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A-albionic Research
a ruling class/conspiracy research resource for the entire political-ideological spectrum. Quarterly journal, book sales, rare/out-of-print searches, New Paradigms Discussion List, Weekly Up-date Lists & E-text Archive of research, intelligence, catalogs, & resources. Free Rare Book Search at http://a-albionic.com/search.html. Explore their Archive at http://a-albionic.com/a-albionic.com.

Access Russia, Inc.
A major access to Russian information. Includes: Russian journals; Major Russian information suppliers; Russian Information; new Russian CD-ROM databases; Russian Politics and Social Sciences; Russian Agriculture; Russian Legislation and Law; Russian Science and Technology; Russian Industry; and more.

All Seeing Eye
"Expose the Truth! Expose the Lie! Bind the Fallen Ones in the Earth - now!" A collection of really goo links in the "Expose' Fields". Includes: Secret Military Experimentation on Americans: It's Now "Legal" Biological and Chemical Warfare Testing on the American Population!; Companion to the Hale-Bopp Comet: Is it a Gigantic Spacecraft? Top Astronomer Has Proof of Huge Spaceship Near Hale-Bopp Comet; TWA Flight 800 Disaster Cover-up Did a Navy Missile Shoot Down TWA Flight 800?; Gulf War Syndrome - Biological Warfare? Corporate Bio-Genocide?; Dispelling Vaccination Myths Contradictions Between Medical Science and Immunization Policy; and many other site links!!! Since some of these links may lead away from this site, be sure to make a bookmark before you leave!

Antigravity News And Space Drive Technology
The new website of this new bimonthly newsletter. Contains a Table of Contents of all issues, and other relevant information.

Let's face it, we all have teeth in various stages of disrepair. And according to Dr. Loos, information is the best medicine. Read her weekly column or search for answers in a searchable database. From Bad Breath to Fluoride Poisoning, chances are, you'll find your answer here.

Aware House Links (Great Links from the U.K.!)
Includes a great number of very interesting links in various alternative disciplines, including: Mystical World Wide Web -- Earth Energies; The School of Pythagoras; sacredsites.com (Photographs by anthropologist Martin Gray of more than 900 sacred sites around the world, excellent links page); Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical And Science Page; Scotland HolidayNet; Ascension Web Sites from World Light Center; Dowsing and Geomancy; Planetary Mysteries: "Where Science and Art meet..."; etc.

Baron, John, Interesting Website
Latest news: I've got some new Conspiracy links and also deleted the links to the sexsites, I don't think that they have anything to give to the folks I aim this at. There are so many other places to find sex on the net so I don't need to have it here. A Weather Special now that winter is approaching fast. Follow this link to get a copy of your file from the FBI. Here is a copy of my credentials at the Universal Life Church. Maybe you want to see who I am and maybe even a brief summary? Click here if you have a Macintosh

BATF is a Rogue Agency
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) is widely perceived to be a rogue agency that openly ignores the constitutional rights of Americans. When this is brought to the attention of those in power, the response is usually, "Prove it!". The information in these Web pages do not 'prove' that the BATF is a rogue agency but it does present a lot of incidents. Study the information here, do some research if you wish, and then make your own decision about what kind of agency the BATF really is.

Beck, Robert C.: The Devices of
Robert Beck has developed several devices that may be useful in your own personal research program regarding your own personal health. These devices DO NOT cure anyone or anything; however, their positive effects are well documented. Three of these devices are generally known by the public at the present time: (1) a non-intrusive blood purifier device (the "black box"), (2) a non-intrusive lymph-node and lymph fluid purifier device (the "magnetic zapper"), and (3) the colloid silver maker (with the "silver wires"). All of these operate using standard 1 1/2 V or 9 V batteries. Many researchers have indicated that the proper use of these devices has made dramatic changes in their heath, that may have been best explained by someone who wrote: "the effects of the viruses in my blood were all removed within one month."

Blue Planet - How To Succeed on Planet Earth
Everything you ever wanted to know about Planet Earth - but never dared to ask. What is the meaning of it all? And other questions about life and living - on The Blue Planet. Making A Million dollars--Can it be learned? Nils Rognerud interviews a few millionaires to hear what they have to say. The Opposite Sex. You can't live with them, nor can you live without them. Read the latest tips on finding your ideal mate. This WEB page is an experiment in electronic publishing and is being written for YOU - the user. Nils Rognerud's Home Page. Highest tribute awarded from The Too Cool Award.

Brown, T. Townsend, Home Page, Dedicated To
This site is dedicated to Thomas Townsend Brown, an American physicist whose work was greatly under-acknowledged by the general scientific community. Townsend Brown was a leader in developing theories concerning the link between electromagnetic and gravitational fields theorized by Dr. Albert Einstein. Townsend Brown advanced from theory to application in the development of apparatus which he believed created temporary, localized gravitational anomalies (i.e. gravitational fields). The intent of this site is to provide a qualified clearing house for articles, pictures, patent proposals, and similar items, concerning Townsend Brown, which have traditionally not been made readily available to the general public. It is not meant to include all of Townsend Brown's work, but rather a representative cross-section of his life's work. Our store has many items for purchase including the Project Winterhaven and Xerxes documents as well as invention specifications which, until now, have not been available to the general public. Please check out our Questions & Answers section.

Build Freedom
Freedom Technology -- Free Sovereign Individual -- Real Free Enterprise. Free Sovereign Individuals: Learn How to Transform Your Freedom Expertise into Huge Personal Advantages! This site is for anyone interested in creative, innovative, and powerful ways to enjoy more freedom and to turn their freedom expertise into advantages in all areas of life. Our basic theme is "building freedom" rather than "fighting for freedom" or "fighting against tyranny." We believe that if a critical mass of people were to focus on building freedom, corrupt political systems will eventually lose their power and influence.

Bush, George - The Unauthorized Biography

By Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin - Political Prisoners. You can view, download, or FTP this book. An interesting and important autobiography of one such person is at www.kmf.org/williams/.

This above link will download the Ziped file via FTP, and curently does not allow you to read the file from your browser, as of 12/28/96.

Try my Downloaded File, which has been separated into eight files for easy reading, until that link is fixed.

CITIZENS FOR HONEST GOVERNMENT: Demanding Accountability & Integrity From Our El
Statement of Purpose: Citizens for Honest Government, founded in January 1994,is a non-partisan, non-profit grass roots organization whose purpose is to promote honesty in government. CHG founder and president, Patrick Matrisciana, recognized the need to offer an alternate news medium to the American public, and as an independent documentary film producer he has been able to help fill this need through the medium of video journalism. "I believe that regardless of our diverse political views, as Americans we must join together and demand that the men and women who represent us at government level be of the highest possible caliber of honor and integrity," Mr. Matrisciana states. "This is not a partisan issue: it is a moral issue upon which the strength and the very future of this great nation must stand." In continuation of this bold vision, Mr. Matrisciana has now launched a new publication, Citizens' Intelligence Digest, which is dedicated to advancing these same goals.

Conspiracy Nation Web Site
The Home Page for Conspiracy Nation, that contains all of it various volumes and issues. Indexes by subject are avilable. Also contains: Other Conspiracy-Related Web Sites; Other Sites; Conspiracy Nation Archives; CN Archives; Articles by J. Orlin Grabbe; and other information.

Conspiracy Nation - Back Issues: John Fisher
The Conspiracy Nation Web Site, provided by John Fisher. Provides back issues of Conspiracy Nation in HTML format for easy perusal since he has often found it difficult to access them. Includes a Table of Contents of all issues since: "Volume 4, #75--Skolnick on BATF". Note: He has removed the pkzipped archives to provide more space for back issues. E-mail him if you would like them sent to you.

Constitutional Research Center, U. S.!
Dedicated to upholding the United States Constitution with the aid of Almighty God; through education, a spirit of industry, strict adherence to the truth: to ensure that we, and our posterity have secured the same rights for which the United States founders, “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.” Includes: Reports on Constitutional Transgressions by Government; Founding Fathers Views; Other Areas of Interest (Thomas Jefferson on Judicial Subversion; State of North Dakota Takes Over Christian Ministry Ex Parte? YES! It Really Happened!; and A Special Report on the Unconstitutional War and Emergency Powers).

Communion Foundation, Home Page of Whitley Strieber
The Homepage of Whitley Strieber and the Communion Foundation, devoted to understanding the close-encounter experience. Includes: Complete Site Menu!; What's New; Whitley's Corner; UFO News; Implant Study; Mind Control; Chat!; Bulletin Boards; Video Gallery; and more.

Congressional Power Search
This page is designed to help you search the Contacting the Congress database for members of Congress. This is the same database used to maintain the site and it is updated instantaneously with the site. You can do searches combining state, political party, and/or name. (e.g. - To get a list of all democrats in Arizona, select Arizona from the list of stats, Democrat as the politcal party, then hit the search button).

Cryptic Masons, General Grand Council, International
ORGANIZED JUNE 15, 1829. Fraternal Greetings and WELCOME to Our Official Home Page.

DARPA: Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures
The DARPA site for Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures research.

Dave Feustel's Website: A Great Resource!!!
A great compilation of Patriot Web Site Links and information!!! Includes: Good Sources of Arcane, Interesting Information; Essays on American Civil Law; 2nd Amendment and World Wide Gun Prohibition; Gulf War Illness; Organized Crime; Waco; Oklahoma City Bombing; Selected Internet Resources; Other Topics (including: Unbroadcast News, SAFAN Newsletters, FEAR Website, E-Books Website, Focus on Government, Grabbe Indexed, Mass Media, Political Organizations, Education and more...).

Come into right relationship with the earth by allowing your heart and body to open to the spiritual changes necessary. Open your mind and your being to the discovery of what it means to re-establish conscious relationship with your magnificent whole self and with your inter-galactic family. Understand what is required as we birth a new consciousness here upon earth. Remember who you truly are! Humanity is now ready to consciously embrace life at all the levels of existence multidimensionally. We are going to come into right relationship with the Creator through our relationship with the earth and with all beings here upon this plane and beyond. Welcome home! We are One Family!!

Egely Wheel
A device that seems to measure your "life energy". Includes: Brief Introduction; Basic Instructions for Use; The Important of Life Energy; Interpreting Your Vitality Level Measurement; A Few Answers For Skeptics; "Close Encounters" with the Egely Wheel; Encrypted Online Order Form; Non-Encrypted Online Order Form.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promote responsibility in new media. Includes: What's Hot: Recent News, Free Speech, Encryption, Privacy, Intellectual Property, More Info.

Email Democracy
Organize for Freedom and Democracy!!! Communicate electronically with your Representatives in government. 86 Senators and 195 Representatives have email addresses as of 2-11-97. Instructions Included! Enjoy!

EMF's: Electro-Magnetic Fields Health and Safety Page
Most homes and offices have hot spots with strong artificial electro-magnetic fields, where chronic exposure may cause mental or physical problems. Even the EPA names these fields as suspected carcinogens. The Tri-Field meter by Alphalab Inc. has three separate sensors for magnetic fields, electric fields and radio/microwaves. It can help you detect defective equipment, determine safer distances for operating equipment and test better shields around your equipment. Includes references: THE EMF BOOK ("What you should know about electromagnetic fields, by Mark A. Pinksy; "Leak links power lines to cancer" New Scientist - Edward, Rob - October 7, 1995, p. 4.; and "New warnings on EMF/cancer link" Spectrum - Jan-Feb, 1996 - No. 46, p. 12. Also includes links to other related websites.

Empowering Healing
Information, Directory & Catalog to locate Masterful Services, Transformational Seminars & State-of-the-Art Tools to Empower Your Healing, inlcuidng: Firewalking, Tachyon, Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Johrei, Massage, Willard Water, Algae, Event Schedule, and Links to other sites. Brought to You by Rev. Elizabeth Miller (ADL chapel 288, a non-profit religious organization). Also includes detailed information on: Advanced Tachyon Technologies information; healing energy with Reiki; Karuna Reiki; Johrei; Willard Water - Water That Heals; Super Blue Green Algae; Massage Therapy; FIREWALK, etc.

Explore Publications (and Explore Magazine)
Devoted to putting in front of the discriminating public, quality reliable information from the cutting edge of Alternative and Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Therapies, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy and Physics. Explore Magazine is published for the Medical Profession, Scientists, and other serious researchers who are interested in these areas. This site gives a glimpse into the magazine's contents on an ongoing basis. Topics include:; Darkfield; Microscopy; Overunity; Pleomorphism; Catastrophism; Biology; Enderlein Biology; Harmonic Healing; Past Issues; Current Issue; Sample Articles; Health Flash; and more information on Subscriptions.

Explore Publications Site; Unofficial Mirror
Contains: A Proposed Experimental/Theoretical, Noninvasive, Nonpharmaceutical, In Vivo Method for Rapid Neutralization of HIV Virus in Human Subjects (Revision September 26, 1995); Experimental In Vivo Blood Virus, Microbe, Fungi, and Parasite Elimination Device (text and electronic schematic) (March 1995); Expanded Instructions for Experimental / Theoretical HIV Blood Neutralization, Hypothetical Protocols for Experimental Sessions (Revision Dec. 18, 1995); Suggestions for Acquiring and Using an Inductively Coupled Magnetic Pulse Generator for Theoretical Lymph and Tissue HIV Neutralization (Revision December 18, 1995); GRAY'S ANATOMY - Link: Map of Blood Vessels in Extremities for Optimum Electrode Access; Locations of Principle Lymph Sites - Link; and Related Sites - Links.

Fred M. Fariss, Books By: Epistemology - The Study of Knowing and Being
These books are dealing with the subject of knowing and being. Each book presents a powerful, thought provoking message about the dynamic of what is because it is. Learn to understand and see how the process of things work in contrast to the unfolding of events. Find direction and certainty for your life. Your life will never be the same after you read the books. Summarys on the following books: A Journey Into Awareness, Covert Human Conspiracy, I Met A Man, 101 Old Chinese Proverbs, To All The Children Of The World, A Child's Bill Of Rights (Poster), and a summary of a Martian Language Course.

Farsight Institute
For the Advancement of Scientific Remote Viewing. Includes definitions, history, the Farseer Chronicles case studies, specific cases with different remote viewers (like TWA Flight 800), and information on courses on how you can learn to do and teach this yourself. There is a major controversy over whether any of their results are accurate - as stated by the remote viewing teacher of Courtney Brown, Major Edward Dames, who started the Psi Tech company.
See the Galaxy's Most Wanted website to see the claims made by and the truth about these men!

FARSTAR has a huge reservoir of new information. Topics include: Stereoscopic Photography; How to View Stereo 3-D Pictures; Photos of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Galaxies; files to download; data files on 3-D geometry - and how specific 3-D geometries may relate to energy conversion, harmonics, physics, and gravity. A lot of papers are included and linked.

Foster, Vince: The Vince Foster Autopsy Report
The Death Of Vincent Foster: The Beyer Autopsy. These are scans of the 8 page autopsy notes appended to the Fiske Report. Pay special attention to the wound list! Includes: Cover sheet for the autopsy report, listing cause of death by gunshot wound to the head; The gross description sheet, listing the gunshot wound to the head but no other signs of injury; First autopsy drawing of the whole body; Top view drawing of the head cross section showing the wound track; Second top view head drawing from the same point of view as previous, but indicating the top of the skull and the location of the exit wound; Drawing of the head front and back; PROOF THAT X-RAYS WERE TAKEN; The wound list; and Toxicology report. --> "Don't believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been." -Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93.

Foundation of Tao
A spiritual non-profit organization dedicated to providing its members with the knowledge and power to liberate themselves from suffering, dysfunction, afflictions, death and also prevent these calamities, to disseminate wisdom to overcome stress, tension, anxiety, sorrow, greed, cruelty, and evil, discover the laws of the universe and live in harmony with them, to spiritualize their bodies to achieve immortality by uniting microcosm and macrocosm or human beings and the Tao. Contains wonderful graphics and posters that are available.

Free America
Harry V. Martin & the Sentinel's Free America site. An on-line journal dedicated to the preservation of American Freedom and Independence. FreeAmerica c 1995.

Freedom Domain
Includes lots of topics: political conspiracies, hemp, marijuana, sovereignty, consciousness, underground politics, JFK assassination, flying, saucers, patriot movement, sacred mushroom, cannabis, sativa, Jesus Christ, mind control, alternative therapies, goddess worship, secret handshake, biblical prophecy, Knights Templar, illuminati, freemasons, etc. [June 1999.]

Freemasonry FAQ, Version 1.2, March 24, 1995.

Galactic Federation: United Nations Genesis II
A UFO Net Global site by Winifred G. Barton. Includes: Cosmic Cube; Galactic Federation of Light Forces Creed; The Bartonian Metaphysical Society; Mothership Communiques; Personal Pictures; Ra Kahn Productions; and Synthesis - 777 Shamballa.

Gemstone Files
The book "Project Seek" by Gerald Carroll, published Feb. 1994, and its review. "Eustace Mullins, Author and Lecturer, 05/17/96, rating=10: "Project Seek" is a serious examination of the well-known Gemstone Files, which have circulated since 1975. Carroll has employed his considerably journalistic skills to weave the material from the Gemstone Files into a comprehensive explanation of contemporary history. He makes an impressive contribution to out understanding of the "nether-world" of modern history by exposing the role of Aristotle Onassis and other shadowy figures as key players in such events as the John F. Kennedy assassination."

Hang onto your modem, check your surge protector, and enter at your own risk!
You've found the online world headquarters of the GlamOrama, one of the kewlest danged spots on the Internet for shopping adventures, wacky infotainment, and irreverent pranks. You've never seen anything like it! You play with it; it plays with you. It's kinda like a trip to Disneyland - a wacky, demented magical kingdom that is constantly changing and evolving. Sideshow or shopping site? You decide!

Goddard, Ian's Universe
Ian Goddard's home page: QUESTION AUTHORITY. As suggested and referenced in the A-albionic Research home page.

Govardhan Hill Publishing: New Paradigms in Science
Govardhan Hill, Inc. (GHI) is a nonprofit educational institution which produces books and videos giving some insight into fundamental questions about human life. How has the universe come into being? How has human life originated? What is the nature of consciousness? Is there other intelligent life in the universe? These are some of the questions we discuss in light of modern scientific evidence and the ancient wisdom of India. Includes: What's New, Books, Videos, Feature, Links, Text-Only Catalog, and About...

Government Out Of Control?, Is Your
Take control back. It's easy. All the government employees from the lowest county dog catcher to the President works for you whether you pay taxes or not. They were either voted in by you and your neighbors or they were hired by those who were. They are there to do your bidding in service to you and the Constitution - not for themselves. And certainly they are not there to run your life as though you worked for them or are in service to them. From the Sympathetic Vibratory Physics web site, by Dale Pond.

Greenleaf Publications
Hundreds of titles on UFOs, Aliens, Near-Death Experiences, Ancient Astronauts, New Physics, Antigravity, Tesla, Free energy, Underground Bases, Time Travel, ET Archaeology, Channeled information, and related subjects. Free catalogue available if you contact Marc and Leah at the address listed above. More than 400 Titles in stock and described in our catalogue, tens of thousands more nonfiction and fiction titles on all subjects available for special order. Many are not available through any other mail order company. We can also special order 1.2 million other books and tapes that do not appear in the catalog, including scores of books on Tesla, lectures from UFO conferences, New Age books, and others. We can get any book for you that is in print and available through the large distributors (it doesn't have to be about UFOs, etc.) Need a novel? Dictionary? Cookbook? Travel book? Any kind of book Call toll-free 1-800-905-8367 and ask us! All we need are the titles and authors.

HAARP: The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
About the HAARP Program . A scientific research facility devoted to the study of the Earth's ionosphere is being built under the HAARP program at a location in Gakona, AK. The program is jointly managed by the Office of Naval Research and the Air Force Phillips Laboratory. While not a "free-energy" device, it might provide the power to make some run - somewhere else.

HAARP - A Special Report
This link seems to be broken, and I have requested the new URL and the complete file.
From Cyberschool Magazine: Formed from an idea held by Nikola Tesla in 1900, scientists have since been working on the notion that high frequency energy could effect mental states, weather and communications. Indeed, that is what the HAARP project claims to be able to do. - Operating at an officially reported 1 Gigawatt, the installation could send energy into the atmosphere to artificially increase levels of ozone and nitrogen, only one of its capabilities. - Technical Paper 195, a document which states in its preamble that it does not exist, reveals that the U.S. military is seeking to up the power output of HAARP to 1 billion watts and then 100 billion watts. Government sources refuse to comment on Technical Paper 195 and its 600 pages of recommendations.

HAARP: Summary of the Book: Angels Don't Play this HAARP
Or their main page in Australia at: www.altnews.com.au/nexus/HAARP.html
Or my backup file of that file at: www.padrak.com/alt/HAARP3_BKUP.html
A MUST READ SUMMARY of this outstanding expose' on the HAARP Project. HAARP: Vandalism In The Sky? Personal research led to articles and the book "Angels Don't Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology", copyright 1995 by Dr Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, which is 230 pages of detailed information on this intrusive project. This article will only give highlights. Despite the amount of research (350 footnotes), at its heart it is a story about ordinary people who took on an extraordinary challenge. [You are being lied to!!!] The military knows how it intends to use this technology, and has made it clear in their documents. The military has deliberately misled the public through sophisticated word games, deceit and outright disinformation. Here is the full and truthful story... Published in Nexus Magazine, Volume 3, Number 1 (December '95-January '96). This is a Nexus Magazine web site link.

HAARP Joint Services Program Plans and Activities
HAARP (HF Active Auroral Research Program) Executive Summary (February 1990): As described in the accompanying report, the HF Active Auroral Ionospheric Research Program (HAARP) is especially attractive in that it will insure that research in an emerging, revolutionary, technology area will be focused towards identifying and exploiting techniques to greatly enhance C3 capabilities. The heart of the program will be the development of a unique high frequency (HF) ionospheric heating capability to conduct the pioneering experiments required under the program. Air Force Geophysics Laboratory. Navy Office of Naval Research.

HAARP: Request to Update Final Environmental Impact Statement
A May 8, 1996, Letter sent to the Trustees for Alaska, on behalf of itself, Greenpeace, National Audubon Society, Alaska Center for the Environment, Sierra Club, Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Northern Alaska Environmental Center and National Wildlife Federation, formally requesting that the United States Air Force prepare a supplement to the July 1993 Final Environmental Impact Statement (Final EIS) for the operation of the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). As you have correctly noted in various fora (including at the recent State of Alaska House of Representatives, State Affairs Committee HAARP Oversight Hearing), the Air Force has a continuing duty to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) by preparing a supplemental EIS should certain conditions be met. (Continues with specific details exposing various outright lies in previous HAARP official documents ...) (see below...)

HAARP: Specific Project Goals Taken from the Major HAARP Patent with Comments
An email forwarded to us on September 12, 1996, that details data found in the major HAARP Patent by Bernard J. Eastlund, US Patent #4,686,605, "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or Magnetosphere", that explicitly shows that what the project is planned for IS NOT in any of the data released as yet by the program officials, and IT IS NOT in the July 1993 Final Environmental Impact Statement for HAARP (see above).

HAARP: The Alternative HAARP Site
Contains a repository of many HAARP web site links, including: The Array; The Location; Books; Official Links [Navy/USAF 1; Navy/USAF 2; ARL EISCAT(Norway)]; Other Opinions; Current Links [NEXUS; Barry Byrne; Earthlight; Hugh's Page; H.A.A.R.P.(.pdf); House of David; N. Disclosure; HAARP; HAARP Doc; Cincinnatus]; and Archives.

HAARP Game Home Page
This page contains Really Great HAARP Documentation, including: A letter received in response to a request for the Technical Memorandum No.195 91 Workshop, called "Access Denied! Phillips Labs Technical Memorandum No.195 91 Workshop; A LIST of HAARP Contractors and Associates, that attended that workshop; Technical Memorandum No. 195, Installment One, Table of Contents; ; Steering Committee; Oversight Agencies-The fox is guarding the henhouse; Stevens Document Text Version; Stevens May 20, 1996 Text Version; JPEG Version; Murkowski Document Text Version; JPEG Version; April 2, 1996 Alaska Teleconference Announcement; FCC Response; amd lots lots more!!!

HAARP: Letter received in response to a request for the Technical Memorandum No
May 1996, reply from Paul Kossey, Deputy Director, Ionospheric Physics Division, Hanscom AFB, MA 01731 to an Alaska State Library request for the 600+ page "PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195, 1991 HAARP Workshop". Two subjects this document discusses are past upper/lower atmospheric chemical release programs used with other ionospheric heaters such as HAARP (and intended for HAARP), and proposes light craft launch sites around the array perimeter. It also predicts 100 billion watt power levels for HAARP. Quote: "Because of the nature in which the subject memorandum was put together, and because of its narrow purpose to provide an informal, quick summary of the workshop's activities for the participants, it is not available for general (unlimited) distribution, regardless of the fact that it represents open, completely unclassified, material.""

HAARP: 1991 HAARP Workshop Attendees & Affiliates List
A List of HAARP Contractors and Associates, that attended the Technical Memorandum No.195 91 Workshop. Includes complete names and mailing addresses.

HAARP: PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195
The HAARP Workshop on Ionospheric Heating Diagnostics, 30 April - 2 May 1991, Phillips Laboratory (AFSC), Hanscom AFB, MA 01731-5000. The first few pages of the "PL/GP Technical Memorandum No. 195, 1991 HAARP Workshop" Proceedings (which is more than 600 pages). Includes: Title Page; Preface; Foreword; Contents; HAARP Workshop Ionospheric Heating Diagnostics; Workshop Agenda; and Attendence Roster With Complete Telephone Numbers.

Hale-Bopp Information for Non-astronomers
Comet Observation Home. Lots of images...over 200 images of 28 different comets...a selection of recent images is posted below...check the image page for more images.

Hale-Bopp Comet (C/1995 O1) News and Views
Our current best PRELIMINARY estimate for the effective diameterof Hale-Bopp's nucleus is: 40 kilometers (= 25 miles). If the latter value is correct, then the nucleus of Hale-Bopp is approximately four times larger than that of comet Halley. However, we must emphasize that measuring Hale-Bopp's size is extremely difficult, even with HST's superb spatial resolution.

HeartMath Institute of Subtle Energy Research
Subtle energy is used in this context as Einstein used it, that is, to describe a type of energy that is at present not fully understood or measurable with today's equipment. This is similar to how electromagnetism was viewed only 250 years ago. The effects could be seen but not directly measured. Dr. William A. Tiller and his colleagues at Stanford University developed a subtle energy detector -- an ultra-sensitive Geiger counter-type device -- with which they demonstrated the existence of an energy field that is not in the electromagnetic spectrum. With this special detector, Dr. Tiller demonstrated that this subtle energy field responds to intentional human focus. To date, we have monitored electrophysiological changes in the body, associated with the progress of an individual's inner self-management, via skin-contact devices like ECG, EEG, etc.

Heaven's Gate
Incudes: Do's Intro: Purpose - Belief; Last Chance To Evacuate Earth; Planet About To Be Recycled; Hot Off The Press!; '95 Statement by an E.T. (Updated May '96); Our Position Against Suicide; To Access Our Book: Heaven's Gate. By Representatives from "Headquarters" in Deepest Space, the Kingdom Level Above Human. Also contains: Videos, Transcripts, and Our Book.

Hoffman News Bureau
Welcome to the News Bureau! Here you will find Michael A. Hoffman II's calendar of speaking engagements, Independent History and Research press releases, book and tape announcements, upcoming projects and where to locate new articles and documents appearing elsewhere on this site. Always stop here first for directions to newly added data and documents. Includes: Friday the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Campaign for Radical Truth in History has electronically published, KingKill/33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, by James Shelby Downard with Michael A. Hoffman II, and other stories.

Home of the Gurus
A lsiting of popular websites in the general areas of drugs, sex, and rock & roll. "If your favorite band has a website, or you have a favorite rock web site, Email me and I will add it. All I need is the URL (http://.......) and a small image if you have one."

Holocaust Memorial Museum, The U.S.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is America's national institution for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history, and serves as this country's memorial to the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the state-sponsored, systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jewry by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945.

Institute for New Energy
The INE is an official US non-profit technical and membership organization whose monthly newsletter "The New Energy News" reports the latest and up-to-date findings in international New Energy research. The Institute's primary purpose is to promote research and educate society of the importance of alternative energy. The INE bridges the gap between the advanced and fringe scientific technologies being discovered today, and the old and existing scientific paradigms of yesterday. This site includes many outstanding "advanced energy related" papers, reports, summaries, announcements, and web site links that are not found elsewhere.

Internet Links (from SMUG)
Internet Links from the Stanford/Palo Alto, CA, Macintosh User's Group, voted by AOL in 1996 as the best mid-sized Mac User Group Web Site. Includes sections on: Bay Area; Directories & Search Engines; Government (Federal); Macintosh and Software; News & Information; Street Maps; and World Wide Web Information & Help.

Internet Patriot
This section of the LogoPlex World Wide Web site contains the on-line versions of The Internet Patriot, a regular column appearing in The SPOTLIGHT, your weekly newspaper from Washington, D.C. Includes: the latest installment of The Internet Patriot; Past installments of The Internet Patriot; Feedback we've received; and more.

International UFO Congress
The premiere conference on UFOs and related phenemona. The Congress is held once a year, is usually six days in duration, and videotapes of all of the speakers are available for sale or rent!!! Only the latest and most important speakers and information are presented. This site contains the program and details of the next conference - as well as detailed listings of all past conferences, speakers, topics, and the availability of all audiotapes and videotapes.

(From) Invention to Innovation: Commercialization of New Technology by Independent and Small Business Inventors by the DOE, the Book
This is an electronic copy of the Book From Invention to Innovation: Commercialization of New Technology by Independent and Small Business Inventors , prepared for the U.S.Department of Energy s Inventions and Innovation Division by Mohawk Research Corporation, Rockville, MD 20854. This version contains only text, the illustrations and figures are not included. The book is available from the Department of Energy. Please call (202) 586-1478 to receive a free copy as well as information on DOE's Inventions and Innovations Programs. [Nov. 1998.]

Investigative Resources on the Web: Webgator
KNOW IT ALL? Trying to figure something out? Need answers? Don't know where to turn? This site has some online investigational resources that will get you answers on stuff like Unclaimed Property from the State to Records Access for Birth records and DMV checks. Includes a large Table Of Contents.

Issue Action News
A daily updated Electronic News Publication, where you will find news that the national controlled mass media will not or are not allowed to print or bring to your attention. Includes lots of subject areas and articles. A Must See!. 25 to 100+ articles will be posted daily.

Keely, John: Home Page - Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
It's a Musical Universe! By studying the physics of vibration we will be enabled to see beyond material matter (effects) and into the very nature of the causative Forces of Nature operating by immutable Universal Laws. Aspects and dynamics of sound and vibration have been well organized and developed as and in music. It has been predicted by Rudolph Steiner in 1913 that the science of the future will be based on Sympathetic Vibrations. Includes articles on: John Ernst Worrell Keely; Amplitude of Force; Brown's Gas; Chord-Settings of Life; Everybody For Keely; Expressing Confidence in Keely's Motor; Keely Confident of Success; Keely Motor Tested; Levitation or Gravity Control; More Articles; SVP OnLine Catalog; Sources; Other Great Information; and Other Cool Sites. By Dale Pond.

Kennedy: KING_KILL/33 Degree:
Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

The information I present in these pages on the Kennedy assassination is well-known to certain news agencies who have chosen to suppress it, just as the motivation for the assassination has been plunged into cryonic secrecy. Masonic betrayal of the "common man" involves archetypes of fertility and death symbolism seemingly motivated to bring about syncretism in opposing principles in order to green Israel, rebuild the Temple of Solomon and establish a One World government.

The Khazaria Info Center
Medieval Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria, 650-1016. The Khazar people used Jewish personal names, spoke and wrote in Hebrew, were circumcised, had synagogues and rabbis, studied the Torah and Talmud, and observed the Sabbath. Since the Khazars used the menorah as a symbol and one of their kings and some of their people were named Hanukkah, they probably also observed Hanukkah. As one of their balikci-generals was named Pesach, it is likely they observed Passover. The Star of David was also used by Khazar Jews. Includes sections on: A Brief History Of Khazaria; Khazaria Image Gallery; Medieval Quotes About Khazar Judaism; Archaeological Discoveries; Other Jewish Links; Conversion To Judaism; History Of The Turkish Jews; Polish Synagogues; The Taylor-Schechter Collection; Jewish Africans; Jewish Asians And Miscellaneous and really great and informative links.

Knights Templar, Grand Encampment of the USA
The Official Site of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar of the United States of America. Integrity, Obedience, Courage. The Knights Templar is a Christian-oriented fraternal organization that was founded in the 11th century. Originally, the Knights Templar were laymen who protected and defended Christians travelling to Jerusalem. These men took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, and were renowned for their fierceness and courage in battle. Today, the Knights Templar display their courage and goodwill in other ways. They organize fund-raising activities such as breakfasts, dinners, dances, and flea markets. They support Masonic-related youth groups and they raise millions of dollars for medical research and educational assistance. Currently, Templar membership consists of people from all walks of life, including doctors, lawyers, clergy, businessmen and entertainment personalities, all of whom profess a belief in the Christian Religion.

LogoPlex: Patriot Internet Information and Education
We at the LogoPlex recognize that without a massive education of our people, perhaps in the next generation the heritage and truth about America will be so obscured that the New Order will be accepted. So we as free men and women, having faith in our resolve and task, do hereby dedicate this effort to the men and women who have gone before sacrificing life, liberty and their sacred honor to preserve America as America was created.

Melchizedek, Drunvalo: Interview by Leading Edge (December 22, 1995)
Drunvalo Melchizedek is the main proponent of the revival of an ancient form of meditation and breathing technique geared toward mastering the creation of the Merkaba, often referred to as the "vehicle for ascension." His Flower of Life workshops are world-famous and are detailed in Matrix IV. Drunvalo has devoted his life exclusively to reawakening awareness in the human population through the study of sacred geometry and the practice of the Merkaba meditation. ..."Melchizedek consciousness is just another aspect of the One consciousness. It was that aspect that stepped into this creation first. It was the first part of the consciousness of the One God that existed before creation. When God decided to experience the creation that had been created - it was just a Void, really, Melchizedek consciousness split into two, the other part being what we call Christ consciousness. ...

Metcalf, Geoff: KFSO 560 AM Talk Radio, Weekdays, 9:30 - 12:00 p.m., SF, CA
"I'm more concerned with what's right and wrong on an issue-by-issue basis rather than with who's right or who's wrong". Includes: Frequently asked-for Resources:; Survey from a Marine at Twenty-nine Palms; The Naked Communist; Colin Powell's Rules; Top Secret Cablesplice Document; Suspicious deaths/suicides surrounding Clinton, BCCI, Inslaw, and Ives/Henry; In The Arena; The Heaviest Element Known to Science - Administratium; Fairness in Hunting; The Bill Of No Rights; A Letter From The U.S. Constitution; American Political Philosophy; When God Created A United States Marine; A Visitor From The Past; The Price They Paid; Suggested Reading List; 1996 Guest List; Significant Quote Series; and Web Sites of Interest.

Metcalf's, Geoff, Web Sites of Interest: KSFO Talk Radio, 560 AM, SF, CA
Active links of really good political activist and Patriot sites, as well as HAARP related and other controversial sites.

Miroslaw Magola's Home Page
Miroslaw Magola is the man who is able to adhere objects to his body by psychokinesis. In other words he is able to lift objects with the power of his mind and move them around. Those objects need not be metal. Whether it's plastic, wood, marble glass or any other material he can lift it and navigate it through the air: it defies the laws of gravity. His kinetic energy is so strong that he can actually pick up heavy objects. Perhaps the most amazing part is that Miroslaw is able to advance and control his powers by training.

Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternate Healing Arts (MISAHA)
Our Newsletter is being published for you at a substantial financial loss. It contains accurate and varied information on health, healing, and healing research, therapies, and products. We are not going to dilute information or simplify the presentation of the material in order to broaden our readership. You are a small group of people with an uncommon curiosity, respect for frontier scientific inquiry, and intelligence. MISAHA Newsletter is published for you and we urge you to extend your financial support to MISAHA and help us to broaden our readership through your connections.

National Coord. Office for High Performance Computing and Communications
In FY 1996 the HPCC Program is a $1.1 billion effort that is planned and implemented by 12 Federal organizations. HPCC R&D is conducted at U.S. academic institutions, corporations, and Federal R&D laboratories; a variety of funding mechanisms are used. Coordinates the HPCC activities of the participating organizations and serves as a liaison to the U.S. Congress, state and local governments, foreign governments, universities, industry, and the public.

National Security Archive
The National Security Archive is an independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The Archive collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Includes lots of various interesting files as separate links.

Netcom Web Newsreader
NetCruiser is a client/server interface to the NETCOM network and, in turn, the global Internet. NetCruiser is developed and distributed by NETCOM. The NetCruiser client runs on your computer using Microsoft Windows 3.1 and MS DOS 5.0 or higher. The NetCruiser servers run on NETCOM's computers and provide authorization and authentication for your connection as well as Email and NetNews services.

New Age Resources - Master Index
Master index of New Age related resources. Includes all these: ; Alchemy; Aleister Crowley; Asatru; Astral Projection (OOBE); Astrology; Babylonian; Builders Of The Adytum (BOTA); Chaos Magick; Celtic; Crop Circles; Divination; Druidism; Discordianism; Egyptology; Expanded States of Consciousness; Freemasonry; Free Diasm; Gnosticism; Golden Dawn; Hinduism; Holistic and Alternative Health; Love and Sex; Magick; Meditation; Mythology; New Age; Occult and Mysticism; O.T.O. and Thelema; Pagan and NeoPagan; Psychic Phenonemon; Qabalah; Rituals; Rosicrucians; Santeria (Voodoo); Shamanism; Spirituality and Consciousness; Sufism and Islam; Tarot; Taoism; Television and Radio ; Temple of Psychic Youth (TOPY); Tibetan; Travel; UFO's; Weirdness, Strangeness and Free Thought; Wicca; Yoga; Zen; New Age Television Series and Movies ; Learning And Education ; Newsgroups; Personal Web Pages and other WWW Resources; Various related reources; Yahoo - Society / Religion; and To Suggest A URL.

NewsPages Online
All The Latest Details On Monica & Bill. Includes: New Raw Data!!!; Investigation Of The White House Travel Office Firings And Related Matters; The White House Task List; An Analysis Of The Barbara Wise Death; Report Of Witness Tampering - Harassment Of A Whitewater Grand Jury Witness; Letter To Col Eugene Holmes, Director Rotc: University Of Arkansas From Bill; Clinton; The Complete Clinton Calendar; Clinton Scandals Chronology, And Much More!

"Your contact point for individuals, organizations, This is how many information, folks and fast-breaking news have visited all over the world the NHNE that are seeking to give birth Home Page: to a new way of life on our planet." Includes: News, Spirit of Sedona Contest!, What's New!, News Brief, Special Report: Geological Upheaval Letters, Wind & Wings, Colin Andrews' Press Release, NHNE Subscription Information, NHNE Sponsors, and more.

New Science Research Reports Part II
Includes: V7 Research (went beyond similar programs including the V-7 Flying disk program the NAZIS had been working on); Sourcery and the UFO Experience; Philadelphia Experiment & Aliens; The real history of mankind; The Alien threat to Mankind; UFO alien and new science books; Adolf Hitler. Also inludes: Intelligence Library Spying; Detective Work; Surveillance; Self Improvement; Finance; Self Defense; Revenge; Weapons; Ordering information.

Nexus Magazine
The Nexus Magazine Home Page! Includes sections on: Behind the News; Health; Big Brother; UFOs; Unexplained; Future Science; Current Issue - Contents; Who, What, & Where Is Nexus Magazine; Are You Coming To The Nexus Conference 1996? Subscription Information; Back Issue List - Contents & Ordering Information; Advertising Rates; Books, Videos & Products Catalogue; Pointers To Other Web Sites Of Interest; The Nexus Visitors' Book; The Nexus Survey; Etc.

Nexus Magazine Home Page (Australia)
Welcome to NEXUS Magazine's Home Page. We are constantly uploading new articles, so check in regularly to see what is made available. Includes information on: current issues, back issues, conferences, catalogues, surveys, other web sites, and additional information.

900 Quotes By and About Jews
An index of over 900 quotes, including the areas of: The Jewish Religion; Jews and Non-Jews; Jews and Economics; Jews in America; Jewish Influence; Jews and World War II; Characterizations of the Jews; Jews and Germany; Famous People about Jews; Zionism; Famous Jews; Khazars; The Talmud; Jews and the Media; World Domination; "Anti-Semitism"; The New World Order; Jews and Christianity; High Finance; Jews and Communism; Secret Societies; The "Russian" Revolution; Philosophy; and History.

OJ Simpson Murders: The Most Likely Scenario
A secret report of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA] documents explosive details. DEA undercover operatives observed that a dope hit team played a key role in the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Ron reputedly was part of a major homosexual dope distribution network, reportedly operating where fancy people gather -- such as at the upscale restaurant where Ron was supposedly a waiter. At the time of the murders, Ron was raising big bucks to open, in Arizona, another restaurant with the same name. As part of the bitter divorce, Nicole got control of O.J.'s fast food outlets. Corrupt top California police officials reportedly became silent owner/operators. Ron and Nicole, according to the DEA report, were dope traffickers on behalf of the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. (Dope, by the way, is given on credit to celebrities. One of Nicole's girlfriends owed $300,000. Failure to pay brings violence... Samurai style.) [Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 6 Num. 24: *LA CONJURATION* SIMPSON.]

Operation Victory
Sheldon Nidle's Operation Victory organization to help unify the planet, and get us to welcome the space people from Sirius to make a mass landing to help us out.

Pennsylvania Patriot Resource Center
Affiliated with the Pennsylvania Citizens' Militia. Dedicated to the protection of the people, the preservation of the peace within our Commonwealth, The United States Constitution, and The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Includes: NEWS UPDATES; Sacred Documents; Militia Library; Christian Links; Shortwave Schedule; Contact Your Elected; Patriot Links; Militias of the States; The Pennsylvania Crier; The John Birch Society; Minuteman Press; Constitutional Loyalists; rec.guns FAQ Home Page; American Patriot Network; United States Militia; The Independence Web Page; The New World Order Intelligence Update; Warning on the Web; The modern minuteman's musket-The SKS; and Minuteman skills - for those serious about defending Freedom. Support Your State Militia-Liberty's Last Line Of Defense!

The Philalethes Society©: The World's Oldest and Largest Masonic Research Societ
Contains a wealth of information, including: the Table of Contents of past Philalethes Magazines, specific articles, specific papers, data on the Masonic Leadership Center, and other great information. A CD ROM of the past 50 years of material is also available! [March 1998.]

Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z
A definitive work about the Philadelphia Experiment! Yet to be released, this book ("The Philadelphia Experiment from A-Z") has been written to provide the reader with a complete overview of all acquired information to date on the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943. Currently there are more then 290 Pages (not including pictures) in 9"x6" format. The author has spent over eight years digging through books, making phone calls and meeting various people in an effort to compile the following information.

Phoenix Undead (Montauk, Phil. Exp., & Etc.)
I have already written and disseminated one report on the covert government's secret electromagnetic/radio frequency mind control project based at a documented subterranean facility beneath the derelict Montauk Air Force Station, at the extreme east end of Long Island's south fork (entitled Montauk Air Force Station--Active or Not?). These activities, an outgrowth of some very esoteric research directly linked to the (in)famous "Philadelphia Experiment" (Project Rainbow--later Phoenix) and both the interdimensional and psychotronic (linking mind to machine [computer]) ramifications of this work, reached literally heretofore unimaginable levels of human (technological) control over the parameters of our "reality" in the Montauk experiments; including all conceivable implications of that word. As has been stated by others, the masterminds behind the Montauk/Phoenix Project attempted to "play God". [Nov. 1998.]

Psi Tech and Transtion 3000 Team
Home page for Psi Tech, a remote viewing company, led by Major Edward Dames, et. al. Major Dames was involved in the original/recent use of remote viewing within the US Military, and was the teacher of Courtney Brown who then started the Far Site Institute. Major Dames points out that when Courtney Brown was his student, he never completed his training - and the Major disagrees with most of the results that obtained and posted by the Far Site Institute. Additional information on this is available on the Art Bell Radio Program Page.

Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Background and Bibliography
The conceptual inspiration for the Protocols can be traced back to the time of the French Revolution at the end of the 18th century. At that time, a French Jesuit named Abbe Barruel, representing reactionary elements opposed to the revolution, published in 1797 a treatise blaming the Revolution on a secret conspiracy operating through the Order of Freemasons. Barruel's idea was nonsense, since the French nobility at the time was heavily Masonic, but he was influenced by a Scottish mathematician named Robison who was opposed to the Masons. In his treatise, Barruel did not himself blame the Jews, who were emancipated as a result of the Revolution. However, in 1806, Barruel circulated a forged letter, probably sent to him by members of the state police opposed to Napoleon Bonaparte's liberal policy toward the Jews, calling attention to the alleged part of the Jews in the conspiracy he had earlier attributed to the Masons. This myth of an international Jewish conspiracy reappeared later on in 19th century Europe in places such as Germany and Poland. By Danny Keren, Brown University.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
The infamous "Protocols". Not anti-Semitic - in the strictest sense - yet still political dynamite. "The book in which they are embodied was published by Sergyei Nilus in Russia in 1905. A copy of this is in the British Museum bearing the date of its reception, August 10, 1906. All copies that were known to exist in Russia were destroyed in the Kerensky regime, and under his successors the possession of a copy by anyone in Soviet land was a crime sufficient to ensure the owner's of being shot on sight. The fact is in itself sufficient proof of the genuineness of the Protocols. The Jewish journals, of course, say that they are a forgery, leaving it to be understood that Professor Nilus, who embodied them in a work of his own, had concocted them for his own purposes." Contains all 24 of the Protocols, along with a "Preface", "Introduction", and "Who are the Elders?" summary files. Very interesting. The "Elders" could refer to a number of political organizations that are active in the world today... A falsehood is better left in print - to be pointed out and referenced to that it is indeed a falsehood.

Quest for Knowledge World Conference
Top news stories from all over the world, sponsored by Amateur Astronomy & Earth Sciences Magazine. Very informative. Had the greatest and latest news about findings on and in the Giza Plateau in Egypt on Jan. 21, 1997.

Rancho Runnamukka Main Page
A good Patriotic Site that includes: The Patrick Knowlton Lawsuit (Full Text); Updates To The TWA Page; Update To The Forged Suicide Note Page (Under Foster); Update To The Archaeology Page; Politics JFK, Oklahoma, Vincent Foster, Cointelpro; and other interesting files.

Republic of Texas
The Republic of Texas has been lawfully reestablished as a free and independent nation under the law of nations. Proper lawful process has been completed and the United States, the United Nations, and all the nations of the world have been notified. The Republic of Texas stands for the freedom of all people regardless of their sex, race, religion, or national origin. We maintain a position of neutrality and non-aggression. We are working toward a peaceful and lawful transition of government power back to the local level where the people can make the best decisions regarding the lives of their families and the future of their children. This page is your source of information on the rebirth of the Republic of Texas.

Royal Arch Masons, General Grand Chapter, International
ORGANIZED OCT. 24, 1797, 200th Anniversary. Fraternal Greetings and WELCOME to Our Official Home Page.

Santa Clara Valley Association Masonic Home Page
The Santa Clara Valley Association is comprised of 15 Lodges from Palo Alto, South to Morgan Hill. (See Lodges for listing). If you are a member of one of these local Lodges, we invite you to view our calendar of events (SCWeek). There is much happening in the Valley and our Lodges have commenced a program of joint events between many of them. Please feel free to make yourself at home and join us in the fun and fellowship which can only be experienced in the Valley. [March 1998.]

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, The Supreme Council, 33°, Southern Jurisdiction, USA
On this site, you will find an introduction to and explanation of our Order. In addition, we offer the current issue of the Scottish Rite Journal and nearly three years of back issues; a virtual tour of our national headquarters building in Washington, D.C.; a description of and contact information for our Order's main philanthropy, 133 (as of October 1998) Childhood Language Disorders Clinics, Centers, or Programs across America; the text of several booklets and excerpts from various publications of The Supreme Council or related organizations, including a list of all publications and other Masonic materials available from The Supreme Council; e-mail links to offices in the national headquarters; and many other features.

SCWEEK: Monthly Calanders of Events
Monthly Calanders of All Events Posted for the 15 Masonic Lodges in the Silicon Valley Area (Morgan Hill, San Jose, Palo Alto, etc. CA. [March 1998.]

Search Newspaper Employment Ads From Six Major Cities
Registered Users: If you've already registered with us, click here to search our employment database by newspaper, job category and keyword. Nonregistered Users: If you haven't registered with us yet, you can sample our search and see how many listings we have in each job category that interests you. Register: CareerPath.com is FREE! Please complete our simple registration form--it's quick and immediate. Information: Here, you'll find information about the participating newspapers--how to place an ad or go to the newspapers' Web sites.

SEARCHNET: Door to Searchnet

Your Source For Earthquake Information. Seismo-Watch is a leading source of earthquake information for millions of people worldwide. Products and services are prepared under two platforms:Earthquake Information Services, and Seismo-Watch Media Services. Seismo-Watch, Earthquake Information. Services, are produced by: Advanced Geologic Exploration, P.O. Box 18012 / Reno, NV 89511-8012, 1-800-852-2960, Office: 702-852-0992 / Fax: 702-852-3226, e-mail: info@seismo-watch.com.

Senate Bill 1028: The Dangers of
The truth about the very bad language in Senate Bill 1028 that has already passed the Senate. Senator Cohen from Maine added language into the Senate version of that bill that legally will make it a felony for non-MDs to suggest or to practice ANY form of Alternative Medicine. No kidding!!! Do something NOW! Email addresses of all Senators and Congressmen are linked.

Self-Help Legal: Dr. Tavel's Home Page
WARNING: THESE 250+ PAGES CONTAIN MATERIALS THAT SOME WILL FIND OBJECTIONABLE! Many will find everything extremely useful. "This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America, with the sole exception of San Francisco, California, where the obscenity standard may be lower." To appreciate the artful interweaving of this content: YOU MUST BE PATIENT DOWNLOADING. Recommended by The Spotlight (Feb. 3, 1997, p. 20).

Seven Seals Apocalypse - Branch Davidian Revelations
Dedicated to God's Mystery, the Seven Seals Prophecy, which is the HIDDEN MANNA spoken of in Revelation 2:17. The times we live in now, are the Latter Days written of by God's servants the Prophets. It would be wise for you to take the time to consider the words on these pages; as they hold the key to the Everlasting Gospel. This is the Golden Pot of Manna at the end of the RAINBOW. What is to be found here, is taken from the book 'Seven Seals Apocalypse, Branch Davidian Revelations'. We highly suggest to those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit has to say, regarding PRESENT TRUTH/NEW LIGHT, to acquire a copy for themselves.

Smoking Gun
The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive documents - cool, confidential, quirky - that can't be found elsewhere on the Web. Using material obtained from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests, and from court files nationwide, we guarantee everything here is 100% authentic. The Smoking Gun is a Pierre Salinger-free zone. All hail the Freedom of Information Act!

Spotlight Newspaper, Official Homepage
"Dedicated to shining a light of truth on corruption in Government, media, and the secret powers that govern our planet."
The Spotlight is the world's largest-circulation POPULIST weekly, with over 250,000 readers in all 50 states and in 57 countries. Since 1975, The SPOTLIGHT has expertly exposed government corruption, media distortion, insider scandals, corporate rip-offs of consumers and stockholders, investor scams and the various ways elitists scheme to unduly exercise their influence over the average productive citizen who obeys the law, pays the taxes and is of REAL value to mankind. Every day, the U.S. Government betrays its own citizens - often to the tune of BILLIONS of DOLLARS!! Yet, the mainstream media, liberal and establishment oriented, either suppresses or slants the TRUTH to justify their one-world-oriented, often mean-spirited actions. But with The SPOTLIGHT, these stories - and the often insidious, awful truth behind them - are truly in the spotlight for all but the wilfully ignorant or the stupid to see! Includes: News You May Have Missed; This Week In The Spotlight; Previous Feature Articles; Spotlight Subscription Information. The Spotlight is published weekly by Liberty Lobby, Inc., 300 Independence Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003. Include my Sponsor Number in your order: S0099105.

Strange Universe Home Page
The Phemominal Weekly News Magazine. Links to: Phenom Forum; This Weird Week; Making Contact; Mind Reader; and Strange Links.

Subtle Energy Medicine
Your Resource for Understanding, Selecting and Using Subtle Energy Technologies; including The MiraCoil by Sound Energy Research, Uni-Directional, and the Inert-Gas Device by Jon Fox.

We have spent literally hundreds of manhours and tens of thousands of dollars building the most comprehensive internet contact database available anywhere. Developed through extensive surveys online and through expensive direct mail campaigns, our expanding database currently contains more than 1,000,000 contacts, including EMAIL ADDRESSES, from all over the USA. You may conduct searches for free, right now, to determine how many records match your specific parameters.

Tetrahedron Incorporated
Provides information on health in body, mind, emotions and spirit; introduces Dr. Len Horowitz, health researcher, author, speaker and creator of the "Self-Care Motivation Model"; and describes our seminars, research and publications in such areas as wholistic health care, AIDS, viruses, vaccines, chronic fatigue, Gulf War syndrome, OSHA compliance and other modern maladies. Includes: Books, Audiotapes, Slide Presentations, Newsletter, Book Submissions and Aquisitions ,Research, Reports, News & Views, and many research topics.

THE TIME IS NOW: Free energy, earth changes, spiritual growth
"Are you aware that there are people who don't want you to be aware of your power? They want you to believe that this is just the way the world is and that you can't change anything. They trick you into creating your world the way they want it." Contains links on: Free Energy; Earth Changes; Spiritual Growth; Ufos; And More Interesting Stuff.

Transmutation Recipes For Making Gold
Three Separate Recipes are Given. Comments on transmutation are below the recipes; also links which provide the images and an htm file that will help with visualization of the atom as it truly is. These will be added to as material is transcribed. Relates to the "White Powder of Gold" as discussed and "promoted" by David Hudson of Phoenix, Arizona. [May 1998.]

The Growing Trojan Horse Within America
This page is dedicated to exposing the alarming presence and growth of foreign troops and military installations on American soil. Items will be listed as they are reported and hyperlinked to documentation as it becomes available. Remember, military equipment is prepositioned for eventual use, and military forces train whenever they possibly can on the terrain they intend to fight on.... Folks, they are training here now, by the hundreds of thousands. New info welcome, please e-mail me!

TV Guide
Yahoo offers local TV Guide listings. TV Guide Online and Yahoo! have agreed to offer zip code-specific local TV listings to Yahoo!'s "Get Local" directory users. Use your zip code.

United States Constitutional Research Center!
Dedicated to upholding the United States Constitution with the aid of Almighty God; through education, a spirit of industry, strict adherence to the truth: to ensure that we, and our posterity have secured the same rights for which the United States founders, “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.” Includes: Reports on Constitutional Transgressions by Government; Founding Fathers Views; Other Areas of Interest (Thomas Jefferson on Judicial Subversion; State of North Dakota Takes Over Christian Ministry Ex Parte? YES! It Really Happened!; and A Special Report on the Unconstitutional War and Emergency Powers).

User's Group, Macintosh: SMUG
Internet Links from the Stanford/Palo Alto, CA, Macintosh User's Group, voted by AOL in 1996 as the best mid-sized Mac User Group Web Site. Includes sections on: Bay Area; Directories & Search Engines; Government (Federal); Macintosh and Software; News & Information; Street Maps; and World Wide Web Information & Help.

User's Group, PC: Houston
Houston Area, TX, League of PC User's Web Site. Voted by AOL in 1996 as the best large-sized User Group Web Site.

V J Enterprises
V J Enterprises is dedicated to sharing information related to describing and report a global transformation we are moving through ultimately to result in a Golden Age around the year 2013. We deal with New Age and Spiritual subject matter including UFOs, Crystal Skulls, Networking, New Age, Prophecy and Journeys to Sacred Sites (Peru). We also offer some products and services and travel doing lectures. We can also be contacted via email at: rshapiro@interaccess.com

Voice Stress Analysis Freeware, TVSA3.
This text is complete with links to referenced documents and web sites on the internet. Because it is intended for dissemination off of the internet as well as on, the convention of surrounding links with [ square brackets ] to denote them is used, with web addresses listed at the end. For convienience, both text and internet style "htm" copies of this document are included in TVSA3.zip. Load the htm into your browser for best viewing. Includes: 1. About Voice Stress Analysis; 2. The Final Revolution; 3. Download TVSA3.zip; 4. TVSA3 Operating Instructions.; 5. About The Bug in Version One.; 6. Version Differences.

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
The DEFINITIVE Site for the documentation of what REALLY happened at the WACO Compound. Even though most books agree it was cold-blooded murder, most of them are still in error of some of the important facts!!! Contains:
  1. Brief History
  2. Why the Waco Holocaust Matters
  3. How to Tour the Museum
  4. Sources of Information
  5. Fair Use Policy
  6. History of the Museum
  7. Message for the Museum Curator
  8. Library
     The Galleries:
     And Detailed Pictures.
Some of the material at this web site is graphic, brutal, and shocking. [Persons who do not wish to see or read such material should be required to grow up or get the hell out of the way. PB]

A Special Report On The National Emergency In The United States Of America. Contains the complete text of the book "War and Emergency Powers".Sponsored by American Freedom Coalition. Contains information on how to order books, tapes, and how to become a supporting member of the American Freedom Coalition. Also includes: Letters to our servants. They must be educated! Example Letter to the President; Example Letter to the House of Representatives; Example Letter to the United States Senate; and lots more!!!

This group of documents relating to the War and Emergency Powers was scanned from a book researched and published by the people listed above. It is a true collaberation of paramount importance, and the time and effort of the men and women who are behind this work has been spent so that you and I, and all Americans, have the opportunity to secure for ourselves the very rights for which the founders of America intended we have. Included is how to contact the folks who put this together.

Washitaw Nation
"The quest for Liberty has just gotten easier for all who want to stop accepting government benefits. To put everything in its proper prospective, you must first understand who the Washitaw Nation is, where it is located, the history behind it, why this new venue is far superior to any other previously offered, and most importantly, how it can assist you in your quest for Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice." The site includes these sections: History of the Washitaw Nation; Return of the Land; International Recognition; Washitaw Principles; Applying for a Birth Certificate; Applying for a Passport; Applying for an International Motorist Certification - IMC; Applying for an Motorized Conveyance Registration - MCR; Insurance; Third Party Verification; Getting Started; Asking Questions. "A good working knowledge of the Liberty of Movement and Residency issues are essential in understanding how the Washitaw process is effective. If you are unfamiliar with the Liberty of Movement concept and Residency, please contact us for documentation on this essential aspect of Liberty.. All donations are used to edify His church and to further His Kingdom."

Water [Advanced Water] Sciences Symposium, 2nd Annual
The registration information for the Advanced Water Sciences Symposium (AWS96) to be held in Dallas, TX, October 4-6, 1996. Includes: Hard Science; Interdisciplinary; Exploratory; Confirmed invited speakers; Organizing Sponsors; and more information.

Williams's, Michael: His Story of Political Persecution in the United States
A Great Patroit Site! Includes: Introduction, The Die is Cast!, Why I Was Sent to Marion, Feds Destroyed My Computer!, ** Today We All Lost Some Freedom **, Legal Documents!, Online Documents, Shocking Submissions, Other Related Sources of Information, - Including links to: George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography, The Modified Justus Department Pages, The Central Stupidity Agency, Constitution.org, The Music of Michael Williams, and The Michael Williams Effort.

Web Spoofing: An Internet Con Game
Someone can construct a "false web site" that will take your data and credit crd numbers. This technical report is written for a general audience, and is published by the Safe Internet Programming group at Princeton University. Recommended by The Spotlight (Feb. 3, 1997, p. 20).

White Gold Discussion Group -- Non-Moderated
Mr. Dan York started a new e-mail form for the continuation of discussion and debate over White Gold. This forum is NON-MODERATED, so all have the opportunity to express opinions. The non-moderated White Gold Forum is primarily for the discussion of the David Hudson material commonly known as White Powder of Gold. The discussion is open to all parties interested in this subject. Because of the nature of the material and it's physical, medical, political, alchemical, philosophical, religious and mystical aspects and ramifications it is impossible to create a short concise definition of limitations. For that reason there are none. Instructions are given how to sign onto and off of the discussion list.

York Rite Freem@sonry, The International Information Site
The International Information Site for York Rite Freemasonry. Contains several interesting links to other York Rite Bodies and to other informational sites.

"In a Struggle to Free Us from The Lie of the Century!" The Zundelsite has as its mission the rehabilitation of the honor and reputation of the German nation and people. Specifically, the Zundelsite challenges the traditional version of the "Holocaust" - an Allied propaganda tool concocted during World War II - that is not based on historical fact but is a cleverly used ploy to keep the German war time generation and their descendants in perpetual political, emotional, spiritual and financial bondage.

It is also important to balance this point-of-view with formal requests for additional information made to that group. This is all summarized and documented under UseNet Zundelsite Propaganda File.


Boston Globe
The Boston Globe Newspaper.

The Guardian Newspaper.

Los Angles Times
The Los Angles Times Newspaper.

This site bills itself as "America's Newspapers Online." That's not far from the truth, because NewsWorks combines the editorial efforts of over 100 newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and the Washington Post. Browse its flashy home page (complete with real-time headline ticker) or pick your favorite section: Headlines, News, Business, Sports, The Arts, Life and Sci/Tech. Its also a great research tool; with one click, you can search the full text of all publications.

New York Times
The New York Times Newspaper.

The Observer Newspaper.

The Spotlight
The Spotlight is the world's largest-circulation POPULIST weekly, with over 250,000 readers in all 50 states and in 57 countries. Since 1975, The SPOTLIGHT has expertly exposed government corruption, media distortion, insider scandals, corporate rip-offs of consumers and stockholders, investor scams and the various ways elitists scheme to unduly exercise their influence over the average productive citizen who obeys the law, pays the taxes and is of REAL value to mankind.

The London Telegraph newspaper.

Four 11 Directory Services
Internet's largest white page directory with over 5 Million listings. The best way to search for someone's e-mail address or Web page. Register for Free Upgrade to expanded services. Search for any first and last name and it also allows wildcards (*'s).

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