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Taken From:, August 11, 1997.
Text from this website as copied on that date.
Permission to post this information has been obtained from the publishers of the book: "War and Emergency Powers."

Note: The Correct Ordering Address is given here!

Items that you can order:

"War and Emergency Powers" ($20.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling)
(The Book, with all the great appendices of supportive information, copies of goverment reports, and letters)

"War, Central Planning & Corporations" ($10.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling)
(New Book)

Full Catalog of Books and Videotapes Available with Descriptions.

Order from:

Dr. Gene Schroeder
P.O. Box 89
Compo, CA 81029


                          War and Emergency Powers

                          Notes on the Web Version


These web pages were scanned from a book written by the people listed at the
War and Emergency Powers home page. The United States Constitutional
research Center has no affiliation with any of these people -- but we simply
believed this information is valuable and is worthy of your attention, and
should be available to you.

It is a true collaboration of paramount importance, and the time and effort
of the men and women who are behind this work has been spent so that you and
I, and all Americans, have the opportunity to secure for ourselves the very
rights for which the founders of America intended we have.

Because there are many appendix exhibits, many of which are original
documents that cannot be reproduced realistically on the web without
producing very large graphic files that would take a long time to download
even at 28,800 baud (I need to catch my breat after such a long sentence) --
we suggest that you consider ordering an original book from the men that put
it together.

The material is not copywritten, but it is worthwhile to buy one original at
least in order to have crisp, well-presented copies.

The cost is $20.00, which includes shipping and handling charges. There is
also a video of the same report available for a cost of $25.00, which also
includes shipping and handling. Following is the address and phone number to
order from.

                          War and Emergency Powers
                              4656 Alta Vista
                              Dallas, TX 75229
                               (214) 750-5932


     War And Emergency Powers Pages:
   + A Word From The Editor
   + Introduction
   + A Special Report on the Unconstitutional War and Emergency Powers
   + War and Emergency Powers Home Page
   + United States Constitutional Research Center Home Page

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rights reserved. Updated 5/21/96

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Nov. 20, 1997. (Robert Kennedy 1925)