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Allied Masonic Degrees
Los Altos, California

Title, Author, Date Presented.

Each paper is a separately linked file, ordered in reverse chronological order, with the most recent paper listed first.

[Under Construction]  Under Construction.

Charity Through Interpersonal Relationships
Presented in: June 1996.
"This paper will attempt to expand and interpret my thoughts on this subject. My approach is to examine from our ritual some of the references to personal charity and relate it to my years of experiences and the profound influence these words have on me." "I assert that one reason for our decline in membership can be traced to uncharitable remarks from one brother to another brother. These remarks turn off many who were ready to contribute." "This research is based on my Masonic relationships which began in 1946 and spread to two jurisdictions. I have received many inputs from brothers who have come from other Lodges. So I hope that no one takes these comments personally."

The History & Ritual of "The Toast"
Presented in: June 1994.
"In the ritual of modern dining however, one could almost say there is a legitimate third element when we discover that the "accompanying" drink is almost always considered and kept very separate, existing in most cases in a world and culture all its own and totally outside the meal itself."

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Jun. 3, 1997.