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Taken From:, August 11, 1997.
Text from this website as copied on that date.
Permission to post this information has been obtained from the publishers of the book: "War and Emergency Powers."

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                          War and Emergency Powers

                           A Word From The Editor


We must give special thanks to the men who have spent years of their lives
bringing this information to the public; and we must not forget the women
who are not always on the foreground but without whose undying support and
endurance this effort would be impossible. These men and women are true
Patriots; they not only need your support but deserve it. Let us remember
that the word Patriot as defined by Webster's Dictionary is: "fellow
countryman; a person who loves and loyally or zealously supports his own

Not everyone can afford to give the long hours of those on the front lines;
many others fear their government. Isn't it an outrage that the actions of
our own government leaders causes many to not trust them? Where have we
gone? How much is your freeedom worth?

If you cannot give your time, please give your support. The American
Agriculture Movement and many other organizations need your help to continue
their efforts to bring about the Restoration of this Nation. A few dollars a
month, in the form of purchasing information to pass on to others is not too
much to ask. Wouldn't it be a tragedy to lose their efforts, from which we
will all gain so much, because they were twenty dollars short, and we failed
to do our part? Please, become involved; this movement is too important not
to do so.

We need this report in the hands of all Americans, so we are not going to
copyright it; therefore permission is hereby granted to reporoduce this
Report in its entirety. We do ask, however, that you lend your support, if
possible, by purchasing an original report to make copies from -- so that
the quality will be maintained.

                                                            >-- Paul Bailey


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Nov. 20, 1997. (Robert Kennedy 1925)