editor
Baltimore Sun

re: Front Page story about (& color photo of) Bob Park

Dear Mr. Moore [& please forward also to Higher-Ed reporter Michael Hill],

Thanks for talking with me.  I would like to get Michael Hill's e-address so 
that I can send him further info about the misdeeds of Bob Park (besides getting 
two Patent Examiners fired and getting two scheduled Conferences at public 
auditoriums canceled at the 11th hour because they offended Park's personal 
beliefs as to what is and what is not "good science").

Park tried to publicly humiliate top executives of BAE SYSTEMS (in the UK), by 
saying that they must be ill-informed about basic physics for supporting 
research at British universities pertaining to gravity control & modification 
(that was published in respectable journals before the Parks of this world 
realized the implications for undermining their preferred dogmas and raised a 
furore).  Although I'm employed by BAE SYSTEMS as a Digital Communications 
Engineer in Southern Maryland, I was proud that my employers' UK-management 
includes at least 3 Ph.D.'s who are not intimidated by the APS, but now I 
personally resent Park's disparagement of them on the BBC!

If Mr. Hill will go the Washington Post website and search under their archives 
pertaining to a June 25 Book Review  --  I just had a better idea; I will Attach 
this recent article from the Washington Post, which exposes Bob Park as someone 
with the ethics of an "overzealous prosecutor" who is so certain of the 
righteousness of his own cause that he will knowingly withhold evidence (and 
thereby get innocent people wrongly convicted).

Park started denouncing Cold Fusion a decade ago, and his insistent demand at 
the time was for "nuclear ash" (i.e. helium_4, the end-result of _fusing_ two 
heavy-hydrogen nuclei [or deuterons]) in heavy-water electrolysis with a 
palladium cathode.  It has taken a decade for the evidence to be developed to 
the point where it is literally overwhelming, but now highly respectable 
scientists on 3 continents have found helium_4 in direct proportion to the 
"excess heat" measured, and Park KNOWS this because he has been visibly present 
at meetings where the work was presented in detail, but in his book and radio 
debates he tells his listeners not one word of the contrary evidence!  (I'm 
referring to the work of Miles in the USA, of McKubre in the USA, of Gozzi et al 
in Italy, and of Arata & Zhang in Japan.) It is just plain old-fashioned 
INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY for Park to pretend not to know that a mountain of 
evidence exists which contradicts his naive and ill-informed prejudices.

The day of reckoning for the American Physical Society's Establishment and their 
dogmatic-propagandist Bob Park is coming at the November meeting of the American 
Nuclear Society in Washington, D.C. which will have about 20 invited speakers at 
a Special Session on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and Cold Fusion that ANS 
members of Park's ilk have tried unsuccessfully to squelch; this session on 
LENR/CF was organized by U of Illinois (UIUC) professor George Miley, for 
decades a respected authority on Hot Fusion and editor of the important peer-
reviewed archival journal "Fusion Technology," one of the _few_ "respectable" 
journals that is sufficiently open-minded about real innovations that they will 
even consider publishing papers about Cold Fusion.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke (who published the concept of the geostationary ComSat in 
1945!) says that the suppression of CF by the APS is "... almost certainly the 
biggest scandal in the history of science."

One doesn't need deep or esoteric education to realize this.  Just order the new 
popular book "Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed" by retired MIT-
educated electrical engineer Charles Beaudette who spent the past 6 years FULL 
TIME in getting to the bottom of this matter and documenting every salient point 
in definitive detail.  The subtitle of Beaudette's book is: "An investigative 
report prepared for the general reader to explain how the most extraordinary 
claim made in the basic sciences during the twentieth century was mistakenly 
dismissed through errors of scientific protocol."

To realize how Park knowingly suppresses evidence, just check out the 
information available at  and  and on September 
1 get the Vol. 8, issue 1/2 [double-issue] of "Accountability in Research," 
edited by U of Md scientist Dr. Adil Shamoo, to see about a dozen papers by 
scientists of impeccable credentials that collectively expose Park's knowing 
falsehoods and deliberately deceptive disinformation about Cold Fusion.

Admittedly, some of Park's targets probably cannot survive objective scrutiny, 
but Park's substitution of sneer-review for serious peer-review is the 
antithesis of objectivity, and the genuinely mistaken ideas he reports merely 
serve to provide "guilt by association" for worthwhile research that academic 
vested interests at the APS hopes the public never learns about, lest the 
magnitude of their selfish disregard of the public interest, and ignoble 
rejection of truth which threatens the over-privileged positions of those 
currently in power, should reveal both the wretchedly poor judgment and Crimes 
Against Humanity of the current APS Hot Fusion Mafia & APS High-Energy 
Priesthood.  The late, very great theoretical physicist, Nobel Laureate Julian 
Schwinger RESIGNED in disgust from the APS when they incompetently rejected his 
pro-CF papers!  Also Nobel Laureate Willis Lamb (discover of the celebrated Lamb 
shift) has published 3 pro-CF papers [in Proc. NAS which _cannot_ reject papers 
by Members!]. Two other Nobel Laureate physicists have publicly declined to 
endorse the negative conclusions of the DoE's biased ("Kangaroo Court") ERAB 
Report of 1989. Why should the public listen to an undistinguished, mediocre PR 
flack, whose principal talent is as a wannabe stand-up comic, when FOUR Nobel 
Laureate physicists have publicly taken positions contrary to Park's 
naive/uninformed prejudices?

Mr. Hill, if I send hard-copies to you c/o P.O. Box 1377, MD 21278-0001 will you 
personally get them?  I don't want to waste my energy sending anything to some 
anonymous black hole.


Bob Bass

P.S. compare my resume, appended, with Bob Park's resume!

Email from James T. Lo to Bob Bass, August 22, 2000. From: James T. Lo [] Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 12:54 PM To: 'Bob Bass'; Bass, Robert W (IDS) Subject: Re: Park's VoodooSci & attacks on reviewer Platt Bob, There is a front page article on R. L. Park and his book "Voodoo Science" in today's Baltimore Sun. You may want to write a rebuttal for the "Letters To The Editor" or a letter to the article author, Michael Hill, Sun Staff. Park is here in Maryland. It may be a good idea to have a face-to-face meeting with him and see if you can win him over. Obviously, it is not going to be easy after his position has been published in the book. Regards, Jim
Email from Bob Bass to bwletters at the Washington Post, July 29, 2000. From: Bass, Robert W (IDS) To: '' Cc: 'Charles Platt' Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2000 2:30 AM Subject: Park's VoodooSci & attacks on reviewer Platt _NOT_ FOR PUBLICATION Letters Editor: _please_ forward intact (with all 3 attachments) to: Book Review Editor, Washington Post BookWorld You are to be commended for printing Charles Platt's review of Robert L. Park's tendentious "Voodoo Science," in which Mr. Platt hit the nail on the head perfectly. [BW, June 25, 2000.] Also it was commendable of you to permit Mr. Platt to reply after several of Park's defenders complained. There is a way in which, with total honesty and fairness to _everyone_, you can allow BookWorld's readers to see with their own eyes the truth about all of this. Appended is an ad for a new, non-polemical, very SOBER book by Charles Beaudette, who, though he is an MIT graduate in electrical engineering, has written in such a way that the general reader can follow with no difficulty 99.99% of his new popular book "Excess Heat: How Cold Fusion Research Prevailed: an investigative report prepared for the general reader to explain how the most extraordinary claim made in the basic sciences during the twentieth century was mistakenly dismissed through errors of scientific protocol." Beaudette, retired, accidentally attended ICCF-5 in 1995 and says that he sat next to me, which I don't recall; at any rate, he became so intrigued that he spent the next 6 years FULL TIME investigating this matter in exhaustive depth and documenting everything totally. Sir Arthur C. Clarke, who published the concept of the Geostationary Communications Satellite in 1945, and who wrote the Foreword, says flatly that the rejection of cold fusion by the Establishment is "... almost certainly the biggest scandal in the history of science." Therefore the influential people hereabouts are entitled to know the truth about this matter. So _INVITE_ U of Md. Prof. of Physics & APS spokesman Dr. R.L.Park to write a Review for BookWorld of this book about the "voodoo science" which he hates the most, and tell him that you require the length such that it can be printed in exactly one-half page [or 1 page] because you intend to place in an adjacent, parallel space of exactly the same size and prominence another review written by an equally prominent scientist [I may be able to recruit a Nobel Laureate in physics -- there are 4 Nobel Laureates in physics who dissented from the ERAB Report of Nov. 1989 which Park says settled the matter]. Is this not fair? You have not set up a "perjury trap" as they did for Clinton, because you will have WARNED Park what is going on! However, based on my past dealings with Park, I'll bet you a month's salary that either (a) he declines, or (b) he doesn't read the book, but leafs through it looking for sentences which he can seize upon and present OUT OF CONTEXT so as to _prevent_ BookWorld readers from wanting to read the book. But when his superficial and self-evidently dishonest "review" appears next to a sober review, readers will be able to decide for themselves who to believe and who has an anti-humanitarian agenda. I am somewhat involved in this matter because one of the letters that you published from a Park supporter implicitly slandered me since you published a letter by John F. Walker that says about Platt: "His articles in Wired include a glowing description of a miraculous solution for the world's nuclear waste problem." This is DOUBLY deceptive: (1) the sentences from a News Release by me re a Radwaste Remediation (RR) discovery of my patent-law clients that Platt quoted in Wired ["ANEUTRONIC, SAFE, CHEAP, BULK-PROCESS MODERN ALCHEMY!"] was an example of something which Platt himself found so "way out" that he expected before he went to ICCF-7 to see for himself that it would turn out to be crazy nonsense, and he never retracted this explicitly, though I was happy with his article because by the time one got to the end of it one could have deduced that it was quite possible that Low Energy Nuclear Transmutations (LENT) [as in my clients' table-top LENT- 1 reactor which transmutes 0.1 gram of radioactive Thorium to harmless metals like Titanium and Copper in 30 minutes using 60-cycle wall-current to a 1 kW power supply] provided a genuinely real and truly revolutionary discovery; (2) the letter you printed ASSUMES that LENT is so preposterous that it discredits Platt to merely mention that he had investigated it, when the FACT is that an award-winning Italian nuclear physicist, Dr. Francesco Celani, at the top nuclear physics lab in Italy (on the via Enrico Fermi at Frascati near Rome), together with colleagues, presented a paper at ICCF-7 recounting how they had tested the LENT-1 reactor and _validated_ its seemingly miraculous achievements, and the only reason that your Park-supporting letter-writer can get away with bamboozling your readers is because the people at the US DoE have colluded with the likes of Park to commit a Crime Against Humanity in preventing the taxpaying public from learning about this breakthrough discovery which could end the national agony over what to do with the nation's radioactive waste! Give a crook enough rope and he will hang himself! Based upon my own dealings with Park, the man is a dangerous & destructive menace to society who will (like the "overzealous prosecutor who suppresses evidence" that Platt justly compared him to) knowlingly lie, cheat & steal in order to prevent the public from finding out the truth about cold fusion. I offered Park a FREE copy of the wonderful new book "Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion," by Tadahiko Mizuno, if Park would promise to review it in his influential email newsletter "What's New." He was polite to me until he got the book. Then he seized a few sentences out of context which totally reversed the actual message of respectable Japanese nuclear engineer Dr. Mizuno, and triumphantly posted them on the internet! When I complained and asked for space for a rebuttal, Park broke off answering my letters. This is the ethics of a propagandist, not a scientist. Park is ruthless and has gotten two New Energy Conferences kicked out of government auditoriums after both the State Dept. and, later, the Dept. of Commerce had scheduled the conferences in their auditoriums and people were planning to attend; moreover, he has gotten the two Patent & Trademark Office patent examiners, who were involved in trying to give "new energy" inventors fair treatment & in organizing the conferences, unjustly _fired_ from their jobs! Park is so misguided that he has become in effect truly an evil force posing as a protector of society. If you doubt my characterization of him, just make him the offer I suggested and let your readers learn for themselves! Sincerely, Dr. Robert W. Bass Registered Patent Agent 29,130 Prof. of Physics & Astronomy, BYU (1971-81) inventor, 3 issued USA Patents on "optimal" controlled thermonuclear fusion configuations ['hot' fusion] Member, Theoretical Division, Project Matterhorn Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, 1957-59 Rhodes Scholar (Md./D.C. & Wadham, 1950-52) named Outstanding Young Scientist of 1960 by Maryland Academy of Sciences named Fusion Scientist of Year (1994) by Fusion Info Center honored by two-hour session of 6 papers at national ACC [formerly JACC of 7 engineering societies] in Philadelphia (June, 1998) Invited Paper on LENT at Nov. meeting of American Nuclear Society, Wash. D.C., Nov. 2000 ======================================================= Dr. Robert W. Bass Engineer III Identification Systems Department BAE SYSTEMS 44414 Pecan Court California, MD 20619 Phone: (301) 863-0687 FAX: (301) 863-0755 e-mail: ===============================================================

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Aug. 28, 2000.