Jan. 28, 1999

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Awards Given to the Institute for New Energy Website

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[Computer Currents Interactive Link Award, Nov. 11, 1996.] [5 Star Award Logo from www.electronics2000.com, Dec. 30, 1997.] [Website Abstraction Award Logo, Jan. 13, 1998.] [Cool Reality Award Logo, Jan. 14, 1998.] [SamsLand.com [The Heavelution Concerts Canada [Wetwired Approved Award Logo, Jan. 17, 1998.] [MnetWeb Services Approved Award Logo, Jan. 21, 1998.] [Golden Diamond Award for Site Excellence Award Logo, Jan. 14, 1999.]

The full and animated award pictures, with the accompanying emails received, are shown by clicking any award picture above.

Key: For the smaller award pictures, as shown above from left to right:

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